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published: Fri 24th Oct 2003

One of the aims of Glastonbury Festival is to be a positive force for change, in part by raising money for good causes. The Festival has three main charities that benefit, as well as supporting a large list of local good causes.

GreenpeaceOxfamWater Aid

The three main charities are Greenpeace, Oxfam and WaterAid.

Find out more by visiting the websites of Greenpeace, Oxfam and Wateraid.

Glastonbury Festival has a conscience! Part of it's aim is to help create a better world for us all by being a positive force for change.

The Festival has been a supporter of many good causes over the years, the main beneficiary until the end of the Cold War being CND.

Nowadays the three main beneficiaries are Greenpeace, Oxfam and WaterAid.

These three organisations benefitted to the tune of £500,000 in 1997 from direct donations from the Festival. From the 2002 Festival, over £1M was paid to charities, local groups and good causes. This represents around 10% of the Festivals turnover (not profit!).


For more information about Oxfam at Glastonbury, click here page.

They all have information areas within the Festival - please take the time to visit them, and see what you can do to help improve your life, your future and your world.

The village of Pilton also gets to benefit from the mad invasion they allow to disturb their peace.
Pilton playing fields and the pavilion in the playing fields benefit, and the Festival runs the Friday night Pilton Party first Friday in September, all the proceeds going into a fund that the various village groups can make applications to.

There are many good causes that choose to promote themselves each Festival, from local British issues to international ones. These are usually located within the Green Fields. Please find time to visit them, as part of the Festival is finding information that may help improve yours or someone else's life.

One registered charity that also works within the festival is The Brighton Peace & Environment Centre which runs the property lock-ups at the Festival, as well as having a stall, and running coaches from/to Brighton.

Glastonbury Festival has a conscience! Part of it's aim is to educate people towards creating a better world for us all.

festival information by: Neil Greenway

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