Doune The Rabbit Hole 2021 line-up and rumours

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Cardross Estate, Port of Menteith, Stirlingshire, Stirlingshire, FK8 3JY, Scotland MAP
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currently £155 weekend with camping
daily capacity: 1000
last updated: Sat 22nd May 2021

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 13th, Jabberwocky(C) 10cc
day TBC, The Warren(C) Apostille
Thu 12th, Jabberwocky(C) Astrosnax
Sat 14th, Whistleblower(C) Atom Eyes
Fri 13th, Bandersnatch(C) Awkward Family Portraits
Fri 13th, Whistleblower(C) Banjo Lounge 4
Sat 14th, Jabberwocky(C) BC Camplight
Sat 14th, Whistleblower(C) Bigg Taj & Spee Six Nine
Fri 13th, Baino(C) Bikini Body
Sat 14th, Baino(C) Bis
Sun 15th, Bandersnatch(C) Bobby Kakouris
Fri 13th, Whistleblower(C) Bohemian Monk Machine
Sat 14th, Whistleblower(C) Bombskare
Sun 15th, Whistleblower(C) Bothy Bass (DJ set)
Sun 15th, Bandersnatch(C) Bryn Jones
Sun 15th, Whistleblower(C) Bum Notes Karaoke
Sat 14th, Baino(C) Buzzcocks
Sat 14th, Jabberwocky(C) Camera Obscura
Fri 13th, Whistleblower(C) Check Masses
Fri 13th, Jabberwocky(C) Chizu Nnamdi
Sat 14th, Baino(C) Coldplay
Thu 12th, Jabberwocky(C) Corto.Alto
day TBC, The Warren(C) David Barbarossa
Thu 12th, Jabberwocky(C) Dizzee Rascal
Sat 14th, Jabberwocky(C) Ebi Soda
Fri 13th, Jabberwocky(C) Eddi Reader
Sat 14th, Baino(C) Elephant Sessions
Sun 15th, Bandersnatch(C) Emi V
Fri 13th, Bandersnatch(C) Erin Bradley-Scott
Fri 13th, Whistleblower(C) Esperanza
Sun 15th, Bandersnatch(C) Fairweather Friends
Sat 14th, Bandersnatch(C) Fat Mantra
Sat 14th, Whistleblower(C) Fauves
Sun 15th, Whistleblower(C) Feet of Clay
Sun 15th, Bandersnatch(C) Flew The Arrow
Sat 14th, Baino(C) Free Love
Sat 14th, Bandersnatch(C) Gelvis Paisley
Thu 12th, Jabberwocky(C) Gentleman's Dub Club
Sun 15th, Jabberwocky(C) Girl Ray
Fri 13th, Jabberwocky(C) Goat Girl
Fri 13th, Baino(C) Happy Tears
Sat 14th, Whistleblower(C) Have Mercy Las Vegas
day TBC, The Warren(C) Healthy
Sat 14th, Baino(C) Hen Ogledd
Sat 14th, Baino(C) Honeyblood
Fri 13th, Whistleblower(C) Horses On The Beach
day TBC, The Warren(C) Huussh
Fri 13th, Baino(C) Ill Considered
Sat 14th, Bandersnatch(C) Jack Richardson
Sun 15th, Whistleblower(C) James Brown Is Annie
Sun 15th, Bandersnatch(C) James Michael Rodgers
Sun 15th, Bandersnatch(C) John Rush
day TBC, The Warren(C) Junglehussi
Sun 15th, Bandersnatch(C) Kimona
Sun 15th, Baino(C) Kubitaru
day TBC, The Warren(C) Lady Neptune
Sun 15th, Bandersnatch(C) Les Johnson & Me
Sun 15th, Bandersnatch(C) Lizabett Russo
Fri 13th, Whistleblower(C) Mad Ferret
Sat 14th, Bandersnatch(C) Mad Ferret
Sun 15th, Bandersnatch(C) Mairi Campbell
Sat 14th, Bandersnatch(C) Mango Lassie
Sat 14th, Bandersnatch(C) Me Lost Me
Sat 14th, Bandersnatch(C) Memphis Gerald
Sat 14th, Whistleblower(C) Mickey 9s
Sun 15th, Whistleblower(C) More From Jim
day TBC, The Warren(C) Mungo's Hi Fi
Sun 15th, Jabberwocky(C) Nadia Rose
Fri 13th, Baino(C) Nubiyan Twist
Sun 15th, Bandersnatch(C) Olstar Sound
Sat 14th, Bandersnatch(C) Patrick Freeman
Sun 15th, Baino(C) Peaness
Sun 15th, Baino(C) Peatbog Faeries
Sat 14th, Jabberwocky(C) Peggy Seeger
Fri 13th, Jabberwocky(C) Pretty Preachers Club
Sun 15th, Whistleblower(C) Quiche
Sat 14th, Bandersnatch(C) Quick
Fri 13th, Bandersnatch(C) Rachel Sermanni
day TBC, The Warren(C) Ribeka
Sun 15th, Baino(C) Sacred Paws
Sat 14th, Jabberwocky(C) Samba Yabamba
Fri 13th, Baino(C) Scarlett Randle
Sat 14th, Bandersnatch(C) Scarlett Randle
day TBC, The Warren(C) Simonotron (Hot Mess)
Fri 13th, Baino(C) Sleaford Mods
Sat 14th, Baino(C) Snapped Ankles
Sun 15th, Whistleblower(C) Sprog Rock
Sun 15th, Whistleblower(C) Stanley Odd
Sun 15th, Jabberwocky(C) Teenage Fanclub
Sat 14th, Whistleblower(C) The Best Bad Influence
Fri 13th, Whistleblower(C) The Black Demins
Sun 15th, Jabberwocky(C) The Bluebells
day TBC, The Warren(C) The Golden Filter
Fri 13th, Whistleblower(C) The Hoojamamas
Fri 13th, Jabberwocky(C) The Joy Hotel
Fri 13th, Whistleblower(C) The Lutras
Sun 15th, Bandersnatch(C) The Mary Wallopers
Sat 14th, Whistleblower(C) The Moods
Sun 15th, Baino(C) The Pastels
Fri 13th, Whistleblower(C) The Rain Experiment
Sun 15th, Whistleblower(C) The Red Hot Rhythm Makers
Fri 13th, Baino(C) The Rezillos
Fri 13th, Jabberwocky(C) The Skints
Sun 15th, Whistleblower(C) The Strange Blue Dreams
Fri 13th, Whistleblower(C) The Twistettes
Sat 14th, Whistleblower(C) The Vegan Leather
Sat 14th, Whistleblower(C) The Well Happy Band
Sat 14th, Jabberwocky(C) Tide Lines
Fri 13th, Whistleblower(C) Town Of Cats
Sat 14th, Baino(C) Utah Saints
Sat 14th, Baino(C) We Are Not Devo
Sat 14th, Bandersnatch(C) Zoe Bestel

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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