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3 Daft Monkeys

published: Thu 29th May 2008

3 Daft Monkeys

Saturday 17th May 2008
near Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England MAP
£12 - SOLD OUT
last updated: Wed 2nd Jan 2008

eFestivals managed to have a quick word with 3 Daft Monkeys at Bearded Theory Festival in May 2008.

(Question directed at Tim Ashton)
What do you think of the Festival so far?
Monkey Tim: I don't know, we've literally just arrived so you're better off asking me in an hour or two instead.

Okay, but can I ask what made you want to do Bearded Theory?
Monkey Tim: Well we played at Rich's birthday party last year and so we're happy to do this too.

Tim Ashton

So how did he manage to book the likes of 3 Daft Monkeys for his birthday party?
Monkey Tim: He just came up to us and asked us in a drunken stupor, and in a drunken stupor we said yes.

I was at your gig at Camden Dingwalls and I sensed a bit of a frosty atmosphere before you got into swing of things. Would you agree?
Monkey Tim: I can't say really, we don't really play London that much.

From the look of your newsletter it looks like you're gonna be busy.
Monkey Tim: Yeah, we played Bideford last night, and just came up here today, we're off somewhere else tomorrow, in Scotland next week...

Wow, I have to say you are one of the hardest working bands on the festival circuit.
Monkey Tim: This isn't hard work.

Seriously though, (and directed at their Sound Manager) you guys do a long festival season like last year and then straight into a tour past October November time.
Monkey Tim: Yeah, but its part of the fun.

(Question directed at Athene Roberts) I've received the latest email newsletter so where else will you be playing this summer, and Glastonbury?
Monkey Athene: We're doing Croissant Neuf at 2:30pm on the Saturday and late Friday night in The Bimble Inn.

Athene Roberts

Brilliant news, I'll be there...
Monkey Athene: Just keep an eye on the website; we've just had it updated.

Last year at Beautiful Days; no disrespect to Fishbone; but for me it was great to see you on the main stage when they had to cancel.
Monkey Athene: Yes Beautiful Days was amazing and probably our best show of last year.

You seem to get a big following from Levellers' Fans.
Monkey Athene: The Levellers have been great to us, and the fans too, they seem to pop up everywhere we go.

As well as Beautiful Days I managed to see both bands live for the Beautiful Nights show at Brixton Academy.
Monkey Athene: Yes Brixton was lovely to do and of course we're playing with them again.

Okay guys, I'm mind of your time, thanks a lot for talking to me and good luck with the show.
3 Daft Monkeys

interview by: Paul O'Neill

Saturday 17th May 2008
near Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England MAP
£12 - SOLD OUT
last updated: Wed 2nd Jan 2008

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