Getting Out


published: Sun 2nd Mar 2003

There will be some form of pass-out system in operation to allow you to get from the site to your car and back in again - make sure you look after this pass, as without it you're stuffed!

If you need to leave the site on Friday or Saturday you should be able to drive out fairly smoothly

Sunday - it's normally pretty easy to drive out of the site at any time on Sunday, as people leave throughout the day (Why? the Festival is still kicking!).

Monday - it you want to get away quickly, get up very early. It will obviously depend where your car is parked as to how quickly you get out - queuing for 2 hours - and up to eight hours - to leave is not unusual.

In muddy years, some people paid (£5 or £10) to be towed out of the car parks, where they were stuck in the mud. I don't know, but think this was quick thinking locals seeing the chance to earn a few quid. Certainly, the Festival was using it's tractors, at no charge, to tow people out. But then again, I guess there could be a long wait.

When you do get onto the main roads, traffic will be heavy and slow moving - just be patient!

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