FolkEast 2018 line-up and rumours

Friday 17th to Sunday 19th August 2018
Glemham Hall, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 0BT, England MAP
currently £120, camping £15 extra
daily capacity: 10000
last updated: Mon 23rd Jul 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 17th, Soap Box(C) Aartwork
Sat 18th, Sunset stage(C) Alden Patterson & Dashwood
Fri 17th, Broad Roots(C) Attila the Stockbroker
Sat 18th, Soap Box(C) Banco
Fri 17th, Dance Pavilion(C) Banter
Sun 19th, Sunset stage(C) Banter
Fri 17th, Soap Box(C) Barkis is Willing
Sat 18th, Moot Hall(C) Bob Jensen
Fri 17th, Moot Hall(C) Capstan Full Strength
Sun 19th, Soap Box(C) Captain Morgan's Rum Do
Fri 17th, Moot Hall(C) Charity Quinn
Sun 19th, Moot Hall(C) Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne
Sun 19th, Dance Pavilion(C) Dance Folkus
Sat 18th, Soap Box(C) Danny Whitehouse
Sun 19th, Sunset stage(C) Edgelarks
Sun 19th, Soap Box(C) Ells Bells
Sun 19th, Broad Roots(C) Emerald Hill
Fri 17th, Soap Box(C) False Colours
Fri 17th, Soap Box(C) Fish Hand gun
Sun 19th, Soap Box(C) Five Fathoms Deep
Sun 19th, Dance Pavilion(C) Footdown
Fri 17th, Broad Roots(C) Geoff Higginbottom
Sat 18th, Broad Roots(C) Geoff Higginbottom
Sat 18th, Sunset stage(C) Gigspanner Big Band
Sun 19th, Sunset stage(C) Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar
Sun 19th, Broad Roots(C) Hadleigh Folk Club
Fri 17th, Dance Pavilion(C) Harbour Lights Ceilidh
Sun 19th, Moot Hall(C) Harbour Lights Trio
Sun 19th, Dance Pavilion(C) Hushwing
Sat 18th, Sunset stage(C) Irish Mythen
Sun 19th, Soap Box(C) Irish Mythen
Sat 18th, Soap Box(C) Izzy's Daughter
Fri 17th, Sunset stage(C) Joshua Burnell
Sat 18th, Broad Roots(C) Kath Tait
Sun 19th, Moot Hall(C) King Driscolls
Sat 18th, Soap Box(C) Klezmerised!
Sat 18th, Dance Pavilion(C) Klezmerized
Fri 17th, Broad Roots(C) Les Woodley
Sat 18th, Moot Hall(C) Luke Daniels
Fri 17th, Moot Hall(C) Mary Ann Kennedy
Fri 17th, Sunset stage(C) Megan Henwood
Fri 17th, Broad Roots(C) Megan Wisdom
Sun 19th, Broad Roots(C) Megan Wisdom
Sat 18th, Broad Roots(C) Milkmaid Folk Club
Fri 17th, Soap Box(C) Millie Kirkpatrick
Sat 18th, Soap Box(C) Miniature Universe
Fri 17th, Soap Box(C) Nonny Denny
Fri 17th, Sunset stage(C) Oysterband
Sat 18th, Soap Box(C) Polly Preacher
Sat 18th, Moot Hall(C) Reg Meuross
Sun 19th, Broad Roots(C) Reg Meuross
Sun 19th, Broad Roots(C) Richard Byers
Fri 17th, Moot Hall(C) Rodney Branigan
Sat 18th, Soap Box(C) Sally Army
Fri 17th, Soap Box(C) Samuel Taylor
Fri 17th, Broad Roots(C) Sound Tradition
Sun 19th, Soap Box(C) SpaceCake
Fri 17th, Broad Roots(C) Steve Turner
Sat 18th, Dance Pavilion(C) Stumpy Oak
Sun 19th, Soap Box(C) Terry Hiscock
Sat 18th, Broad Roots(C) The Bounty Hounds
Sun 19th, Soap Box(C) The Colombines
Sun 19th, Moot Hall(C) The Dan Walsh Trio
Fri 17th, Soap Box(C) The Dead Rat Orchestra
Fri 17th, Broad Roots(C) The Instant Choir
Sun 19th, Sunset stage(C) The John Langan Band
Sat 18th, Broad Roots(C) The John Ward Band
Sat 18th, Soap Box(C) The King Driscolls
Sat 18th, Sunset stage(C) The Magnificent AK47
Fri 17th, Broad Roots(C) The Rambling Valentines
Sat 18th, Soap Box(C) The Stookey Blue Trio
Sat 18th, Dance Pavilion(C) The Valiant Band
Fri 17th, Moot Hall(C) The Wilsons
Sat 18th, Broad Roots(C) The Wilsons
Fri 17th, Moot Hall(C) The Young'Uns
Sun 19th, Moot Hall(C) Tim Edey
Sat 18th, Broad Roots(C) Tom Lewis
Sat 18th, Dance Pavilion(C) Urban Folk Theory
Fri 17th, Soap Box(C) Wendsum
Sun 19th, Broad Roots(C) Wildwood Jack
Sun 19th, Moot Hall(C) Will Pound
Sun 19th, Broad Roots(C) Winter Wilson
Fri 17th, Soap Box(C) Words & Verses

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