Free Cannabis Celebration Festival 2001

Saturday 16th June 2001
Brockwell Park, Brixton, London, England MAP
last updated: Mon 3rd Feb 2003

With a license for 40,000 people, this is a real chance to make that really big noise that will damage this hypocritical law fundamentaly.

Run by a collective of all the Cannabis Legalisation Organisations and professional event organisers, including people from the Medical Use Argument, and many normal people who have been busted and had and are having really messed up lives over a stupid law as well as politicians and others. This is largest event for Cannabis Legalisation In Europe - END THE CANNABIS PROHIBITION.

Last year on May 6th people in over 80 cities worldwide took combined action. More than 25,000 people in LONDON joined the End the Prohibition of Cannabis' march to 'dance on the grave of cannabis prohibition' - and that was according to official police estimates. The marches destination was a massive one day 'Free Cannabis Festival' in Brockwell Park, Brixton with an amazing array of bands and sound systems plus cannabis related stalls, speakers (including Howard Marks, Caroline Coon and Lord Gifford), a hemp expo tent, and even hemp ice cream. There were no arrests. An important cultural and political event.

Cannabis Carnival timetable: London Sat June 16.

* 12 noon - Carnival March to End the Prohibition of Cannabis: Assemble in Kennington Park - Oval Tube. Departs 1.00 pm sharp to Brockwell Park, Brixton. Sound system floats by Lloyd Coxsone & Sunnyside plus samba band & puppets (including Ann Widdecombe). Bring spirit, humour, banners, drums, your voice, to celebrate, remonstrate and 'dance on the grave of Cannabis Prohibition' through Brixton to the Cannabis Freedom Festival. Everyone counts.

* 2 pm - 8.00pm - Cannabis Freedom Festival, Brockwell Park, Brixton: Free (99p) entrance for bands, sound systems, food, drink and cannabis related stalls including hemp beer, hemp ice cream, Hemp Expo, Medical Cannabis Marquee, clothes, speakers tent, amazing kids area, comedy, performers, information and celebration.

* BANDS & PERFORMERS: A massive celebration of Hemp and Marijuana from all cultures of the UK. Art, music, performance, information and celebration. Four live stages + nine sound system venues. Confirmed so far:

@ UNITY STAGE - NUCLEUS ROOTS (1.30 - 2.30) + GREENMAN - Ganja Hip Hopera (2.35 - 2.45) - HEADMIX - Phenomenal festival champions (2.45-3.30) + PAIN - Punk Ganja Activists with HOWARD MARKS (3.45 - 4.30) + ROJER WILLIAMS (4.30 - 4.45) + LOVEGROCER featuring Cheshire Cats from Leftfield (4.45 - 5.20) + BURY CRU - unusual suspects + MDC + Mike G Elc + Senser Kid & Intence + MUD FAMILY (5.20 - 6) + 'One Minutes Silence' for Cannabis Prisoners Worldwide (6.00pm) + TOP CATS (6.15 - 7) + ALABAMA 3 (7.15 - 8.15). Special thanks: Wango Riley premier stage first outing. Special guests: Tom Cunstanton from the 'Greatful Dead', Lloyd Coxsone (sound system pioneer, rasta community leader) + speakers including Lord Anthony Gifford Q.C. (human rights lawyer), Caroline Coon (artist, founder Release) + prize giving. COMPERES - MR MAT FRASER and MR TIMMY WOBBLE.

@ BRIXTON STAGE - Tarantism / HEADJAM + PROWEZZ (12-1pm): + RED ROUTE (1.15-2pm) KALABAN Acoustic soul (2.15-3pm) + JIMMY CHIROZA (3-3.15pm) :+@ : SYLAANS (3.15-4pm) + :TENPOLE TUDOR Seminal Punkstar (4.15-5pm) : CYBERDELIKS (5-5.15pm) : HEADJAM (5.15-6pm) +@ : MATT FRASER (6-6.15pm) : DATABASS (6.15-7pm) + TARANTISM - Dub Diddley Dance (7.15-8pm)


@ KINGSTONE SOUND NETWORK - Zibbers -1pm (electric weirdness from Guildford), Da Vinci Dub Sound System - 2.20pm (dub DJ + live singer). Blatently - 3.30pm (Bonzo mish-mash of funk-dub-soul-psychedelia-danceability). Chihuahua Zycantah - 4.50pm (Ferocious spiky punk/dub/electro-noise). Less - 6pm (Classic punk tunes ie "Only Users Lose Drugs" with PAIN/Headjam crew). Aliens in the Whitehouse - 7.20pm (live drum and bass, sample madness and 'techno?' guitar!).

* SOUND SYSTEMS - e x t r a v a g a n j a sound clash - 100s of respected dj's across all forms: @ SQUALL - house-drum & bass-nu-funk; @ RDK HI-FI - heavy weight dub & high grade roots and culture with special guests; @ chimaera - chimaera's progressive house & tech tribe team up with Groove Asylum, Lunatik Fringe, & Bi-polar - live; @ femi-9 product - gurly beatz of a garage and d&b nature; @ SUNNYSIDE - Bristol based progressive house beats & march sound system; @ TROJAN - up front house-drum & bass; @ RESTLESS NATIVES - TRANCENTRAL meets ACCESS ALL AREAS @ the home of london's underground trance/techno scene; @ PIRATE TV & AARDVARK - live internet streaming visuals and eclectic beats from the heart of brixton and beyond; @ NEGUSA NEGAST - conscious dub deepness; @ RINKY DINK - pedal powered super sounds;

* SPEAKERS TENT - a full days programme of speakers, panels, debates with: Caroline Coon (artist, founder of Release), Howard Marks (Mr Nice, above), Colin Davis (medical marijuana coop), Lloyd Coxsone (sound system pioneer, rasta community leader), Lord Anthony Gifford Q.C. (human rights lawyer, arriving straight off a plane from Jamacia having given expert evidence to the Jamaican National Ganja Commission), Tony Taylor (medical marijuana therapist), Sister Sharon, (First Vice President, Ethiopian World Federation), Shane Collins (Green Party Drugs Spokesperson), Steve Pank (Campaign To Legalise Cannabis International Association) Matthew Atha (Independent Drug Monitoring Unit), Dana Beal ('Cures Not Wars', New York), Peter Tatchell (gay activist), Ana Lopes (sex worker/activist), Nick Red Eye (editor Red Eye magazine), Rasta Brown (rastafarian human rights defendent), Lyndon Pugh (editor cc news), Tuppy Owens (author/activist), Roger Warren Evans (Liberty), Andy Cornwell (coalition lawyer), Roger Bunn (musician, MIHRA), Ben Cooper (human rights barrister), Steve Ashe (Dionysian Underground), Carl Wagner (Hull, LCA election candidate, event organiser), Dublin reps, (cannabis coalition), "Anonymous" on why she's scared to come out, Anthony Goodman (Psychonauts UK), Raja Mohammed Sajid (Green Party), Beth Kolomeitz (So High Soho), Free Rob Cannabis (activist), Tim Summers (cannabis march organiser sep 29th), Jerry Ham (human rights activist), XX (tbc) (grower of strongest THC content plant ever busted in the UK), Chris Sanders (cannabis coalition) plus several Legalise Cannabis Alliance candidates, Dublin Cannabis Action rep and special guests still to be confirmed + during the day we will be phoning up people in some of the 130 cities involved in the recent May 5th global cannabis action. + live music: Mr Timiweed - rappa, poet lyricist; ROJER WILLIAMS, Brixton singer-songwriter; QUILOMBO DE SAMBA - Superb Brazilian Samba Band; KAKATSITSI - Amazing Ghanaian Drummers; MUKKA - Finest Romany Dance; + not only, but also: Book signings by Eric, author of 'Cooking with Ganja', plus Rojer Williams 'brixton cockney yardie' author of 'Council Flat Paradise' (launching the new updated second edition - Ruff Ruff Publications 2001). Cannabis carnival 'maridala' posters signed by Jamie Reid. Green powered sound system by Rainbow Dragon pa. Vegan cafe, chill space & info stall by Lambeth Green Party. Speakers coordinator, Saj: Pager: 07661042043. Some speakers will also appear on the main stage & at other venues such as Hemp Expo and the Medical Cannabis Marquee.

* POETS FOR POT - alternative, alive & remixed version, poetry & music inspired tent with - Steve Tasane - Steve Medeema - Rebecca Sabin - Peter Kraus - Michael Horovitz - The Speach Painter - Vic Lambrusco - Simon Barcode - Graham Revves - JC100 (tbc) + others still to be confirmed. Poetry slam & live music by the 'Trojans', The Vibronics, Jah Free, + MC Richi Rootz, 7619 (duo), Solar Quest, Kotchie Banton + the Up Front Band, + Julian + the Amanzi Project (diasporic & traditional african drumming, dance & poetry). Coordinated by Debs Elemental. Poets for Pot programme online + poems including 'John Sinclair' poem song by John Lennon.

* HEMP EXPO - Hemp related stalls, exhibits, hands on arts and crafts workshops, speakers & music + 'Hemp Cinema' showing films all day including footage from the march & festival. Speakers include: Sue Riddleston (Bio Regional Development Group) on Hemp as a Bio Regional Resource. Dereck Bielby (Hemp Union) taking about processing the seed into oil and cosmetics and the stalk into a variety of products including fabric, plastic and fibre board. Tania Lowry (Mother Hemp) discussing 'FIN314' the hemp seed which is claimed to have superior nutritional qualities but is not recognised by the UK Government (only 7 varieties are). Steve Rowan (Hemp Garden) on the benefits of using hemp lotions and potions to heal the body and feed the skin. Paul Dean (Hemp Union Foods) on nutritional uses of hemp seeds and oil in the diet. 'Modece Architects' will have a display documenting their work building hemp and lime houses in the Uk. 'House of Hemp' will be showing a wide range of fabrics, from the finest hemp silk mixes to 100% linen and heavy-weight canvas. 'Undercurrents', the award winning alternative news service will be screening video features from the march and festival.

* MEDICAL CANNABIS MARQUEE - medical cannabis related displays by the 'Medical Cannabis Cooperative' and 'Tonys Hemp Corner' with information, medical cannabis clinic, free consultations, exhibits, workshops, speakers.

* STALLS - a wide variety of stalls including food and drink.

Saturday 16th June 2001
Brockwell Park, Brixton, London, England MAP
last updated: Mon 3rd Feb 2003

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