ArcTanGent Festival 2018 line-up and rumours

Thursday 16th to Saturday 18th August 2018
Fernhill Farm, Cheddar Road, Compton Martin, Somerset, BS40 6LD, England MAP
2-day £81; 3-day £99
daily capacity: 5000
last updated: Wed 1st Aug 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 18th, Arc(C) Alcest
Thu 16th, Yohkai(C) Alpha Male Tea Party
Fri 17th, Arc(C) Anathema
Sat 18th, Yohkai(C) Arcane Roots
Fri 17th, Yohkai(C) Astralia
Sat 18th, Yohkai(C) Bad Sign
Fri 17th, Bixler(C) Bearfoot Beware
Fri 17th, PX3(C) Black Futures
Sat 18th, Yohkai(C) Black Peaks
Fri 17th, Yohkai(C) Blanket
Fri 17th, PX3(C) Blueneck
Thu 16th, PX3(C) Body Hound
Thu 16th, Yohkai(C) Boss Keloid
Thu 16th, PX3(C) Bossk
Thu 16th, PX3(C) Cassels
Fri 17th, PX3(C) Codices
Sat 18th, PX3(C) Coldbones
Fri 17th, Bixler(C) Conjurer
Sat 18th, Bixler(C) Death and the Penguin
Thu 16th, Yohkai(C) Delta Sleep
Thu 16th, Arc(C) Foxing
Thu 16th, Silent Disco(C) Gallops
Fri 17th, Arc(C) Glassjaw
Fri 17th, Bixler(C) God Mother
Sat 18th, Bixler(C) Gug
Thu 16th, PX3(C) Gulfer
Fri 17th, Bixler(C) Halo Tora
Sat 18th, Arc(C) Hey Colossus
Sat 18th, Bixler(C) Ilenkus
Thu 16th, Yohkai(C) Jamie Lenman
Sat 18th, Arc(C) Jean Jean
Fri 17th, PX3(C) Jo Quail
Thu 16th, Yohkai(C) La Dispute
Sat 18th, Yohkai(C) La Jungle
Fri 17th, Yohkai(C) Leprous
Fri 17th, Bixler(C) Modern Rituals
Sat 18th, PX3(C) mol
Sat 18th, Yohkai(C) Mouse on the Keys
Fri 17th, PX3(C) Mr Marcaille
Fri 17th, Yohkai(C) Mugstar
Sat 18th, Arc(C) Myrkur
Fri 17th, PX3(C) Natalie Evans
Thu 16th, Yohkai(C) OHHMS
Sat 18th, Yohkai(C) Only Echoes Remain
Fri 17th, Yohkai(C) Orchards
Sat 18th, Bixler(C) Part Chimp
Fri 17th, Arc(C) Pelican
Sat 18th, Arc(C) Plini
Fri 17th, Arc(C) Poly-Math
Thu 16th, Yohkai(C) Rolo Tomassi
Sat 18th, PX3(C) Scalping
Sat 18th, Arc(C) Shellac
Sat 18th, PX3(C) Soeur
Fri 17th, Arc(C) Space Blood
Fri 17th, Bixler(C) Strobes
Thu 16th, PX3(C) Svalbard
Fri 17th, Arc(C) Talons
Thu 16th, PX3(C) Tangled Hair
Sat 18th, Yohkai(C) Telepathy
Sat 18th, PX3(C) The Guru Guru
Fri 17th, Bixler(C) Tides of Man
Fri 17th, Yohkai(C) Tides Of Nebula
Sat 18th, PX3(C) Toska
Sat 18th, Arc(C) Trigger Thumb
Sat 18th, Bixler(C) Vasquez
Fri 17th, Arc(C) Vennart
Sat 18th, PX3(C) VLMV
Fri 17th, PX3(C) Wren
Fri 17th, Yohkai(C) Zeal & Ardor

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