Exit Festival 2018 line-up and rumours

Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th July 2018
Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad, South Backa, Serbia MAP
currently £99 + £30 camping
daily capacity: 50000
last updated: Thu 7th Jun 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 14th, No Sleep(C) Abelle
Thu 12th, Dance Arena(C) Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg
Sun 15th, No Sleep(C) Adiel
Sun 15th, Dance Arena(C) After Affair
Sun 15th, Main Stage(C) Alice Merton
Thu 12th, Dance Arena(C) Amelie Lens
Thu 12th, Dance Arena(C) Anastasia Kristensen
Sun 15th, Addiko Fusion stage(C) Asian Dub Foundation
Sun 15th, Explosive Stage(C) Asphyx
Fri 13th, Dance Arena(C) AVOID
Sat 14th, Explosive Stage(C) Bane
Thu 12th, Dance Arena(C) Ben Klock
Thu 12th, No Sleep(C) Blackhall & Bookless
Thu 12th, Explosive Stage(C) Boids
Sat 14th, Explosive Stage(C) Bombers
Sat 14th, Dance Arena(C) Boris Brejcha
Sat 14th, Explosive Stage(C) Brujeria
Fri 13th, No Sleep(C) Bryan Kasenic
Fri 13th, Main Stage(C) Burak Yeter
Fri 13th, Dance Arena(C) Carl Craig
Fri 13th, Explosive Stage(C) Cockney Rejects
Sun 15th, Dance Arena(C) Dana Ruh
Thu 12th, No Sleep(C) Daniel Avery B2B Rodhad
Sun 15th, Main Stage(C) David Guetta
Sat 14th, Main Stage(C) Delta Heavy
Sat 14th, Dance Arena(C) Disciples
Thu 12th, Dance Arena(C) DJ Jock
Sun 15th, No Sleep(C) DJ Red
Sun 15th, No Sleep(C) DJ Tennis
Thu 12th, Explosive Stage(C) Dog Eat Dog
Thu 12th, Explosive Stage(C) Dr. Living Dead!
Thu 12th, Dance Arena(C) Dusan Nikolic
Sun 15th, Addiko Fusion stage(C) Elderbrook
Fri 13th, No Sleep(C) Eric Cloutier
Fri 13th, No Sleep(C) Erika
Sun 15th, Explosive Stage(C) Evil Invaders
Thu 12th, Explosive Stage(C) Exploding Head Syndrome
Sun 15th, No Sleep(C) Fabrizio Sala
Thu 12th, Main Stage(C) Fever Ray
Fri 13th, Dance Arena(C) Filip Xavi
Thu 12th, Explosive Stage(C) First Flame
Fri 13th, Main Stage(C) French Montana
Sun 15th, No Sleep(C) Giorgio Gigli
Sat 14th, Main Stage(C) Grace Jones
Sun 15th, Explosive Stage(C) Grave Digger
Sat 14th, No Sleep(C) Helena Hauff
Sat 14th, Addiko Fusion stage(C) IDLES
Fri 13th, Main Stage(C) Jax Jones
Thu 12th, Explosive Stage(C) Joliette
Sun 15th, Dance Arena(C) Joseph Capriati
Sat 14th, No Sleep(C) Julia Govor
Sat 14th, No Sleep(C) Klaus
Thu 12th, Explosive Stage(C) Knuckledust
Sun 15th, Dance Arena(C) Kolsch
Thu 12th, No Sleep(C) Lego
Fri 13th, Explosive Stage(C) Lion's Law
Sun 15th, Explosive Stage(C) Little Dead Bertha
Sat 14th, Explosive Stage(C) liv
Thu 12th, Main Stage(C) Loadstar
Thu 12th, Main Stage(C) LP
Fri 13th, Dance Arena(C) Maceo Plex
Fri 13th, Explosive Stage(C) Madball
Sun 15th, Main Stage(C) Mahmut Orhan
Sun 15th, Main Stage(C) Martin Garrix
Fri 13th, Explosive Stage(C) Masinko
Sat 14th, Main Stage(C) Matrix & Futurebound
Thu 12th, No Sleep(C) Midland
Thu 12th, Main Stage(C) Migos
Fri 13th, No Sleep(C) Mike Servito
Sun 15th, Explosive Stage(C) Mud Factory
Sun 15th, Main Stage(C) MY BABY
Sun 15th, Explosive Stage(C) Nemesis
Sat 14th, No Sleep(C) Nikita Zabelin
Sun 15th, Dance Arena(C) Nina Kraviz
Sat 14th, Explosive Stage(C) Noctiferia
Sat 14th, Dance Arena(C) Ofenbach
Fri 13th, No Sleep(C) Patrick Russell
Sat 14th, No Sleep(C) Philipp Gorbachev (live)
Fri 13th, Explosive Stage(C) Pogonbgd
Sun 15th, No Sleep(C) Red Axes
Sun 15th, Explosive Stage(C) Rhemorha
Thu 12th, Dance Arena(C) Richie Hawtin
Fri 13th, Dance Arena(C) Rodhad
Thu 12th, Dance Arena(C) Runy
Thu 12th, Addiko Fusion stage(C) Sevdaliza
Sun 15th, No Sleep(C) Silvie Loto
Sat 14th, Explosive Stage(C) Skyforger
Thu 12th, Explosive Stage(C) Slapshot
Sat 14th, Addiko Fusion stage(C) Slaves
Sat 14th, No Sleep(C) Sloxxx
Sat 14th, Dance Arena(C) Solomun
Fri 13th, No Sleep(C) Svetlana Maras (live)
Sun 15th, Dance Arena(C) Tale Of Us
Sun 15th, Explosive Stage(C) Terrorhammer
Thu 12th, Explosive Stage(C) The Adolescents
Sat 14th, Explosive Stage(C) The Bloody Earth
Fri 13th, Explosive Stage(C) The Hellfreaks
Sat 14th, Explosive Stage(C) The Stone
Thu 12th, No Sleep(C) Tijana T
Fri 13th, No Sleep(C) Tin Man (live)
Sun 15th, Main Stage(C) Zhu
Fri 13th, Main Stage(C) Ziggy Marley

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