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Glastonbury Festival 2005

published: Fri 3rd Jun 2005

Friday 24th to Sunday 26th June 2005
Worthy Farm, Pilton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4AZ, England MAP
£125 - SOLD OUT
daily capacity: 150000
last updated: Wed 7th Aug 2013

Brought to you by Continental Drifts and the Arts Council Of England . The Drifts stage at Glastonbury brings you artists from all over the world, each night has a different theme, from a different part of the world, cur rated by people from those community’s but always mixed up with some 21st Century Crossover. The Arts Council supports this stage and over the years many different areas and stages that have helped make Glastonbury such a massive melting pot. Continentaldrifts.co.uk.


Thursday Drifts Stage
14.00 - DJ Timmy Wobble – Milkbar Recs – Twisted and brilliant Brighton boy. Rocket Festival super star.
16:00 Cracked Actors – Birmingham Super heroes, Brassy and Ska and Punk,
Bandy- Featuring none other than the mighty Andy Barlow , from Lamb, with a new and unseen outfit. Special warm up gig.
18:40 Pond Life mc`s- A festival special from the hard corest, bad boy, Spar abusing, over grown Hip Hop Teenagers Pondlife, featuring the golden vocals of Cosmo ( Ex Charlotte Church`s Mate)
19. 50 David TG – David from the Torture Gardens is the King of the Cool Lounge.
20.15 Tarantism – Seriously amazing mix of dub and diddlee, dance and acoustic jump!
21:20 Flipron - Up All Nights favourite dirty Cabaret Schmoozer
2:20 No 1 Station – Roaring Ska and Rock steady from Blue Beat Records.

Friday Drifts Stage
12 - 16:00:00 The Powersteppas – Zion Train heroes of Glastonbury Dub Dance in a special Format, featuring Mollara, Colin and many guests from Glastonbury’s Dubest place.
16:00 Urban Voodoo Machine –With their lurching sea shanties, debauched murder ballads and whiskey-soaked gypsy stomps, some reckon they're from the same stable of stallions as Tom Waits and Nick Cave;
17:20 Dj Heretic – Siberian Splicer of spicey Rhythms and sounds from the Frozen North.
18:30 Cube 8 - Cuban Rock and Rollers . 19:40 Ruby Throat – Original Vagueness band, Duresque, funkin Groovy Jazzy Brass Vagabond music
20:50 – Bikini Beach Band – Super mixers from Hawaii 5 O to super surf rock
21:40 Flip Ron A lethal cocktail of strange exotica, black humour, harpsichords and off-key vocals, there's a joyous realisation that being eclectic doesn't necessarily involve a pretentious, pre-planned approach to music-making. Bizarre to say the least.
22:30 Think – Massive booming funky groovy Bristol Special from Legends THINK, Vagueness Favourites.

Our old friends at Future World Funk and Batamacumba have pulled off a real coup this year with this super Carnival to transport you all to the vibiest festival music available – Carnival Umbela
11.30 – Russ Jones and Cliffy
12.10 am - Côco do Reino - Led by the great Mestre Pacheco, traditional songsmith from the beaches of Olinda, Pernambuco, this group features 5 percussionists, I singer, 3 backing singers and 4 straw hat and wooden clog wearing dancers.
01.40 am – Maracatu Estrela do Norte - 35 piece Folcloric drumming and dancing from Recife, Brazil. Featuring the Coronation of the Black KING and QUEEN, the full royal court, the choreographed bahianas and full drumming section
03.10 am – Banda ERE - Essential roots and carnival vibes from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Xavier Osman on vocals and a group of the most talented and experienced percussionists and dancers
04.40 – Verde Vai - Featuring the Don of UK batucada, Joe Hanson. Joe has previously been lead drum director for Paraiso and Quilombo Samba bands.. This will be the launch performance and sparks will fly! The group will be accompanied by 8 dancers in their full carnival gear… bikinis, sequins and feathers!

Saturday Drifts Stage
12 -2 DUB DADDA SOUNDSYSTEM – A real Hero from the Glastonbury Dub Underground, Jono ( Dadda) has produced and MC`d amazing dub dance from his days in the Community Charge Ska Punk band , to Nucleus Roots to his present Globe Trotting style.

14.00 – GUME Improvised unit of intense yet spacious beautiful sound and music comprising Nick Luscombe (XFM Flo-Motion/Bambola Recordings) on DJ decks and bass guitar, Lance Martins (Resonance FM) on 4 CD discman and fx, and Andy Cox on bicycle wheel and handmade electronics.
15:20 REDSEAL – The mighty Redseal is the the 21st Centuryu Dub Specialist working with the late Junior Delgado, Kenny Knots and More. With live Brass from the Crispy Horns.
16.40 FLIPRON – Strange Cabaret like Swingtime and dirty rock n rollers from the mighty Up All Night Recs.
18:00 PIPETTES – Andrews Sisters on acid, Polka Dot mayhem Screech Rock from Brighton
19:15 FAST LANE ROOGULATORS – Their clock is always on 3 am in the morning, dirty mouthed Sleaze Merchants blink in the daylight

20.10 The CARPET FACE –Carpet Face mixes up dancehall and hip hop and hates razors.
20.40 - FREEFALL COLLECTIVE – Crazy funked up Brakes and Hip Hop from the cool B Style.
22.00 MOLARA – A superb new outing for the Legendary Dub Chanteuse Molara, she has driven the Zion Train beat with conscious vocals and superb energy and appeared with almost every Reggae legend globally and in the process managed to “big up “ the whole planet . . Also featured in her new band are 3 members of the legendary Headmix Collective, A Dubrovnik and many others.

23:00 – 6 THE Br-Asian ONE NIGHT STAND’ 23- 6am @ Glastonbury 2005
Last year, Br-Asian teased with the concept of Asians providing wholesome Desi entertainment but this year, it’s full on satisfaction with the one night stand. ‘THE Br-Asian ONE NIGHT STAND’ Produced with the help of the Arts Council England

Twenty Thousand revellers, along with Fat Boy Slim and Basement Jaxx saw through the night at The Br-Asian Experience at Glastonbury 2004, firmly setting the pace for this year’s event and making the Asian sound a permanent feature of the festival.
The line up is a strict concoction of desi dance floor super hits, bollyhood, banging bhangra beats to make you jump up but also brit-asian guitar grooves to make you move. Come and dance to the phattest Asian influenced sounds you will ever hear from amazing acts such as Radio 1’s Bobby and Nihal: The poster boys of Brit Asian Music
Raghav – The biggest Asian Pop Star mxing up Hip Hop with Quawalih.
Twilight Players, Undoubtedly the most amazing performers on the urban dance circuit. hiphop kings of crunk
Twenty2K from Canada and a live showcase from hot new talent
Karen David, the sassy new singer/songwriter set to release her debut UK single this summer.
Sona Family, UK's hip hop desi crew hailing from London.
Hard Kaur, The worlds best asian female rapper, she's on fire!
Swami, The ultimate Desi Rockers, these guys will tear up any stage, anywhere.
Kissmet, The fusion act with more festivals under their belt than hot curries.
Shiva SoundSystem, Push up your lighters to the power sounds of Drum and Bass and breaks.
Envy Collective, Full on bhangra bass form Birminghams finest global acts.
Nasha Experience, Eclectic, Electric and Full On, you have to see these guys in action.
Sonny Ji, MiSh MaSh, nuff said!
Tablahead and Juttla, The desi dynamic duo are coming to make you dance.
Sonik Gurus, This band is going from strength to strength, having made a massive in impact in India recently they are back to glasto for a second round; get ready for a knock out.
Pathaan, Stoned Asia's pioneer of fusion Asian music. Pathaan will send shivers up and down your spine with his phat selection.
Jags 2AM Project, If you've never heard Asian House, do not miss!!!
Temple, The Asian guitar band of tomorrow, these guys are perfect for Glasto! Shaheen Badar, The impactful voice from Prodigy's "Smack My bitch up". Soho Road to Punjab Exhibition, "Come and see the history of Brit Asian music whilst you listen to it"
Ash King - If Stevie Wonder or Luther Vandross could sing Indian Classical Raag they would sound like the Mighty Ash King. Trust us he's hot!
Rav P - Bhangra's back to the old skool producer/dj pulling out all stops!
Adil Ray - BBC Asian Network's man of music.
Dhol Acdemy – 30 piece Dhol Ensemble
Maharajas – Amazing Stilt walking Maharajas featuring the mighty Ajay Chabra and crew.

Sunday Drifts Stage
12 - 16:00 The Mighty Mickey Dread Channel One is one of the World’s Top Sound Systems playing Roots & Culture music.
With owners Jah T and Mikey Dread, the set up has been treading the road for over 25 years. They have supported top reggae artists like the late Dennis Brown, Burning Spear, Mighty Diamonds, Mad Professor and many others. This year Channel One will be celebrating their 20 years playing in Europe’s biggest street festival, the Notting Hill Carnival in London.
16:00 The Hat - very cool mix of sloungy cabaret shuffle and swingtime remixed with a live break beat feel.
17:00 DJ Bourbon Warfare - biscuit orientated mixed up vagueness swingtime and groove.
17:20 Cracked Actors - Birmingham super Ska and party band.
18:10 Pond life MC‘s- Cardiff’s golden children.
18:30 Innerfield Festive Fryup - (rocket festival) bangers and mash from the Brighton boogie brothers. Featuring mc Timmy Wobble (on the edge rocs).
9.30 Gaudi (italy) – multi talented producer of world and nu-beat.
20:30 Bakini – strange cabaret music mixed with beats and loops, amazing hot vocals and swing.

Continental Drifts Presents 21 st Century Gypsy Sound Clash - -A Glastonbury First 21.20 – 6 am
A nights journey along the Routes of Gypsy Diaspora from Central Asia to Spain along the Silk Route . Featuring mashed up Gypsy Beats, Kicking Kleizmer, boogalu Bhangra and Belly dancing Beats. Produced with the help of Arts Council England.
21:20 VAGABOND BOOGALOO – The amazingly talented Nelson Dilation and partner Spindrift, running perhaps the first consistent Gypsy Dance night in London mixing Gypsy, with Boogalu.
21.40 – FANFARA – – 7 piece Gypsy Brass Band bringing the Time Of The Gypsies to life and the audience with them. Acoustic and on stage.
22:30 TRAGIK and – Tragik are long term Glastonbury Super heroes their acoustic breed of music mixes Kleizmer and Eastern Sounds with Music hall via Punk and the surreal world of a Tragik.
23.30 - 00.30 BAGHDADIES – Festival super heroes, the funkiest grooviest Gypsy Dance Jazzy mix up band, with 1000 mile an hour brass.
0:30 Heretic – Siberian Legend with the most unusual Gypsy Remix
01:00:00 Jaipur Kawa Brass Band - - From the Silk Rd live with Circus Performers
Sound the brass and the drum! Hailing from a long family lineage of musicians and sharing his life between Jaipur and Paris, Hameed Khan Kawa, a table maestro and artistic director of Musafir, has known the sound of the brass band since his birth. In its native place, Rajasthan, the brass band is a feature of life itself. Exposed to different musical styles – jazz, Western traditional music, Indian music – Hameed developed the idea of creating a brass band of his own to present the fantastic sound of the Indian Brass Band. With a repertoire blending popular themes from Bollywood films, traditional music of Rajasthan with its distinctive Gypsy sound, and even a touch of Hindustani classical music to create a sound which is individual and unexpected.
02:10 OOJAMI DJ - Coming along the Silk Route to Turkey and the mighty messed up Bellydancing Breakbeats and Sufi Spectacular that is Oojami . Expect bellydancers, Sufi Dancers and special guests.
3.10 – Orkestra Du Sol meets The Carnival Collective – A gypsy Beats spectacular , the 40 piece Carnival Ska Samba Crew from Brighton meets the Suited Brass Band music of Serbia and Bosnia wall of Brass versus Wall Of Drums, total Glastonbury Special Latin Gypsy Special.
04:30 THE 40 THIEVES ORKESTRA – Romanian and Hungarian, Gypsy Fiddles to cry for under the master mix of Electronic musician s in 40 Thieves, top stars from Mukka and Fantazia , a dub dance gypsy special.
05:30 dance for the last people left at the last venue open at Glastonbury 2005 from Vagabond Boogalu.

Friday 24th to Sunday 26th June 2005
Worthy Farm, Pilton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4AZ, England MAP
£125 - SOLD OUT
daily capacity: 150000
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