Hurricane Festival 2018 Line-up And Rumours

Hurricane Festival 2018

Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th June 2018
Eichenring, Scheessel, Lower Saxony, Germany MAP
3 day ticket 199 euros (with camping & parking)
Daily capacity: 75,000
Last updated: Mon 4th Jun 2018

(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour
(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour

Sun 24th, Blue Stage(C) 8Kids
Fri 22nd, Red Stage(C) Adam Angst
Sat 23rd, White Stage(C) Amy Shark
Sat 23rd, Green Stage(C) Anchors & Hearts
Sun 24th, Blue Stage(C) Angus & Julia Stone
Sun 24th, Blue Stage(C) Arcade Fire
Sun 24th, Green Stage(C) Arctic Monkeys
Thu 21st, White Stage(C) Audio88&Yassin
Sun 24th, Green Stage(C) Basement
Sat 23rd, Blue Stage(C) Beginner
Sat 23rd, White Stage(C) Benjamin Clementine
Sat 23rd, Green Stage(C) Biffy Clyro
Fri 22nd, Green Stage(C) Billy Talent
Sun 24th, Green Stage(C) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Sat 23rd, Red Stage(C) Bonaparte
Sat 23rd, Blue Stage(C) Bonez MC & RAF Camora
Fri 22nd, White Stage(C) Booka Shade
Fri 22nd, Red Stage(C) Boysetsfire
Sun 24th, Red Stage(C) Brkn
Fri 22nd, Green Stage(C) Broilers
Sun 24th, Red Stage(C) Chefket
Fri 22nd, Blue Stage(C) Chvrches
Fri 22nd, White Stage(C) Coasts
Fri 22nd, Red Stage(C) Creeper
Sat 23rd, Green Stage(C) Culture Abuse
Sat 23rd, White Stage(C) Deap Vally
Sat 23rd, Blue Stage(C) Dendemann
Sun 24th, White Stage(C) Dermot Kennedy
Fri 22nd, White Stage(C) DMA's
Fri 22nd, Green Stage(C) Donots
Sun 24th, White Stage(C) Drangsal
Sun 24th, White Stage(C) Egotronic
Fri 22nd, Red Stage(C) Emil Bulls
Sat 23rd, White Stage(C) Eskei83
Fri 22nd, Green Stage(C) Feine Sahne Fischfilet
Fri 22nd, Red Stage(C) Fjort
Sun 24th, Green Stage(C) Franz Ferdinand
Sat 23rd, White Stage(C) Funk Fragment
Sat 23rd, Red Stage(C) Gang of Youths
Fri 22nd, White Stage(C) GANZ
Fri 22nd, White Stage(C) Gavin James
Fri 22nd, Blue Stage(C) George Ezra
Sun 24th, Red Stage(C) Haiyti
Sat 23rd, White Stage(C) Jain
Sun 24th, Blue Stage(C) James Bay
Sun 24th, White Stage(C) Jeremy Loops
Sat 23rd, Red Stage(C) Johnossi
Fri 22nd, White Stage(C) Jungle
Sun 24th, Red Stage(C) Juse Ju
Sat 23rd, Blue Stage(C) Justice
Sun 24th, Green Stage(C) Kraftklub
Thu 21st, White Stage(C) Leoniden
Thu 21st, White Stage(C) Liedfett
Fri 22nd, Blue Stage(C) London Grammar
Sat 23rd, Red Stage(C) MØ
Sat 23rd, Green Stage(C) Madsen
Fri 22nd, Green Stage(C) Marmozets
Fri 22nd, Blue Stage(C) Marteria
Sat 23rd, White Stage(C) Martin Jensen
Sat 23rd, Green Stage(C) Massendefekt
Sun 24th, White Stage(C) Meute
Sat 23rd, Blue Stage(C) MHD
Sun 24th, Blue Stage(C) Mighty Oaks
Sat 23rd, White Stage(C) Mike Perry
Sun 24th, White Stage(C) Moonbootica
Fri 22nd, Green Stage(C) Neck Deep
Sun 24th, Green Stage(C) NoFX
Fri 22nd, Blue Stage(C) Pale Waves
Sat 23rd, White Stage(C) Parcels
Fri 22nd, Red Stage(C) Pennywise
Sat 23rd, Red Stage(C) Portugal. The Man
Sat 23rd, Blue Stage(C) Prinz Pi
Thu 21st, White Stage(C) Radio Havanna
Fri 22nd, Red Stage(C) Red City Radio
Sun 24th, Red Stage(C) Rin
Sat 23rd, Blue Stage(C) Romano
Sun 24th, Red Stage(C) Samy Deluxe
Sun 24th, White Stage(C) Sascha Braemer
Sat 23rd, Blue Stage(C) Station 17
Sat 23rd, Red Stage(C) Stick To Your Guns
Sun 24th, Red Stage(C) Swiss & Die Andern
Sat 23rd, Blue Stage(C) SXTN
Sun 24th, Green Stage(C) Talco
Fri 22nd, White Stage(C) The Glorious Sons
Sat 23rd, Red Stage(C) The Hunna
Sat 23rd, Green Stage(C) The Kooks
Fri 22nd, Green Stage(C) The Offspring
Sat 23rd, Green Stage(C) The Prodigy
Sat 23rd, Red Stage(C) The Vaccines
Fri 22nd, Red Stage(C) Thrice
Sun 24th, White Stage(C) Tom Grennan
Fri 22nd, Blue Stage(C) Tom Walker
Sun 24th, Blue Stage(C) Tonbandgerat
Sun 24th, Green Stage(C) Touche Amore
Fri 22nd, Blue Stage(C) Two Door Cinema Club
Fri 22nd, Red Stage(C) Underoath
Fri 22nd, White Stage(C) Valentino Khan
Sun 24th, Blue Stage(C) Wanda
Sat 23rd, Red Stage(C) Yonaka

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