Black Deer Festival 2018 line-up and rumours

Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th June 2018
Eridge Park, Eridge Green, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN3 9JT, England MAP
£150 with camping, £125 without camping
last updated: Wed 27th Jun 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sun 24th, The Roadhouse(C) 1403
Sun 24th, The Roadhouse(C) Alexander McKay
Sat 23rd, Main Stage(C) Ashley Campbell
Sat 23rd, The Roadhouse(C) Bad Day Blues Band
Sat 23rd, Haley's Bar(C) Ben Danaher
Sat 23rd, Haley's Bar(C) Ben Smith and Jimmy Brewer
Sun 24th, The Roadhouse(C) Benjamin William Pike
Sat 23rd, Haley's Bar(C) Bennett Wilson & Poole
Sat 23rd, Supajam Stage(C) Black Water County
Fri 22nd, The Roadhouse(C) Broken Bones Matilda
Fri 22nd, The Ridge(C) Broken Witt Rebels
Sun 24th, Supajam Stage(C) Carousel
Fri 22nd, The Ridge(C) Catherine McGrath
Fri 22nd, Supajam Stage(C) Cattle & Cane
Sun 24th, The Ridge(C) CC Smugglers
Sun 24th, Haley's Bar(C) Colin Macleod
Sun 24th, Haley's Bar(C) Dan Clews
Sat 23rd, Supajam Stage(C) Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band
Sat 23rd, The Roadhouse(C) Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band
Fri 22nd, Supajam Stage(C) Danni Nicholls
Sun 24th, The Ridge(C) Elles Bailey
Sat 23rd, The Ridge(C) Eric Bibb
Sun 24th, The Ridge(C) Ginger Wildheart
Sun 24th, Supajam Stage(C) Holy Moly & the Crackers
Fri 22nd, Haley's Bar(C) Ilona
Sat 23rd, Main Stage(C) Iron And Wine
Sun 24th, Haley's Bar(C) Jamie Freeman
Sat 23rd, The Ridge(C) Jarrod Dickenson
Sat 23rd, Haley's Bar(C) Jarrod Dickenson
Fri 22nd, Haley's Bar(C) Jay Scott
Sun 24th, Haley's Bar(C) Jeannine Barry
Sun 24th, Supajam Stage(C) Jess and The Bandits
Sat 23rd, Main Stage(C) John Moreland
Sat 23rd, The Roadhouse(C) Johnny Cage & the Voodoogroove
Sat 23rd, The Roadhouse(C) Josh Okeefe
Sun 24th, Main Stage(C) Juanita Stein
Sun 24th, The Ridge(C) Kate Ellis
Sun 24th, Supajam Stage(C) Katy Hurt
Fri 22nd, The Ridge(C) Key West
Sat 23rd, Main Stage(C) Kiefer Sutherland
Sat 23rd, Supajam Stage(C) Laura Oakes
Fri 22nd, The Roadhouse(C) Lauren Housley
Sun 24th, Supajam Stage(C) Lew Thomas
Sat 23rd, Haley's Bar(C) Lieutenant Leek
Sun 24th, The Roadhouse(C) Lo Chief
Sat 23rd, The Ridge(C) Lost Hollow
Sat 23rd, Haley's Bar(C) Lost Hollow
Fri 22nd, The Roadhouse(C) Marc O'Reilly
Sat 23rd, Supajam Stage(C) Michael Baker
Sat 23rd, Supajam Stage(C) Mike Wilton
Sun 24th, Haley's Bar(C) My Fine Companions
Sat 23rd, Supajam Stage(C) Nine Miles South
Fri 22nd, Supajam Stage(C) Noble Jacks
Fri 22nd, Haley's Bar(C) Noble Jacks
Sun 24th, The Ridge(C) O&O
Sun 24th, Main Stage(C) Passenger
Sat 23rd, The Ridge(C) Rev Sekou
Sun 24th, Haley's Bar(C) Robbie Cavanagh
Fri 22nd, Haley's Bar(C) Robert Vincent
Sun 24th, Main Stage(C) Sam Palladio
Fri 22nd, The Ridge(C) Sarah Darling
Fri 22nd, Supajam Stage(C) Sonia Leigh
Sat 23rd, The Roadhouse(C) Sonia Leigh
Sun 24th, The Roadhouse(C) Steak
Sun 24th, Haley's Bar(C) Steamtown
Sat 23rd, The Roadhouse(C) Steve Young
Fri 22nd, The Ridge(C) Striking Matches
Sun 24th, The Ridge(C) Stu Larsen
Fri 22nd, Supajam Stage(C) Tally Spear
Sat 23rd, The Ridge(C) The Adelaides
Sun 24th, Main Stage(C) The Americans
Fri 22nd, Haley's Bar(C) The Curse of Lono
Sun 24th, The Roadhouse(C) The Eskies
Sun 24th, The Roadhouse(C) The Graveltones
Sat 23rd, Haley's Bar(C) The Orange Circus Band
Fri 22nd, The Roadhouse(C) The Outlaw Orchestra
Sat 23rd, Main Stage(C) The Paul Dunton Orchestra
Fri 22nd, The Roadhouse(C) The Picturebooks
Sat 23rd, The Ridge(C) The Sheepdogs
Sat 23rd, Haley's Bar(C) The Sheepdogs
Fri 22nd, The Ridge(C) The Wandering Hearts
Sun 24th, The Ridge(C) The Webb Sisters
Sun 24th, Haley's Bar(C) Treetop Flyers
Sat 23rd, Supajam Stage(C) Up, Down, Go Machine
Fri 22nd, Haley's Bar(C) Wallis Bird
Sat 23rd, Main Stage(C) Ward Thomas
Fri 22nd, The Roadhouse(C) Warsaw Radio
Sat 23rd, The Ridge(C) Whiskey Shivers
Sun 24th, Supajam Stage(C) Wildwood Kin
Sun 24th, Main Stage(C) William The Conqueror

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