published: Wed 7th Oct 2009

Take enough money with you - at a bare minimum, you could survive on around £20 a day for food and drink.

Nat. West Bank will have cash machines on site (located in a caravan near the farmhouse). There are often large queues. For your own security, don't withdraw too much cash in one go, and always ensure you don't go to withdraw cash alone. They will also cash one cheque per day with a cheque guarantee card and some form of photo ID (just bring a few cheques in a cheque book - that way, if you loose it, any losses won't be too great).

There are other 24-hour ATMs situated near the Park Home Ground Medical Centre, near the John Peel Stage, and on the walkway between the Jazz World Stage and the Other Stage. Using these machines will cost £2 per transaction, but a goodly proportion of that will go to the good causes supported by the Festival.

Cash can be got on site from the stalls that will cash cheques or allow cash to be drawn against a credit card. However, these can and do charge a percentage for doing this, and they generally expect good identification as well as a matching signature.

Many of the stalls take credit & debit cards, but may expect you to provide ID as well as a matching signature.

Take care of your money - don't lose it, or allow it to be stolen. Normal, sensible precautions are all it takes. Don't be too predictable where you keep your cash: maybe spread it around several pockets/items of clothing. At night, make sure you don't leave your money in a place that is readily accessible to a thief - it's fairly common for thieves to steal trousers while you sleep in the hope they contain your money!

The cheapest food and drink can normally be found in the green fields - it helps stretch your cash (plus the recipient of your hard-earned cash is more likely to be a worthy cause).

Be warned: the Festival can be expensive - there are so many nice goodies on offer, delicious food, beer to drink, etc., that money can and will go fast.

Don't forget to keep some money to get home with!
festival information by: Neil Greenway

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