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published: Wed 7th Oct 2009

If the weather is good and you travel light a Motorbike is one of the best methods of getting to the Festival. Motorbikes (including quad bikes) are not allowed on the Festival site. They must be parked in the free, secure compound near the Festival Bus Station. To find this, follow signs for Red Route and staff will then direct you. Motorcycles do not require a car parking pass.

Once at the motorbike compound, security staff will fill in a slip with your bike details on, colour, number plate, make, model etc, and you park it up. This slip enables you to re-enter the compound to get the bike out. There are lockups available once inside the Festival site if you don't want to leave your helmet chained to your bike. Motorbikes do not need the (£15 in 2010) car parking pass.

If you're getting to the Festival by the greenest way to travel, you can enter by any of the pedestrian entrances. Bicycles can be left at any of the free property lock-ups, open 24 hours a day until around 4pm Monday. Any pedestrian entrance can be used.

The Festival site is a few miles to the south of Route 3 of the National Cycle Network, which runs between Glastonbury and Wells. For further information call: Sustrans T: 0845 113 0065 or click here.
festival information by: Neil Greenway

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