published: Sun 2nd Mar 2003

These are the thing with perhaps the biggest reputation - but are they really that bad?

Well, they can be - but there are ways to avoid the horror!

The toilets are now cleaned at least once a day, so they aren't as bad as they have been, in fact, over the last few years they've improved considerably.

dot As you walk around, if you keep your eyes open you will sometimes see the toilet cleaning crew at work - try to use the toilets that have just been cleaned.

dot Try to avoid using the toilets in the main camping areas - these are the busiest, and therefore the most disgusting. Similarly, the toilets situated in the 'quieter' areas of the site will be the cleanest.

dot The older 'cattle-box' style long-drop toilets can actually be the most pleasant, as they don't get hot in the sun-shine like the 'tardis' style do (hot means more pong!), and people use them less because of their less appealing look.

Don't look down ... and DON'T PISS IN THE HEDGES!

Photo by David James

Also see the general festivals toilets page here.
festival information by: Neil Greenway

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