The Green Man Festival 2019 line-up and rumours

Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th August 2019
Glanusk Park, Usk Valley, Powys, NP8 1LP, Wales MAP
£189 adult ticket with camping - sold out
daily capacity: 10000
last updated: Wed 7th Aug 2019

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 17th, Far Out(C) A Certain Ratio
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Afro Cluster
Sat 17th, Walled Garden(C) Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert
Sun 18th, Mountain Stage(C) Aldous Harding
Thu 15th, Walled Garden(C) Alex Rex
day TBC, DJs(C) Alfresco Disco
Thu 15th, Far Out(C) Amadou & Mariam
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Amy True
Sun 18th, Mountain Stage(C) Anais Mitchell
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Andy Robinson
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Angela Barnes
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Anna Mcluckie
Fri 16th, Walled Garden(C) Anna St. Louis
Fri 16th, Rising(C) Arlo Day
Sat 17th, Walled Garden(C) Art School Girlfriend
Thu 15th, Far Out(C) Audiobooks
Sat 17th, Walled Garden(C) Avi Buffalo
Sat 17th, Walled Garden(C) Beabadoobee
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Beat This
Thu 15th, Walled Garden(C) Bess Atwell
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Beth Prior Collective
day TBC, DJs(C) Big Jeff
Sat 17th, Mountain Stage(C) Big Thief
Fri 16th, Walled Garden(C) Bill Ryder-Jones
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Binbag Wisdom
day TBC, DJs(C) Birthday Party
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Blow 3.0
Thu 15th, Far Out(C) Bodega
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Boogaloo String Band
Fri 16th, Walled Garden(C) Bridget St John
Thu 15th, Walled Garden(C) Brigid Mae Power
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Broken Brass Ensemble
Fri 16th, Mountain Stage(C) Broken Social Scene
Thu 15th, Walled Garden(C) Callum Easter
Sat 17th, Far Out(C) Car Seat Headrest
Sun 18th, Rising(C) Chappaqua Wrestling
Sun 18th, Walled Garden(C) Chelou
Sun 18th, Rising(C) Chloe Foy
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Dan Nightingale
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Dan Webster
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Danny Clives
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) David Trent
Sun 18th, Walled Garden(C) Deptford Northern Soul Club
Fri 16th, Rising(C) Dry Cleaning
Fri 16th, Mountain Stage(C) Durand Jones & The Indications
Sat 17th, Walled Garden(C) Dutty Disco
Sun 18th, Mountain Stage(C) Eels
Sat 17th, Rising(C) Eitha Da
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Elf Lyons
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Emily Capell
Fri 16th, Walled Garden(C) Ex:Re
Sun 18th, Far Out(C) Ezra Collective
Sun 18th, Mountain Stage(C) Father John Misty
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Fieh
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Fin Taylor
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Fitty Gomash
Sat 17th, Mountain Stage(C) Four Tet (live)
Sun 18th, Mountain Stage(C) Foxwarren
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Gavin Osborn
Sat 17th, Walled Garden(C) George Ogilvie
Fri 16th, Far Out(C) Greg Wilson
Sun 18th, Walled Garden(C) Grimm Grimm
Sun 18th, Walled Garden(C) Gwenifer Raymond
Fri 16th, Far Out(C) Gwenno
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Hal Branson
Sun 18th, Walled Garden(C) Hand Habits
Fri 16th, Walled Garden(C) Heavenly Jukebox
Sat 17th, Walled Garden(C) Heavenly Jukebox
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Hejira
Sat 17th, Far Out(C) Hen Ogledd
day TBC, DJs(C) Huw Stephens
Sun 18th, Far Out(C) IDLES
Sun 18th, Far Out(C) James Heather
Sun 18th, Walled Garden(C) James Yorkston
Fri 16th, Mountain Stage(C) Jerry
Sat 17th, Walled Garden(C) Jesca Hoop
Sat 17th, Far Out(C) Jockstrap
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Joe Fleming Band
Sun 18th, Walled Garden(C) Johanna Samuels
Sun 18th, Far Out(C) John Talabot
Fri 16th, Mountain Stage(C) Julia Jacklin
Fri 16th, Rising(C) Just Mustard
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Kadija Kamara
Fri 16th, Far Out(C) Khurangbin
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Kiri Pritchard-Mclean
Sat 17th, Far Out(C) Kokoko!
Sat 17th, Walled Garden(C) Lamb
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Lazy Susan
Sat 17th, Mountain Stage(C) Lee Fields & The Expressions
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Lloyd Langford
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Lydian Collective
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Malavita
Fri 16th, Walled Garden(C) Malena Zavala
Fri 16th, Rising(C) Mama's Broke
Sat 17th, Mountain Stage(C) Mapache
Fri 16th, Far Out(C) Maribou State
Fri 16th, Far Out(C) Marika Hackman
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Mark Olver
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Mawaan Rizwan
Fri 16th, Rising(C) Meggie Brown
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Mike Bubbins
Sat 17th, Far Out(C) Modern Nature
Fri 16th, Rising(C) Molly Payton
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Muntu Valdo
Thu 15th, Far Out(C) N0v3l
Sun 18th, Walled Garden(C) Nilufer Yanya
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Old School Funky Family
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Onipa
Sat 17th, Rising(C) Oscar Lang
Sat 17th, Rising(C) Peaness
Fri 16th, Walled Garden(C) Penelope Isles
Fri 16th, Far Out(C) Pet Shimmers
Thu 15th, Walled Garden(C) Pictish Trail
Sat 17th, Rising(C) Porridge Radio
Sun 18th, Walled Garden(C) Pottery
Sun 18th, Rising(C) Pozi
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Psychadelephant
Sun 18th, Rising(C) Pva
Sat 17th, Far Out(C) Richard Thompson
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Rob Deering
Fri 16th, Rising(C) Rosehip Teahouse
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Sally Anne Hayward
Sun 18th, Far Out(C) Say Sue Me
Sat 17th, Rising(C) Scalping
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Sean McLoughlin
Sun 18th, Mountain Stage(C) Self Esteem
Sun 18th, Mountain Stage(C) Sharon Van Etten
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Sheelanagig
Sat 17th, Far Out(C) Shy FX & Stamina
day TBC, Last Laugh (C) Sian Docksey
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Simon Lynge
Sun 18th, Walled Garden(C) Skinny Pelembe
Fri 16th, Walled Garden(C) Snapped Ankles
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Snazzback
Sat 17th, Mountain Stage(C) Sons of Kemet
Sat 17th, Rising(C) Spiritcake
Fri 16th, Walled Garden(C) Squid
Fri 16th, Mountain Stage(C) Squirrel Flower
Fri 16th, Walled Garden(C) Stealing Sheep
Sat 17th, Mountain Stage(C) Stella Donnelly
Sat 17th, Mountain Stage(C) Stereolab
Fri 16th, Far Out(C) Steve Mason
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Stompy's Playground
Fri 16th, Walled Garden(C) Tamino
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Tetes de Pois
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) The Allergies
Fri 16th, Far Out(C) The Beths
Sat 17th, Far Out(C) The Big Moon
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) The Breath
Sat 17th, Far Out(C) The Comet Is Coming
Sun 18th, Far Out(C) The Growlers
Sun 18th, Far Out(C) The Liminanas
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) The Mauskovic Dance Band
Thu 15th, Far Out(C) These New Puritans
Sat 17th, Walled Garden(C) Tiny Ruins
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) True Strays
Fri 16th, Far Out(C) TVAM
day TBC, Chai Wallahs(C) Urban Folk Quartet
Fri 16th, Mountain Stage(C) Villagers
Sun 18th, Far Out(C) White Fence
Fri 16th, Mountain Stage(C) Whitney
Sat 17th, Walled Garden(C) Willie J Healey
Sun 18th, Rising(C) Wych Elm
Sun 18th, Far Out(C) Yak
Fri 16th, Mountain Stage(C) Yo La Tengo

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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