Bearded Theory 2009 line-up and rumours

Friday 15th to Sunday 17th May 2009
Bradley Nook Farm, Hulland Ward, Ashbourne, Derbyshire , England MAP
£45 for a weekend ticket, day tickets £20/under 16s £10/under 5s £5
daily capacity: 1500
last updated: Sat 16th May 2009

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 16th, Campfire Stage(C) 3 Daft Monkeys
day TBC, Campfire Stage(C) Andy Robinson
Sat 16th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Angels Alibi
Fri 15th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Attila the Stockbroker
Fri 15th, Dance Space(C) Avant Garde
Sun 17th, Dance Space(C) Barclay
Fri 15th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Bemis
Sun 17th, Dance Space(C) Bez23
Fri 15th, Dance Space(C) Bob Kickflip
Sun 17th, Dance Space(C) Cheryl Technomedic
Sun 17th, Dance Space(C) CosmoNaughty
Sun 17th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Crane Brothers
Sun 17th, unknown stage(C) Dan Donnelly
Sun 17th, Dance Space(C)
Fri 15th, Greenfairy Stage(C) DJ Bayer
Fri 15th, Dance Space(C) Dreadzone Sound System
Fri 15th, Dance Space(C) Dyframix
Sun 17th, Greenfairy Stage(C) East of Ealing
Sat 16th, Dance Space(C) Ed Tangent (DJ)
Sun 17th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Eddie And The Hot Rods
day TBC, Campfire Stage(C) Eskimo Fires
day TBC, Campfire Stage(C) Ferocious Dog
Fri 15th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Gally's Folly
Sun 17th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Goldblade
Sat 16th, Dance Space(C) Green Nuns of the Revolution
Fri 15th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Hawkwind
Sun 17th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs
Fri 15th, Dance Space(C) Honky Dub
day TBC, Campfire Stage(C) Ian Scarbro
day TBC, Campfire Stage(C) Isy Suttie
day TBC, Campfire Stage(C) Jealous of Girls
Sat 16th, Dance Space(C) Jody Brown
Sat 16th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Justin Sullivan & Dean White
Sun 17th, Dance Space(C) Kate Technodolly
Sat 16th, Dance Space(C) Lunar Seed
Sat 16th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Mad Dog Mcrea
Sat 16th, Dance Space(C) Mad Mick (DJ)
Sat 16th, Greenfairy Stage(C) McDermott's 2 Hours
Sun 17th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Monkeyrush
Fri 15th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Mr B
Fri 15th, Dance Space(C) Nanook
day TBC, Campfire Stage(C) Neotopia
Sun 17th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Neville Staple
Sun 17th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Patchwork Grace
Fri 15th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Please Y Self
Sat 16th, Dance Space(C) Prognosis
day TBC, Campfire Stage(C) Ragatti String Band
day TBC, Campfire Stage(C) Rory McLeod
day TBC, unknown stage(TBC) Silverfall
Sat 16th, Dance Space(C) Skyhighatrist
Sun 17th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Smoke Like A Fish
Fri 15th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Stockholm Syndrome
Sat 16th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Subgiant
Sun 17th, Dance Space(C) Sunfish
Fri 15th, Greenfairy Stage(C) TallSarah
Sat 16th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Tarantism
Fri 15th, Dance Space(C) Techno Hippy
Sun 17th, Dance Space(C) Tetchi
Fri 15th, Greenfairy Stage(C) The Beetroot Kings
Sat 16th, unknown stage(C) The Boot Hill All Stars
Sat 16th, Greenfairy Stage(C) The Hedgerow Crawlers
Sun 17th, Greenfairy Stage(C) The Hitchcock Rules
day TBC, Campfire Stage(C) The Jam Jars
day TBC, Campfire Stage(C) The Re-entrants
day TBC, Campfire Stage(C) The Roseville Band
Sat 16th, Greenfairy Stage(C) The Saw Doctors
Fri 15th, Greenfairy Stage(C) The True Deceivers
day TBC, Campfire Stage(C) Tiny Tin Lady
Sat 16th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Tofu Love Frogs
Sat 16th, Dance Space(C) Wayne Psybase
Fri 15th, Dance Space(C) Zetan Spore
Fri 15th, Greenfairy Stage(C) Zombie Met Girl

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