Keep it Green


published: Sun 2nd Mar 2003

Glastonbury is regarded as a green festival: so how come so many act as though the ground is a bin?

The Festival site is awash with bins - you know, the brightly-painted oil drums - and if we all take that tiny bit of trouble to ensure that our litter goes in them, we'll all enjoy the Festival that bit more.

Bin liners are available from the Information Points (or it's quite likely that you'll find one mysteriously attached to your tents guy-ropes) - put your campsite rubbish in it, and leave it when you depart. But before you leave, scour your campsite for the bits that may have escaped, and you'll leave Worthy Farm as beautiful as you found it.

When out and about - watching a band perhaps - if there is no bin nearby, put any rubbish in your pocket to put in the next bin you pass. The alternative is that you'll not be able (or want) to sit on the grass, because it will be obscured by rubbish. In 2000 the mess was appalling - we can all do better than that!

PLEASE don't bring glass onto the site: it's a danger to everyone, especially those of us who spend much time in a "relaxed" state and aren't too careful where we sit!

And finally.... DON'T PISS IN THE HEDGES. The environmental impact of this is putting the future of the Festival seriously at risk.

We all have the power to improve the Festival for ourselves - make sure you behave in a proper manner: that's not asking too much is it? - keep it clean & green!
festival information by: Neil Greenway

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