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published: Mon 22nd Jun 1998

Friday 26th to Sunday 28th June 1998
Worthy Farm, Pilton, nr Glastonbury, Somerset, England
daily capacity: 80000
last updated: Wed 7th Aug 2013

22nd June 1998
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The Glastonbury Festival, once a magnet for travellers and eco-warriors is now attracting a more affluent kind of reveller - and a bank is to run a cashpoint machine at the event.

Last year NatWest bank ran a cheque-clearing service on site and head of representation development Paul Wilkinson said it had decided to offer the new service after demand from festival-goers.

The caravan-based cashpoint will only be open during normal banking hours from June 25 to June 28 with bank staff attendance and enough security to ensure that no one ran off with the money, said Mr Wilkinson.

16th June 1998
This was sourced from NME - click on the link for the original article.

GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL organisers are assuring anyone who has booked with their telephone that they will receive their tickets, despite a delay in delivery.

The organisers had promised to deliver tickets within ten days of orders being placed but, due to problems with the automated ticketline, some deliveries have taken up to a month. A spokesman for the festival, which takes place from June 26-28, explained that this year 50,000 tickets (half the number available) have been bought through the ticketline, more than ever before, which had caused distribution problems.

He advised anyone still waiting for an ordered ticket to "hang in there" and said organisers would go to any lengths necessary to ensure customers got them in the end. "In previous years, we've driven to people's houses personally to deliver their tickets, or met them from the train when they got here to make sure they got them," he said.

He added that people who have still haven't received their tickets from the ticketline should ring 0117 988 4781. Anyone still wanting tickets should call 0839 668 898, an information line set up by Glastonbury organisers listing which UK outlets still have tickets available.

16th June 1998
This was sourced from Sky - click on the link for the original article.


Amnesty International today launches its first-ever roadshow to promote human rights awareness in the UK.

Over the next three months a mobile exhibition will travel to 20 cities and festivals throughout the country as part of campaign to mark the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The roadshow, which will be in London's Trafalgar Square today, features three examples of human rights abuses in Tibet, Zambia and Croatia. The organisation has a policy not to become involved in cases in its own country.

David Bull, director of Amnesty International UK, said: "The Universal Declaration has been called the 'world's best secret' and this roadshow sets out to return a powerful set of human rights values to where they rightfully belong - absolutely at the centre of public life."

The roadshow will feature a video and exhibition of photographs and designs on human rights themes.

Visitors will be able to sign a petition supporting the Universal Declaration which is to be presented to the UN in Paris on International Human Rights Day in December.

Tomorrow it will be in Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, and over the next couple of months it will visit Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow and Manchester. It will also be at the Glastonbury Festival, Notting Hill Carnival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and finish at the Labour Party Conference in Blackpool in September.

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14th June 1998
This was sourced from The Times - click on the link for the original article.

Glastonbury - Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset; Fri June 26-Sun 28; £80; 0870-607 7380

The only British rock festival to retain any degree of integrity, Glastonbury boasts a Pot Noodle-promotional-wagon-free environment, and the smaller stages and cabaret tents are booked with a haphazardness that defies corruption. There's also still a vast acreage of fields full of tepees and new-age sculptures of firebreathing dragons and blacksmith demonstrations and insane old hippies playing Van der Graaf Generator songs on pump organs, far away from the main arena where the multitudes will gather for Pulp and Blur. Still, don't miss Jon Spencer's sci-fi rockabilly, the honey-larynxed jazz folk genius Terry Callier, Nick Cave, the child-faced West Coast rock types the Montrose Avenue, Chicago eggheads Tortoise, art-rock veterans Sonic Youth, ambient space cadets Spiritualized, and Robbie Williams and his real dad, Tony Bennett. Also, there is no excuse not to go and see Bob Dylan, who should be viewed out of simple respect alone, just as one would visit a historic monument while on holiday in a foreign country, whatever its current state of neglect.

12th June 1998
This was sourced from NME. Click here for the original article.

GLASTONBURY is to be targetted by police this year in their biggest-ever crackdown on hard drugs at an outdoor festival.

The Avon And Somerset Constabulary will employ a revolutionary onsite drugs-testing machine, which can instantly identify a drug, in an effort to turn around prosecutions within 24 hours.

Previously, suspect substances had to be sent from the festival site to specialist laboratories for analysis, a process which took as long as four days. But, as police cannot legally detain suspects for a drugs-related offence offence for that length of time, offenders often escaped prosecution.

This year, anyone found in possession of Class A drugs will be immediately excluded from the festival and could face jail. Detective Chief Inspector Graham Cawley told NME: "The drugs testing machine is basically a mobile forensic unit. Anyone in possession can be charged and in court the next morning."

Last year just 77 people were arrested for drug offences over the three-day event although there were 143 drug seizures. This year, DCI Cawley says he hopes to more than double those arrest figures.

He continued: "There will always be drugs within Glastonbury Festival. This year, our efforts will be concentrated on the people selling Class A drugs. We won't be jumping on any innocent member of the public or arresting them for having small bits of cannabis."

More than 100,000 people are expected to attend the festival which takes place on June 26, 27 & 28. Policing and security will cost more than '700,000. Avon And Somerset Constabulary did not reveal how many police they would be deploying on site, other than to say it was their biggest job of the year.

Meanwhile, work is continuing at the festival site, Worthy Farm, with the Main Stage already erected and security fences almost finished. A festival spokesman also revealed that the bridges over the various watercourses onsite were being made safer and 17 septic tanks were being built to improve toilet facilities.

7th June 1998
The News of the World reports that the Wombles (!) are to appear at Glastonbury - playing the Pyramid stage on Sunday - and there was a quote from mike batt (creator of the wombles) along the lines of "why shouldn't the wombles play... after all madame cholet is the greatest bassist in the world!".

6th June 1998
This was sourced from The Times. Click here for the original article.

Glastonbury (June 26-28), in Somerset, offers the highest probability of mass mud, with around 100,000 punters living on a converted farm for up to a week; but it also has the most varied music policy. On the main stages, there is, among others, Pulp, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Catatonia and Tony Bennett. And you can also sample more obscure talent in the fringe tents: Company Flow bring their hip East Coast rapping, Red Snapper their cool updated blues, Tortoise their weirdo post-rock and theaudience their covetable glamour. And after the stages have closed for the night the fun really begins, as hundreds of unofficial sound systems start clashing their impromptu DJ sets through until dawn (info 0839 668899; tickets 0870 607 7380).

Friday 26th to Sunday 28th June 1998
Worthy Farm, Pilton, nr Glastonbury, Somerset, England
daily capacity: 80000
last updated: Wed 7th Aug 2013

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