published: Sun 2nd Mar 2003

Make sure that your intake of fluids each day is enough - it's essential for health!

Drinking water is available from the standpipes scattered around the site. If you're using your hands to drink, make sure they're clean first. Depending where the tap is located, quite a queue can build as people fill water carriers. Just be patient.

Tea/coffee can start to add up to quite a lot of money over the Festival, so it can be worth noting which places are better value to use again - the cheaper stalls are normally found in the green fields, where you'll perhaps get to drink from a china cup (helping save trees!).

Remember, drugs/alcohol cocktails can be lethal, so don't die at the Festival, please.

Drunkenness is antisocial. If you want to get pissed and fight, stay at home.

If you're going to bring your own drink, remember that it's heavy to carry, and it can be a long way from car to camp. You may be stopped from bringing in too much alcohol, as there may be a suspicion that you plan to sell it. The drink concessions are sold, and allowing others top sell alochol devalues the worth of this concession. Remember that there is a ban on glass bottles being brought onto site.

The beer tents, scattered around the central area, are run by the Workers Beer Company, and sell a small variety of drinks, that may vary from beer tent to beer tent. The principle is that they charge pub prices.... but that depends which part of the country you're from! The prices are around the same as in London West End pub.

There is an extremely popular Cider Bus situated in the central market area.

Also see the Markets page, and the page on food.
festival information by: Neil Greenway

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