Common People (Southampton) 2018 Line-up And Rumours

Common People (Southampton) 2018 - around the festival site
Photo credit: Steve Collins

Common People (Southampton) 2018

Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th May 2018
Southampton Common, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 7NN, England MAP
currently £67.20 for both days
Daily capacity: 30,000
Last updated: Fri 18th May 2018

(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour

Sat 26th, Carnival Stage(C) $hit Disco DJs
Sun 27th, Carnival Stage(C) Aaron Blyth
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) Aaron Blyth
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) Aldo Vanucci
Sat 26th, Common Stage(C) All Saints
Sat 26th, Carnival Stage(C) Artful Dodger
Sun 27th, Carnival Stage(C) Barely Legal
Sun 27th, Uncommon Stage(C) Ben Goddard
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) Ben Ricci
Sun 27th, Uncommon Stage(C) Black Foxxes
Sun 27th, Common Stage(C) Boney M
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) Brad Goddard
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) Buddy Love
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) Civilisation Of The Rough
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) Deaf By Disco
Sat 26th, Uncommon Stage(C) Deference
Sat 26th, Uncommon Stage(C) Demob Happy
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) Disko Delta
Sat 26th, Carnival Stage(C) DJ Yoda
Sat 26th, Uncommon Stage(C) Djuno
Sun 27th, Uncommon Stage(C) Dream Wife
Sat 26th, Common Stage(C) Elvana: Elvis Fronted Nirvana
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) Ethan Owen
Sat 26th, Common Stage(C) Foor
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) Frau DJs
Sun 27th, Carnival Stage(C) Fred V and Grafix
Sun 27th, Uncommon Stage(C) Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
Sat 26th, Carnival Stage(C) Goat Shed DJs
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) Gold School DJs
Sat 26th, Carnival Stage(C) HAAi
Sun 27th, Carnival Stage(C) Hadda
Sun 27th, Common Stage(C) Hak Baker
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) Handsome Dave Rocker
Sun 27th, Carnival Stage(C) Holy Goof
Sat 26th, Uncommon Stage(C) Honeyblood
Sun 27th, Common Stage(C) Jaguar Skills
Sat 26th, Common Stage(C) James
Sat 26th, Carnival Stage(C) Jasper James
Sat 26th, Uncommon Stage(C) Josh Savage
Sun 27th, Common Stage(C) Jungle Brothers
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) Kaf-Tan
Sat 26th, Carnival Stage(C) Kiwi
Sun 27th, Uncommon Stage(C) Lauran Hibberd
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) LeBon
Sat 26th, Common Stage(C) Lily Allen
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) Little Chief
Sat 26th, Uncommon Stage(C) Milk Teeth
Sat 26th, Uncommon Stage(C) Minister
Sat 26th, Uncommon Stage(C) Miss Vincent
Sat 26th, Carnival Stage(C) Nathan Dawe
Sun 27th, Common Stage(C) New Power Generation
Sun 27th, Uncommon Stage(C) Pale Seas
Sat 26th, Carnival Stage(C) Pete Callard
Sat 26th, Uncommon Stage(C) Pioneers
Sat 26th, Common Stage(C) Plastic Mermaids
Sun 27th, Uncommon Stage(C) Reawaken
Sun 27th, Uncommon Stage(C) Saints of Sin
Sun 27th, Common Stage(C) Snap!
day TBC, Sugar Skulls(C) Soul 45
Sun 27th, Carnival Stage(C) Soul45
Sat 26th, Common Stage(C) Sparks
Sat 26th, Uncommon Stage(C) The Collision
Sun 27th, Common Stage(C) The Cuban Brothers
Sun 27th, Common Stage(C) The Jacksons
Sat 26th, Uncommon Stage(C) The Rising
Sat 26th, Common Stage(C) The Sherlocks
Sun 27th, Uncommon Stage(C) Torcoda Fray
Sun 27th, Uncommon Stage(C) Toreador
Sun 27th, Uncommon Stage(C) Upstarts
Sun 27th, Common Stage(C) Wild Front

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