The Great Escape 2008 line-up and rumours

Thursday 15th to Saturday 17th May 2008
venues in Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 9NA, England MAP
£45 for the three days), Day tickets: Thurs £18.50, Fri/Sat £22.50
last updated: Mon 28th Apr 2008

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 16th, Ocean Rooms (Basement)(C) 4 or 5 Magicians
Fri 16th, Providence(C) A Place To Bury Strangers
Sat 17th, Providence(C) A. Human
Thu 15th, Pavilion Theatre(C) AA Bondy
Sat 17th, Prince Albert(C) Absent Elk
Fri 16th, Brighton Coalition(C) Adam Freeland
Fri 16th, Revenge(C) Aids Wolf
Fri 16th, The Volks(C) Alamo Race Track
Fri 16th, Above Audio(C) Alan Pownall
day TBC, unknown venue(C) Alessi
Fri 16th, Brighton Coalition(C) Alex Metric
Thu 15th, Horatios Bar(C) Alphabeat
Fri 16th, Hectors House(C) Alphabeat
Sat 17th, Duke Of Yorks(C) Ane Brun
day TBC, unknown venue(TBC) Annie Nightingale
Sat 17th, Horatios Bar(C) Artefacts For Space Travel
Thu 15th, Pressure Point(C) Arun Ghosh
Thu 15th, Providence(C) Astrid Swan
Fri 16th, Spiegel Tent(C) Astrid Swan
Thu 15th, Revenge(C) Aynzli Jones
Fri 16th, Pressure Point(C) Aziz Ibrahim
Sat 17th, The Hope(C) Baddies
Thu 15th, Spiegel Tent(C) Beach House
Fri 16th, Revenge(C) Beardyman
Sat 17th, Revenge(C) Beardyman
Sat 17th, The Volks(C) Beat Union
Thu 15th, Komedia(C) Ben Ottewell
Sat 17th, Prince Albert(C) Betika
Fri 16th, Pressure Point(C) Bishi
Sat 17th, Concorde 2(C) Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya
Thu 15th, Honeyclub(C) Black Cherry
Fri 16th, Barfly(C) Black Lips
Sat 17th, Old Market(C) Black Mountain
Fri 16th, Komedia(C) Blah Blah Blah
Sat 17th, Pressure Point(C) Bloodgroup
Fri 16th, The Freebutt(C) Bobby Cook
Thu 15th, Water Margin(C) Bombay Bicycle Club
Thu 15th, Pressure Point(C) Bon Iver
Sat 17th, Redroaster(C) Bon Iver
Fri 16th, Brighton Coalition(C) Born Ruffians
Sat 17th, Pressure Point(C) Bosh DJs
Fri 16th, Above Audio(C) Boy Cried Wolf
Thu 15th, Barfly(SR) Boys In A Band
Thu 15th, Horatios Bar(C) Brandon Steep
Thu 15th, Digital(C) Broken Mirrors
Fri 16th, Pressure Point(C) Broken Records
Sat 17th, Levi's OnestoWatch(C) Broken Records
Fri 16th, Redroaster(C) Bryn Christopher
Thu 15th, Arc(C) Buffalo 77
Sat 17th, Revenge(C) Bunny Rabbit
Sat 17th, Honeyclub(C) Buttonhead
Thu 15th, Revenge(C) Cadence Weapon
Fri 16th, Digital(C) Cadence Weapon
Thu 15th, King & Queen(C) Cage The Elephant
Fri 16th, Levi's OnestoWatch(C) Cage The Elephant
Fri 16th, Ocean Rooms (Basement)(C) Canterbury
Thu 15th, Honeyclub(C) Captain
Sat 17th, Hectors House(C) Cassie & The Cassettes
Thu 15th, Arc(C) Chris T-T
Sat 17th, Pressure Point(C) Christopher D Ashley
Thu 15th, Brighton Coalition(C) City Riots
Sat 17th, Pavilion Theatre(C) City Riots
Fri 16th, Ocean Rooms(C) Clocks
Fri 16th, Honeyclub(C) CocknBullKid
Fri 16th, Levi's OnestoWatch(C) Collapsing Cities
Fri 16th, Digital(C) Crystal Castles
Thu 15th, Water Margin(C) Cut Off Your Hands
Sat 17th, Arc(C) Damn Shames
Fri 16th, Salis Benney Theatre(C) Dash Delete
Thu 15th, Ocean Rooms (Basement)(C) David E Sugar
Fri 16th, Komedia(C) David E Sugar
Fri 16th, Redroaster(C) David J. Roch
Sat 17th, Spiegel Tent(C) Dawn Kinnard
Fri 16th, Levi's OnestoWatch(C) Dead Kids
Sat 17th, King & Queen(C) Dead Wolf Club
Thu 15th, Above Audio(C) Derek Meins
Fri 16th, Komedia(C) Derek Meins
Fri 16th, Duke Of Yorks(C) Devon Sproule
day TBC, unknown venue(C) Dirty Projectors
Thu 15th, Barfly(C) Doll & The Kicks
Sat 17th, Above Audio(C) Doping Panda
Sat 17th, Above Audio(C) Dr Usui
Fri 16th, Komedia(C) Drums Of Death
Thu 15th, Redroaster(C) Dylan Mondegreen
Fri 16th, Redroaster(C) Dylan Mondegreen
Fri 16th, Duke Of Yorks(C) Eamon Hamilton (Brakes)
Fri 16th, Barfly(C) Ebony Bones!
Sat 17th, Concorde 2(C) Ebony Bones!
Sat 17th, Revenge(C) Elle Milano
Thu 15th, Water Margin(C) Elle S'appelle
Thu 15th, Spiegel Tent(C) Emmy the Great
Sat 17th, Barfly(C) Emmy the Great
Thu 15th, Hectors House(C) Envelopes
Thu 15th, Providence(C) Envy and Other Sins
Sat 17th, Hectors House(C) Esser
Thu 15th, Digital(C) Eugene McGuinness
Fri 16th, The Freebutt(C) Eugene McGuinness
Sat 17th, Pressure Point(C) Example
Thu 15th, Digital(C) Fanfarlo
Fri 16th, The Hope(C) Figure 5
Sat 17th, Ocean Rooms(C) Flamboyant Bella
Sat 17th, Above Audio(C) Flykkiller
day TBC, unknown venue(C) FM Belfast
Thu 15th, Pressure Point(C) Foreign Beggars
day TBC, unknown venue(C) Foreign Islands
Fri 16th, King & Queen(C) Frank Hamilton
Sat 17th, Prince Albert(C) Frank Hamilton
Fri 16th, Barfly(C) Friendly Fires
Sat 17th, Levi's OnestoWatch(C) Friendly Fires
day TBC, unknown venue(C) Friends Of The Bride
Fri 16th, Theatre Royal(C) Frightened Rabbit
Thu 15th, Concorde 2(C) FrYars
Sat 17th, Old Market(C) Fujiya and Miyagi
Thu 15th, Ocean Rooms(C) Future Of The Left
Fri 16th, Dome Concert Hall(C) Gary Go
Sat 17th, Redroaster(C) Gavin Thorpe
Thu 15th, Komedia(C) Gazelle Twin
Fri 16th, Revenge(C) Gentle Friendly
Fri 16th, Digital(C) George Pringle
Sat 17th, Komedia(C) Glasvegas
Fri 16th, The Hope(C) Gloria Cycles
Sat 17th, The Hope(C) Godwits
Thu 15th, Honeyclub(C) Gotye
Sat 17th, Pressure Point(C) Gotye
Fri 16th, Water Margin(C) Hatcham Social
Sat 17th, Ocean Rooms(C) Haunts
Fri 16th, Theatre Royal(C) Hauschka
Thu 15th, Ocean Rooms(C) Hold Fire
Fri 16th, Komedia(C) Hot Chip (DJ set)
Fri 16th, Horatios Bar(C) Hot Club de Paris
Sat 17th, Ocean Rooms (Basement)(C) Hot Club de Paris
Sat 17th, Ocean Rooms(C) I Haunt Wizards
Thu 15th, Levi's OnestoWatch(C) Ida Maria
Fri 16th, King & Queen(C) Ida Maria
Thu 15th, The Freebutt(C) illScarlett
Sat 17th, The Volks(C) illScarlett
day TBC, unknown venue(C) In Case Of Fire
Fri 16th, Revenge(C) Inner City Dwellers
day TBC, unknown venue(C) Innerpartysystem
Fri 16th, Prince Albert(C) Intervurt
Fri 16th, Barfly(C) Ipso Facto
Thu 15th, Old Market(C) Iron And Wine
Thu 15th, Komedia(C) Jacobs Stories
Sat 17th, Salis Benney Theatre(C) Jay Jay Pistolet
Fri 16th, The Hope(C) Jennifer Gentle
Thu 15th, Komedia(C) Jeremy Warmsley
Fri 16th, Pavilion Theatre(C) Jeremy Warmsley
Fri 16th, Brighton Coalition(C) Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong
Fri 16th, Pavilion Theatre(C) Johnny Flynn
Thu 15th, Levi's OnestoWatch(C) Johnny Foreigner
Fri 16th, Honeyclub(C) Johnny Foreigner
Fri 16th, Pressure Point(C) Kelley Stoltz
Fri 16th, The Freebutt(C) Kid Harpoon
Fri 16th, King & Queen(C) Krief
Sat 17th, King & Queen(C) Krief
Thu 15th, Unitarian Church(C) Kris Demeanour
Fri 16th, Above Audio(C) Kris Demeanour
Thu 15th, Ocean Rooms (Basement)(C) Ladyhawke
Thu 15th, Barfly(C) Late Of The Pier
Fri 16th, Levi's OnestoWatch(C) Late Of The Pier
Sat 17th, Salis Benney Theatre(C) Laura Marling
Thu 15th, Levi's OnestoWatch(C) Laurel Collective
Fri 16th, Spiegel Tent(C) Leon Jean Marie
Sat 17th, Horatios Bar(C) Let's Wrestle
Sat 17th, Old Market(C) Lightspeed Champion
Sat 17th, Barfly(C) Lightspeed Champion
Sat 17th, Providence(C) Little Barrie
Sat 17th, The Hope(C) Little Fish
Sat 17th, Arc(C) Look See Proof
Thu 15th, Redroaster(C) Los Muertos
Thu 15th, Brighton Coalition(C) Lovebox DJs
Fri 16th, Brighton Coalition(C) Lovebox DJs
Sat 17th, Brighton Coalition(C) Lovebox DJs
Fri 16th, Digital(C) Lovvers
Sat 17th, Revenge(C) Lowline
Fri 16th, Providence(C) Lucero
Sat 17th, Unitarian Church(C) Lucy and the Caterpillar
Fri 16th, Arc(C) Luke Leighfield
Fri 16th, Ocean Rooms(C) Magic Wands
Fri 16th, Concorde 2(C) Magistrates
Thu 15th, The Volks(C) Make Model
Sat 17th, Pavilion Theatre(C) Man From Michael
day TBC, unknown venue(C) Mason Proper
day TBC, unknown venue(C) Matt & Kim
Sat 17th, Horatios Bar(C) Matthew Sawyer And The Ghosts
Fri 16th, Duke Of Yorks(C) Melodica, Melody and Me
Sat 17th, Hectors House(C) Micachu and the Shapes
Thu 15th, King & Queen(C) Monobright
day TBC, unknown venue(C) Mother Mother
Thu 15th, Above Audio(C) Ms Sills
Thu 15th, Revenge(C) Mumdance
Sat 17th, Salis Benney Theatre(C) Mumford & Sons
Sat 17th, Honeyclub(C) Munch Munch
Thu 15th, Brighton Coalition(C) My Federation
Sat 17th, Honeyclub(C) Mystery Jets
Thu 15th, Pressure Point(C) Nathan Flutebox Lee
Fri 16th, The Volks(C) Natty
Sat 17th, Redroaster(C) Natty
Thu 15th, Komedia(C) Nic Dawson Kelly
Thu 15th, Hectors House(C) Nic Nell
Fri 16th, Pressure Point(C) Nila Raja
Sat 17th, Duke Of Yorks(C) Nils Bech
Sat 17th, Theatre Royal(C) Nina Nastasia
Thu 15th, Pressure Point(C) No Age
Fri 16th, Unitarian Church(C) Noah and the Whale
Sat 17th, Salis Benney Theatre(C) Noah and the Whale
Thu 15th, Prince Albert(C) Oddur
Fri 16th, Water Margin(C) Official Secrets Act
Sat 17th, Brighton Coalition(C) OK Tokyo
Thu 15th, Pavilion Theatre(C) Okkervil River
Fri 16th, Ocean Rooms(C) Olympian Fall
Thu 15th, Brighton Coalition(C) One Night Only
Sat 17th, Pavilion Theatre(C) One Night Only
Fri 16th, The Hope(C) Operahouse
Fri 16th, Water Margin(C) Operator Please
Fri 16th, Pavilion Theatre(C) Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man
Thu 15th, Revenge(C) Passenger
Thu 15th, Spiegel Tent(C) Paul Marshall
Thu 15th, Prince Albert(C) Peanut Albinos
Fri 16th, Old Market(C) Peggy Sue and The Pirates
Fri 16th, Concorde 2(C) Pete And The Pirates
Sat 17th, Horatios Bar(C) Pete And The Pirates
Thu 15th, Komedia(C) Peter Lyons
Fri 16th, Prince Albert(C) Peter Lyons
Thu 15th, Old Market(C) Peter Von Poehl
day TBC, unknown venue(C) Peter Von Poehl
Thu 15th, Prince Albert(C) Phoenix Williams
day TBC, unknown venue(C) Plants and Animals
Fri 16th, Brighton Coalition(C) PNAU
Thu 15th, Unitarian Church(C) Polly Scattergood
Thu 15th, Ocean Rooms(C) Post War Years
Fri 16th, Komedia(C) Primary 1
Thu 15th, Hectors House(C) Public Service Announcers
Sat 17th, Water Margin(C) PVT
Fri 16th, Komedia(C) Recoil
Thu 15th, Revenge(C) Restlesslist
Sat 17th, The Freebutt(C) Reuben
Sat 17th, Brighton Coalition(C) Robots In Disguise
day TBC, unknown venue(C) Rodney Fisher
Fri 16th, Revenge(C) Rolo Tomassi
Fri 16th, Spiegel Tent(C) Royworld
Thu 15th, Unitarian Church(C) Sam Amidon
Fri 16th, Arc(C) Sam Isaac
Sat 17th, Brighton Coalition(C) Sam Sparro
Thu 15th, Above Audio(C) Sammy Decoster
Sat 17th, Unitarian Church(C) Sammy Decoster
Sat 17th, Concorde 2(C) Santigold
Sat 17th, Digital(C) Santigold
Sat 17th, Unitarian Church(C) Sarabeth Tucek
Thu 15th, Brighton Coalition(C) Sarah McLeod
Sat 17th, Prince Albert(C) Satellite State
Sat 17th, Ocean Rooms (Basement)(C) Satin Peaches
Fri 16th, The Volks(C) Saul Williams
Thu 15th, Concorde 2(C) School Of Language
Sat 17th, Old Market(C) School Of Language
Sat 17th, Horatios Bar(C) Screaming Tea Party
Thu 15th, The Freebutt(C) Seeing Scarlet
Sat 17th, Honeyclub(C) Semifinalists
Sat 17th, Pressure Point(C) Semifinalists
Fri 16th, Dome Concert Hall(C) Sergeant
Sat 17th, Barfly(C) Sigh and Explode
Sat 17th, The Freebutt(C) Sigh and Explode
Sat 17th, Duke Of Yorks(C) Silje Nes
Sat 17th, Theatre Royal(C) Silje Nes
Thu 15th, Water Margin(C) Sky Larkin
Fri 16th, Horatios Bar(C) Slow Club
Thu 15th, The Freebutt(C) Smallwhitelight
Fri 16th, Unitarian Church(C) SoKo
Sat 17th, Concorde 2(C) SoKo
Thu 15th, Arc(C) Sometime
Thu 15th, Revenge(C) Soweto Kinch
Fri 16th, Hectors House(C) Sportsday Megaphone
Fri 16th, Revenge(C) Stopmakingme
Thu 15th, Barfly(C) Stricken City
Fri 16th, Hectors House(C) Stricken City
Sat 17th, King & Queen(C) Stricken City
Thu 15th, Pavilion Theatre(C) Sunset Rubdown
Fri 16th, Redroaster(C) Syd Matters
Sat 17th, Unitarian Church(C) Syd Matters
Sat 17th, Ocean Rooms (Basement)(C) Talk Taxis
Sat 17th, Pressure Point(C) Tapedeck DJs
Fri 16th, Hectors House(C) Team Waterpolo
Sat 17th, Levi's OnestoWatch(C) Team Waterpolo
Sat 17th, The Freebutt(C) Telegraphs
Fri 16th, Revenge(C) Telepathe
Sat 17th, Digital(C) Telepathe
Fri 16th, Arc(C) Tellison
Thu 15th, The Volks(C) The Ape Drape Escape
Sat 17th, Brighton Coalition(C) The Automatic
Sat 17th, The Hope(C) The Bad Robots
Fri 16th, The Volks(C) The Black Angels
Thu 15th, Horatios Bar(C) The Boat People
Fri 16th, Honeyclub(C) The Boat People
day TBC, unknown venue(C) The Bookhouse Boys
Thu 15th, Brighton Coalition(C) The Boxer Rebellion
Thu 15th, Spiegel Tent(C) The Burning Leaves
Sat 17th, Revenge(C) The Cheek
Sat 17th, Arc(C) The Clik Clik
Thu 15th, Horatios Bar(C) The Crash
Sat 17th, The Volks(C) The Crash
Thu 15th, King & Queen(C) The Dirty Disco
Sat 17th, Levi's OnestoWatch(C) The Displacements
Sat 17th, Komedia(C) The Displacements
Thu 15th, Honeyclub(C) The Dykeenies
Fri 16th, Salis Benney Theatre(C) The Electric City
Fri 16th, Dome Concert Hall(C) The Fratellis
Thu 15th, Digital(C) The Futureheads
Sat 17th, The Volks(C) The Ghost Frequency
Thu 15th, Concorde 2(C) The Go! Team
Fri 16th, King & Queen(C) The Golden Dogs
Sat 17th, Ocean Rooms (Basement)(C) The Golden Dogs
Fri 16th, Old Market(C) The Hold Steady
Thu 15th, The Freebutt(C) The King Blues
Thu 15th, Ocean Rooms (Basement)(C) The Lionheart Brothers
Fri 16th, Old Market(C) The Lionheart Brothers
Fri 16th, Horatios Bar(C) The Mae Shi
Sat 17th, Ocean Rooms(C) The Modelz
Fri 16th, Prince Albert(C) The Modern Fighting Vehicles
Thu 15th, Revenge(C) The More Assured
Sat 17th, Revenge(C) The Natives
Fri 16th, Old Market(C) The New York Fund
Fri 16th, The Freebutt(C) The Pack A.D
Sat 17th, Arc(C) The Pack A.D
Thu 15th, Hectors House(C) The Pepys
Sat 17th, Barfly(C) The Rascals
Sat 17th, Brighton Coalition(C) The RGBs
Fri 16th, Salis Benney Theatre(C) The Rifles
Sat 17th, King & Queen(C) The Ruby Suns
Thu 15th, Komedia(C) The Rushes
Thu 15th, Pavilion Theatre(C) The Rushes
Fri 16th, Barfly(C) The Shoes
Sat 17th, Providence(C) The Shortwave Set
Fri 16th, Brighton Coalition(C) The Slips
Sat 17th, Concorde 2(C) The Subways
Fri 16th, Honeyclub(C) The Teenagers
Thu 15th, Barfly(C) The Ting Tings
Fri 16th, Concorde 2(C) The Ting Tings
Sat 17th, Theatre Royal(C) The Twilight Sad
Sat 17th, Spiegel Tent(C) The Unthanks
Thu 15th, Redroaster(C) The Valentines
Thu 15th, Prince Albert(C) The Velvet Hearts
Sat 17th, Redroaster(C) The Wallbirds
Thu 15th, Ocean Rooms (Basement)(C) The Whip
Fri 16th, Concorde 2(C) The Wombats
Sat 17th, Providence(C) The Xcerts
Thu 15th, Ocean Rooms(C) The xx
Sat 17th, Hectors House(C) The xx
Sat 17th, Digital(C) These New Puritans
Fri 16th, Ocean Rooms (Basement)(C) This City
Sat 17th, Water Margin(C) Thomas Tantrum
Fri 16th, Komedia(C) Thomas White
Fri 16th, Providence(C) Times New Viking
Sat 17th, Digital(C) Times New Viking
Sat 17th, Pressure Point(C) Times New Viking
Fri 16th, Spiegel Tent(C) Tom Baxter
Fri 16th, Theatre Royal(C) Tom Brosseau
Sat 17th, Above Audio(C) Tomb Crew
Sat 17th, Revenge(C) Tomb Crew
Thu 15th, Arc(C) Torngat
Fri 16th, Unitarian Church(C) Torngat
Fri 16th, Horatios Bar(C) Tubelord
Thu 15th, Old Market(C) Tunng
Fri 16th, Ocean Rooms (Basement)(C) Turncoat
Fri 16th, Prince Albert(C) Turning Green
Thu 15th, Komedia(C) Twentyone Crows
Thu 15th, Revenge(C) Twisted Wheel
Fri 16th, Salis Benney Theatre(C) Twisted Wheel
Thu 15th, Barfly(C) Ungdomskulen
Thu 15th, Unitarian Church(C) Valgeir Sigurdsson
Thu 15th, Concorde 2(C) Vampire Weekend
Fri 16th, Theatre Royal(C) Vashti Bunyan
Sat 17th, Theatre Royal(C) Vetiver
Thu 15th, Barfly(C) Video Nasties
Sat 17th, Brighton Coalition(C) Viva Machine
Thu 15th, King & Queen(C) Volcanoless in Canada
Sat 17th, Pavilion Theatre(C) Volcanoless in Canada
Fri 16th, Water Margin(C) We Are The Physics
Thu 15th, The Volks(C) We Are Wolves
Sat 17th, Water Margin(C) We Are Wolves
Fri 16th, Barfly(C) We Smoke Fags
Sat 17th, The Freebutt(C) Whiskey Versus Faith
Fri 16th, Concorde 2(C) White Lies
Thu 15th, Pressure Point(C) Wild Beasts
Fri 16th, Brighton Coalition(C) Wild Beasts
Sat 17th, Above Audio(C) Wiley
Sat 17th, Revenge(C) Wiley
Thu 15th, Redroaster(C) Wintersleep
Fri 16th, Unitarian Church(C) Wintersleep
Fri 16th, Providence(C) Woodhands
Sat 17th, Water Margin(C) XX Teens
Thu 15th, Barfly(C) Yeasayer
Fri 16th, Pressure Point(C) Yeasayer
Thu 15th, The Volks(C) Yelps
Thu 15th, Levi's OnestoWatch(C) Young Knives
Fri 16th, Pavilion Theatre(C) Young Knives
Fri 16th, Revenge(C) Yun Gun

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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