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published: Tue 8th Jul 2014

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Friday 13th to Sunday 15th June 2014
Donington Park, Donington, Derbyshire, DE74 2RP, England MAP
£195 for five nights with camping
daily capacity: 111000
last updated: Thu 5th Jun 2014

eFestivals caught up with Colt 45 frontman Neil Harper to talk about their appearance at Download 2014.

How was it playing to the Download crowd?

Fantastic! The tent was packed, the crowd was vocal, and we had a great time! 

 How would you describe your sound?

Erm... 3-piece melodic punk rock. We're influenced by bands ranging from Husker Du and Fugazi to bands like the Manics and the Stereophonics and even stuff like Bob Dylan and Bruce we've got a good indie/punk crossover and we spend a lot of time trying to get the songs as strong as possible.

 Can we expect to see you touring the UK soon?

Yeah, we're going out in Aug/Sept after the festival season. Just nailing down dates at the minute and they should be announced around the time the albums coming out. Playing live is our favourite thing so we can't wait!

 Did you have chance to catch any of the other bands at Download? If so, who?

I got to see Against Me for the first time...I've been a fan for years but I'd never seen them live. Joe Bonamassa blew us all away on the Sunday...never heard a guitar sound as good as that!

 Do you have any new material due out soon?

Our debut album, The Tide Is Turning, is out on the 28th July

 Is there any particular band that you would love to be on the same bill as?

Erm...probably the Manic Street Preachers just because they've been such an influence on me. But I do also really like being on the bill with bands we don't particularly puts an extra bit of fire in the belly!

 Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start a band?

Just enjoy it really...I've always been a believer in practicing hard...don't expect too much...take constructive criticism and learn from it but always stay true to what you want the band to be...


Do you ever get fed up with being asked the same interview questions by music reviewers?

Haha...we usually take turns in doing interviews so that helps in that sense. A common one I don't like answering is like "why should people listen to you?" because I'm not really a salesman. But for the most part, we're just pleased that people are wanting to interview us and find out about Colt 45.

 In your own words why should someone start to listen to your music?

See above! Haha. As I said earlier, I'm not the best at blowing our own trumpet...we're just 3 regular guys, playing music we love, we wear our hearts on our sleeves and write songs about life...if that's ya thing check us out! 

 Who is more important in a band out of the Drummer or the guitarist?

Easiest question I've ever answered...guitarist!!! Haha. But in all seriousness Adam is an amazing drummer. I'm lucky to have 2 pals who are such good musicians and I don't think we'd be where we are now without either one of them. Everyone's an equal in COLT 45 in every sense!

 Have you ever had any spinal tap moments whilst playing live?

Erm...I dunno...I've fell over a few times on stage...maybe fell off the stage aswell. I actually turn my amp up to 12 which is 1 better than them! 

 Many thanks for taking the time to do this interview.

Thanks a lot! I remember in years gone by relying on eFestivals for the rumour/strongly rumoured bands on the Concrete Jungle Stage at Leeds Fest and checking daily! And the rumours were mostly right! Ha. Great website! Thanks a lot for checking us out.

Colt 45 release ‘The Tide Is Turning’ on 28th July.

interview by: Luke Seagrave

Friday 13th to Sunday 15th June 2014
Donington Park, Donington, Derbyshire, DE74 2RP, England MAP
£195 for five nights with camping
daily capacity: 111000
last updated: Thu 5th Jun 2014

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