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last album photo added: Tue 23rd Jun 2009

all photos 147 photos

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around the festival site (Friday) 10 photos
around the festival site (Saturday) 6 photos
around the festival site (Sunday) 8 photos
The Ceilidh 3 photos

performer galleries

Adrian Edmondson And The Bad Shepherds 6 photos
Babel 7 photos
Baskery 3 photos
Billy Bragg 3 photos
David Wyatt 4 photos
Edward II 9 photos
Eliza Carthy Band 8 photos
Ella Edmondson 4 photos
Jersey Budd 6 photos
Kathryn Tickell Band 5 photos
Levellers 8 photos
Liz Green 5 photos
Lucy Day Band 3 photos
Norcsalordie 3 photos
Otis Gibbs 5 photos
Oysterband 9 photos
Peatbog Faeries 5 photos
Rosie Doonan 1 photos
Spiro 2 photos
The Blues Demons 4 photos
The Ragtime Jug Orchestra 5 photos
The Shee 7 photos
Wes Finch and the Dirty Band 4 photos
Will Kaufman 4 photos

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