Lost Vagueness Ballroom

Glastonbury Festival 2005

published: Fri 3rd Jun 2005

Friday 24th to Sunday 26th June 2005
Worthy Farm, Pilton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4AZ, England MAP
£125 - SOLD OUT
daily capacity: 150000
last updated: Wed 7th Aug 2013

In the area through the weekend...

We have the best line up ever for you this year with acts coming from every corner of the world including Thailand, Japan, India, Cuba and the US to make this the most explosive stage going . So get on your Posh Frocks and swig and slam the night away on the Famous Lost Vagueness Stage

Check Lostvaguneness.com and Continentaldrifts.co.uk for pictures and recordings of many of the acts.

PAKA – Metal Horse guard of the field
Mouth And Trousers – Budgies and talking Dogs
Libidex – 100% PVC Geishas
WYN LA FREAK – Premier Transvestite lessons in 10 inch heels at Glastonbury

2.00 – DJ Silverpants
3.30- 5 – Swervy World Swingdance Special – get your steps ready for the festival
17.30 – Urban Voodoo MAchine – Rockn rolling super cool mix of boogalooo blues and alcohol.
18.40 – DJ Vagabond Boogalu – Amazing Gypsy beats and swing and Ska
19.40 - Los Albertos – Kicking mix of rocksteadyeasterngroovyness.
21.00 – Zen Husseys - Mixed up street jazz , swingtime, Ska and jumping brass
22.30 - THE BAYS They don't rehearse. They don't have records. And they don't ever play the same thing; this is improvisation taken to its most extreme. The Bays are unlike any band for years, but their music rocks and they are fast creating a massive worldwide hype, a big Welcome to them in Vagueness.

Rock and Roll Ska to punk to Hip Hop with MC Dave Chameleon

all day DJ from DJ Scratchy – Clash`s tour Dj.

14:00 - Fanfara – Kicking Gypsy Brass Band
15:20 SWERVY WORLD- Swing dance Special
16:40 Backini – Amazing Band mixing electronically the worlds of old Jazz
17:50 GALAKATKOS – Nick Turner is probably appeared at most Glastonbury’s and deserves massive respect as a Festival Legend and non stop musical creator. The Legendary Pink Fairies, Hawkwind and the many incarnations of native Latin Jazz and Rock and Roll describes his latest musical outfit. Come and meet the man.
18:50 Dynamo Rhythm Aces – Cool South West Smooth Rockabilly s turning Paranoid and Ace of Spades into their swinging style.
20.00 – Fridge Magnets – Amazing !930`s Swing JAzz Cool Dude Groovers featuring Clarinet Superstar Pat Popov.
21.10. Fast Lane Roogulators – Twisted Country Swing Rock n Roll groovers.
22:15 “Drink Up!” - Aerial - by Miss Firefly,
22.30 Dead Plants – A glam rocking foot stomping country punk special.
23.15 - Mr Pictish - A doubles trapeze special
23:40 Pronghorn – Vagueness Cowpunk Festival favourites. Jumping Country geezers in a Hey Seed Style from Dorset.
00-40 – Pyromantic – the hottest girl in town
00.50 - The Empress Stah – Stah is one of the Uks most imaginative and radical artists, hanging from a special Chandelier Trapeze she will seduce and surprise the audience. Stah also brings the amazing Libidex of the Torture Garden Fame
00..50 – 1.20 – DJ David Torture Garden
01:20 Tokyo Ska Paradise orchestra - What can you say about a band like Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra that would do them justice? Their infectious Ska sound has earned them a cult following amongst Ska, 2-Step and Punk aficionados. Their raw energy, slick style and boundless talent has seen them sell over ONE MILLION albums worldwide,. They have toured the world numerous times, both as headliners and supporting the likes of SKATALITES. They boast a back catalogue of over 10 albums, countless singles and 2 DVDs - TSPO are not to be underestimated.
2..50 Pyromantic Burlesque Special – Fire and Burlesque Dancers.
03:20 Baby head - Baby head are Vagueness old friends and a fastly developing super mix of Hip Hop Ska and even a strange music hall, local heroes this will rock if you haven’t seen them get down the front – ( See Sat MASTERPIECE – Hip Hop meets Swing Spectacular )
04:50 Bakini – Swinging Grooves mixing it with breaks and beats
5.30 - DJ Jason Mayall

Exploding all the way till dawn MCS Dave Chameleon, Chris Tofu and Wynn LA Freak. DJ`s Natty Bo, DJ Scratchy, Jason Mayall

14:00 London Swingphonia Orchestra Tea Dance Special - Super soft 17 piece real musician Swing Band featuring the legendary silken vocals of the mighty Harry Martin, the UK`s very own Rat Pack, come and have cake and Tea in Vagueness.
15:20 THE HAT - Hot acoustic remixer of old time Swing and Music hall mix it up live with the London Swingphonia Orchestra.
16:00 BIKINI BEACH - Bikini Beach Band – Bring the beach and Hoopla Girls your way – From Hawaii 5 0 to flash Surf Rock.

Joe ransom + mc trip - Monkey moo +el eye - Rodney p + skitz - Phi life cipher - Hairy parents {live} - Infinite livez - Headcase ladz {live} - Task force + raw dog {live} - Def tex {live} - Tcf crew.
Organised by Bristol based Monsterpiece productions a crew who are known for successfully fusing unlikely line-ups to produce an unpredictable mix of eclectic sounds and high-octane stage shows.
All aspects of the united kingdoms hip hop culture will be represented by some of the countries best break dancers, Graff writers Dj`s and mcs. The underlying current that runs through the line up is the live show, so we have selected some of the scene’s best-loved showmen. Hosted by mancub {Babyhead} and lost vagueness’’ own pimp preacher, rev. hellayooyah with his entourage of unholy nuns, “the sisterhood.”
22:20 Lovegrocer - Dubtastic brasstastic super cool Reggae Vibes from the mighty Brass Dub Legends. Lovegrocer are dub and dance pioneers in the UK and worshipped worldwide for their Crispy Horn Sounds.
23:10 DJ
23:30 London Swingphonia with The Mighty Harry Martin – Posh frocks and suits out for a super swing with the luxurious Swingphonia.

00.20 – The Amazing Lucifire – Queen of the twisted Burlesque cover girl for most types of Body Modification (Catch Lucy’s full body suspension at 2 am in Chapel)

00.50 - Hayseed Dixie "From the fertile valley of Deer Lick Holler, deep in the heart of Appalachia, comes a sound that is old yet new. In an area completely isolated from outside cultural and musical influence, this band of acoustic musicians grew up playing the traditional music of their forefathers. Then, as fate would have it, one crisp fall afternoon, a stranger passed through the holler. Well, he almost made it through. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for appreciators of great music worldwide, the stranger crashed his car into a stately old oak tree at Devil's Elbow Curve. Sadly, the stranger expired, but his legacy lives on. For under the back seat of his car, the boys found some old black vinyl records as they went through his belongings looking for identification. All they had to listen to them on was an old Edison Victrola that only played at 78 R.P.M., but the boys all agreed it was some mighty fine country music. So, in memory of the stranger who had perished the boys set about learning these songs. Heavy metal from the honest to goodness real Texan Hillbilly Country superstars.

01:50 EMPRESS STAH – Popping Chandelier show with special surprise

02:00 DJ Sammy JO – all the way from New York , Sammy Jo rocks NY`s coolest Joints and leaves town as the Scissor Sisters Tour DJ. Also starring our very own Can Bouty Can and a whole host of Vagueness Glamourous Stars.

03: 30 – Bungee Special from Imsley

3.50 –DJ Dolores and Aparalhagem – This man and his music is a superstar hit worldwide, his Mango beat takes many typical Latin vibes and rips them up. Direct from Recife, the most exciting place in Brazilian music today, comes the BBC World Music Awards 2004 winning DJ. Turntables and samples join with guitar, sax, trumpet, percussion and a charming female singer. This is the real sound of Brazil today.

5.00 Special Guests - .

14:00 Galaktikos – Nick Turner swings you into a new day, Hawkwind super hero with Cool Latino Crew
15:20 Swervy World
16:30 Orcestra Du Sol – Really wonderful Gypsy Brass Special to take you to any wedding. All the way from Edinburgh
17.20 - Isley Bungee
17.40 - THE Cube 8s – French Rockabilly chanson.

18:30 THE Priscillas- The Shangri-Las crossed with the pounding beat of The Sweet, the naughty sass of The Go-Gos and the 'ONETWOTHREEFOUR' fury of The Ramones, played by four ladies with the biggest hair in town, then you've got it.
19:40 Pipettes – The Andrews Sisters on acid, Polka Dot Screech Rock
21.00 Ruby Throat - Welcome Return to the Rocking Ruby Throat with their Slamming funky punkey Drury like craziness.

22:10 Sweetbeat _ Very sharpe 60`s style Ska from the mighty Sweetbeats
23:20 No 1 Station - Blue Beat Records – Rocksteady heroes featuring the mighty Reggae Drummer Sleepy and Eddie Tan Tan Thornton the famous Ska Trumpet Player. The band has backed Perry but is the sweetest and Rock ingest thing in Festival Jump.
23.30 – Leyka – Doubles Pleasure
00.40 – Can Booty Can – Dance tastic Moulin guys
00.40 The Beat – In 2004 they were the best surprise possible, a band that is kicking - screaming and as vibrant as they ever were when they first started in the 1980`s, with a sleek sound and a message of Racial Harmony and politics that could speak to all people from Thatcher to Now. Check out the “Stand Down Maggie style”. The band have a added zest by the uncanny apparition that is MC Rankin Mathew who can also be found in Peel Stage The Others. Fresh as a daisy.
1.50 – MArina and Alice Firefly and Luditz

02:10 Ska Cubano - “The best Festival Band in the whole world”. Ska Cubano is a fusion of very cool old Cuban music and very special Classic Ska, played by some of that community’s finest musician. The Lovechild of Los Vagueness Very own Top Cats Natty Bo, Line1 Records and Peter Scott the Musicologist. After many field trips in and around Santiago Natty and Co discovered the mighty Vocalist in a 1950 `s style, Benny Billy in Santiago, and with famous Jamaican and Cuban musicians a super sound was formed. Watch the moustached Billy for being the coolest guy of the weekend. Miss this and you need your head testing.
03:30 The Youngblood Brass Band - A amazing mindbogglingly wicked BRass Band from the US mixing up Hip Hop with some crazy Hybrid BRass machine. You will never hear anything like this
04:40 TBONE - All the way from Thailand, T Bone are a band that came to the UK in Feb as amabassadors from the Tsunami. They are also one of the best Thai Bands and play a big brassy Ska with decks and a some inique Thai Ska Styles. A mighty way to finish the festival. All the way from Ko Pi PI for this gig.

Friday 24th to Sunday 26th June 2005
Worthy Farm, Pilton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4AZ, England MAP
£125 - SOLD OUT
daily capacity: 150000
last updated: Wed 7th Aug 2013

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