published: Mon 4th Apr 2011

  • Make sure that you wash your hands before eating. It may sound obvious, but a tent and those toilets don't make a dodgy tummy any fun!

  • There's always a fantastic variety of food on offer - full menus from countries around the globe down to do-nut and tea stalls.

  • The cheaper food tends to be located away from the central area - the Green Fields are normally the best value.

  • Variety is the spice of life - eat somewhere different every time and discover new foods.

  • Many of the stalls are run by charities and good causes .... now, wouldn't you rather give them your business than some wide boy who aims to make enough to retire by working flat out over Glasto weekend?

  • If you're going to be cooking your own food, you will need to take a stove. Please take sensible safety precautions, and DON'T cook inside your tent - that's asking for trouble! Don't forget that if you take a stove, you'll have to carry it from your car to your camp, which can be a long way! Although firewood is provided, there's never enough for all who want it, and if you do get enough to start with, people will "borrow" it during the night - don't loose your rag, it's all part of the fun! :-). Don't forget useful things such as tin-openers. Pot Noodles or similar are light to carry, easy to make, cheap and reasonably filling (if not the most tasty!).

  • If you have a gas stove for cooking DON'T change the gas canister inside your tent - people HAVE died at festivals doing just that.

  • Also see Becky Slack's Glastonbury Food 2011 guide, the Markets page, and the page on drink.
    festival information by: Neil Greenway

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