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published: Fri 26th Oct 2012

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Lost Children

The festival asks parents to write their mobile numbers on their children's wristbands on entry to the festival, just in case they get separated from their child. The site is very compact, so this is not hugely likely. However, with so many tents from theatre, and circus, to arts, rides, and crafts, children can get misplaced. As the children's area is a big open space there is a possibility they can wander off to look at something else, such as the street theatre which can generate big crowds. Lost children are always taken to the Lost Kids area which is located near the Main Arena, and missing adults or children announcements are also made from the stages, should the need arise.

First Aid

There is a First Aid tent located next to the children's area between the main stage, and the Big Top. There are also wandering medical staff on site, and both main stages often have medical staff in attendence.

Cash Points

There are cash points located on the track to the right of the main stage as you look at it, and children's area between the main stage, and the Big Top.

Hot Showers

Both campsites, and the live in area have hot shower blocks, they are not very expensive, and very reasonable (50p) for washing mucky children off. There are often long queues for them in the mornings, and early evenings, and it's probably best to wait until the demand has died down during the afternoon.

Lost Property

Any lost property is handed in to the information Point which is located close to the children's area between the main stage, and the Big Top, beside the road which takes festival goers to family/quiet camping. After the festival all lost property is taken to the local police station.


There are toilets a plenty both in the campsites, and in the main arenas, it's worth noting that if there's a long queue for one block of toilets, there's usually another block a short walk away that are unattended. There are also urinals available housed in large green trucks by the main stages. All the toilets are regularly cleaned and stocked, and well lit at night.

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festival information by: Scott Williams

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