Bluedot 2018 line-up and rumours

Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd July 2018
Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre and Arboretum, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK119DL, England MAP
£169 for the weekend, £59.75 any day
daily capacity: 5000
last updated: Fri 29th Jun 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 21st, Roots(C) Aaliyah Espirit
Sun 22nd, Orbit(C) Acid Mothers Temple
Fri 20th, Orbit(C) Adrian Sherwood
Fri 20th, Lovell Stage(C) Afriquoi
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) Age Of Glass
Fri 20th, Nebula(C) AK/DK
Fri 20th, Lovell Stage(C) Alexis Taylor
Sun 22nd, Mission Control Stage(C) Algorave
Sat 21st, Lovell Stage(C) Amber Arcades
Fri 20th, Orbit(C) Ana Matronic
Sat 21st, Lovell Stage(C) Baloji
Sat 21st, Orbit(C) Banana Hill DJs
Fri 20th, Roots(C) Band On The Wall
Sat 21st, Roots(C) Band On The Wall
Sun 22nd, Roots(C) Band On The Wall
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) Barberos
Fri 20th, Orbit(C) Big Fish Little Fish
Sat 21st, Orbit(C) Big Fish Little Fish
Thu 19th, Lovell Stage(C) Blue Planet In Concert
Sat 21st, Orbit(C) Booka Shade
Sun 22nd, Nebula(C) Boy Azooga
Fri 20th, Mission Control Stage(C) Bugged Out!
day TBC, Contact(C) Cassetteboy
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) Chaouche
Sat 21st, Roots(C) Cold Callers
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) Cosmic Strip
Sun 22nd, Orbit(C) Crazy P
Sun 22nd, Nebula(C) Cruel World
day TBC, Contact(C) David O'Doherty
Sun 22nd, Roots(C) DJ Mayeva
Sun 22nd, Nebula(C) Drahla
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) Driftbox
Fri 20th, Orbit(C) Dub Pistols
Sun 22nd, Roots(C) El Condor
Fri 20th, Roots(C) Electronic Empires
Thu 19th, Roots(C) Ella Janes
Sat 21st, Roots(C) Ella Janes
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) Fehm
Sun 22nd, Nebula(C) Future Get Down
Sat 21st, Lovell Stage(C) Future Islands
Fri 20th, Nebula(C) Fwar
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) Game_Program
Sat 21st, Lovell Stage(C) Gary Numan
Sun 22nd, Orbit(C) George FitzGerald
Sat 21st, Orbit(C) Gilles Peterson
Fri 20th, Nebula(C) Gymnast
Sat 21st, Mission Control Stage(C) Helena Hauff
Sun 22nd, Nebula(C) Hello Cosmos
Sun 22nd, Nebula(C) Henge
Fri 20th, Mission Control Stage(C) Holly Lester
Sat 21st, Orbit(C) Hookworms
Sun 22nd, unknown stage (music)(C) Human After All (A Tribute To Daft Punk)
Sun 22nd, Nebula(C) Husky Loops
Thu 19th, Roots(C) Izzie Walsh
Sat 21st, Roots(C) Jerome Thomas
day TBC, Contact(C) Jess Fostekew
Fri 20th, Mission Control Stage(C) Joy Orbison
Fri 20th, Orbit(C) JP Huzzle
Sun 22nd, Nebula(C) JW Ridley
Sun 22nd, Nebula(C) JW Ridley
Sat 21st, Mission Control Stage(C) Kerouac
Sat 21st, unknown stage (music)(C) Lamb
Sat 21st, Roots(C) Lao Ra
day TBC, unknown stage (music)(C) Late Night Tales DJs
Thu 19th, Lovell Stage(C) Laura Misch
Sat 21st, Roots(C) Lauran Hibbard
Fri 20th, Mission Control Stage(C) Lemmy Ashton
Sat 21st, Lovell Stage(C) Little Cub
Sun 22nd, Lovell Stage(C) Little Dragon
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) Look Mum No Computer
Sun 22nd, Lovell Stage(C) Lost Horizons
Fri 20th, Orbit(C) Mad Professor
Sat 21st, Roots(C) Mali Hayes
Thu 19th, Roots(C) Matthew Whitaker
Fri 20th, Nebula(C) Meteor Musik
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) Nabihah Iqbal
Sat 21st, Lovell Stage(C) Nadine Shah
Sun 22nd, Nebula(C) Night Flowers
Fri 20th, Mission Control Stage(C) Not Waving (live)
Sun 22nd, Nebula(C) Outliers
Sun 22nd, Roots(C) PapaSam Alafia
Sun 22nd, Lovell Stage(C) Park Hotel
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) Pearl City
Sun 22nd, Nebula(C) Pink Kink
Fri 20th, Lovell Stage(C) Plastic Mermaids
Fri 20th, Lovell Stage(C) Public Service Broadcasting
Fri 20th, Nebula(C) Raikes Parade
Sat 21st, Mission Control Stage(C) Ralph Lawson
Sun 22nd, Mission Control Stage(C) Re-TROS
Fri 20th, Nebula(C) Rhain
day TBC, Contact(C) Rob Kemp
Fri 20th, Roots(C) Robbie Cavanagh
day TBC, Contact(C) Robin Ince
Sun 22nd, Mission Control Stage(C) Science in the House
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) Shunya
day TBC, Contact(C) Simon Munnery
Sat 21st, Roots(C) Skeltr
Sun 22nd, Orbit(C) Slowdive
Sun 22nd, Nebula(C) Snapped Ankles
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) Space Cassette DJs
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) Speakman Sound
Fri 20th, Nebula(C) Tallsaint
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) Talos 400
Sun 22nd, Lovell Stage(C) The Chemical Brothers (live)
Fri 20th, Lovell Stage(C) The Flaming Lips
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) The Long Now
Sun 22nd, Orbit(C) The Orb
Sat 21st, Lovell Stage(C) The Radiophonic Workshop
Sat 21st, Orbit(C) Thomas Ragsdale
Sat 21st, Roots(C) Tiana Major9
Fri 20th, Lovell Stage(C) To Kill A King
Fri 20th, Nebula(C) Tobi Sunmola
Fri 20th, Nebula(C) Tom Rogerson
day TBC, unknown stage (music)(C) Tomorrow We Sail
Fri 20th, Orbit(C) UNKLE
Sun 22nd, Lovell Stage(C) Vessels
Fri 20th, Nebula(C) Vide0
Sun 22nd, Lovell Stage(C) Warm Digits
Sat 21st, Nebula(C) Warmduscher
day TBC, unknown stage (music)(C) Will Tramp

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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