2000trees Festival 2024 Line-up And Rumours

2000trees Festival 2024 - 2000Trees
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2000trees Festival 2024

Wednesday 10th to Saturday 13th July 2024
Upcote Farm, Withington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 4BL, England MAP
3 Day Tickets £50 off
Daily capacity: 10,000
Last updated: Mon 3rd Jun 2024

(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour
(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour

Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) 68
Sat 13th, Forest(C) Affection to Rent
Thu 11th, Forest(C) Alt Blk Era
Sat 13th, Forest(C) Amigo the Devil
Sat 13th, Forest(C) Andi's Chamber
Sat 13th, The Cave(C) Angel Du$t
Thu 11th, The Cave(C) Arson
Fri 12th, Neu(C) Artio
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) As December Falls
Fri 12th, The Axiom(C) Bears In Trees
Thu 11th, The Cave(C) Better Lovers
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) Bex
Thu 11th, Neu(C) Blank Atlas
Fri 12th, Forest(C) Blanket
Fri 12th, The Cave(C) Blood Command
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) Bob Vylan
Fri 12th, Forest(C) Bobby Wolfgang
Thu 11th, The Axiom(C) Boston Manor
Sat 13th, Neu(C) Bowen
Fri 12th, Neu(C) Buds.
Fri 12th, The Cave(C) Burner
Wed 10th, Word(C) Carsick
Thu 11th, The Cave(C) Caskets
Thu 11th, Main Stage(C) Cassyette
Sat 13th, The Cave(C) Cauldron
Thu 11th, Main Stage(C) Cherym
Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) Cleopatrick
Fri 12th, Neu(C) Clt Drp
Fri 12th, Forest(C) Cold Years
Thu 11th, Forest(C) Cora
Fri 12th, The Axiom(C) Cosmic Psychos
Thu 11th, Forest(C) Crae Wolf
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) Crawlers
Sat 13th, The Axiom(C) Creeper
Fri 12th, The Cave(C) Cruelty
Thu 11th, Main Stage(C) Dead Pony
Sat 13th, The Axiom(C) Death From Above 1979
Thu 11th, The Axiom(C) Death Lens
Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) Don Broco
Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) Dune Rats
Fri 12th, Forest(C) Eighty Eight Miles
Sat 13th, Neu(C) Ekkstacy
Fri 12th, The Cave(C) Empire State Bastard
Wed 10th, Word(C) Enola Gay
Thu 11th, The Axiom(C) Enola Gay
Sat 13th, The Cave(C) Every Hell
Fri 12th, The Cave(C) Fangs Out
Sat 13th, Forest(C) Frank Turner
Wed 10th, Word(C) Frozemode
Thu 11th, Neu(C) Gallus
Sat 13th, The Cave(C) Gouge Away
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) grandson
Fri 12th, Forest(C) grandson
Thu 11th, The Cave(C) Grove Street
Sat 13th, Forest(C) Harpy
Sat 13th, The Cave(C) HAWXX
Thu 11th, Forest(C) Heart of Gold
Fri 12th, Forest(C) High Regard
Sat 13th, Neu(C) Holy Wars
Fri 12th, The Axiom(C) Hot Milk
Thu 11th, The Axiom(C) Hot Mulligan
Fri 12th, Neu(C) IDestroy
Sat 13th, The Axiom(C) Indoor Pets
Sat 13th, The Cave(C) Inhuman Nature
Sat 13th, Forest(C) Interlaker
Sat 13th, The Axiom(C) Into It Over It
Fri 12th, Forest(C) Katie Malco
Sat 13th, Forest(C) Kid Bookie
Thu 11th, Forest(C) Kid Brunswick
Thu 11th, Main Stage(C) Kids in Glass Houses
Fri 12th, The Axiom(C) King Nun
Wed 10th, Word(C) Kite Thief
Thu 11th, The Cave(C) Knife Bride
Thu 11th, The Axiom(C) Knives
Fri 12th, Forest(C) Lauran Hibberd
Thu 11th, Forest(C) Liam Cromby
Sat 13th, The Cave(C) Lonely The Brave
Thu 11th, Forest(C) Los Campesinos!
Fri 12th, Neu(C) Lovebreakers
Thu 11th, Forest(C) M/X
Thu 11th, Main Stage(C) Manchester Orchestra
Thu 11th, Neu(C) Meryl Streek
Sat 13th, The Axiom(C) Michael Cera Palin
Fri 12th, The Cave(C) Midasuno
Sat 13th, Neu(C) Mould
Fri 12th, The Axiom(C) Mouth Culture
Thu 11th, The Cave(C) Movements
Thu 11th, Neu(C) Naked Lungs
Sat 13th, Forest(C) Nate Bergman
Thu 11th, The Cave(C) Negative Frame
Sat 13th, Forest(C) Noah and the Loners
Thu 11th, Neu(C) NOBRO
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) Nova Twins
Thu 11th, Forest(C) Oceanless
Fri 12th, Neu(C) Other Half
Thu 11th, The Cave(C) Overpower
Fri 12th, The Cave(C) Palm Reader
Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) Panic Shack
Sat 13th, Neu(C) Peach
Sat 13th, The Cave(C) Pizzatramp
Sat 13th, The Axiom(C) Press Club
Fri 12th, Neu(C) Problem Patterns
Fri 12th, Neu(C) Ramkot
Sat 13th, Forest(C) Roe Kapara
Sat 13th, Forest(C) safesp8ce
Thu 11th, Forest(C) Sean McGowan
Thu 11th, Neu(C) Shelf Lives
Thu 11th, The Axiom(C) Shooting Daggers
Fri 12th, The Cave(C) Single Mothers
Sat 13th, Forest(C) Skinny Lister
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) Slotface
Sat 13th, The Axiom(C) Snake Eyes
Thu 11th, Main Stage(C) Snayx
Thu 11th, The Axiom(C) Spanish Love Songs
Thu 11th, Forest(C) Spanish Love Songs
Sat 13th, Neu(C) Split Chain
Thu 11th, Main Stage(C) Static Dress
Sat 13th, Neu(C) Swear Blind
Fri 12th, The Axiom(C) Sweet Pill
Thu 11th, Forest(C) Tba
Fri 12th, Forest(C) Tba
Sat 13th, Neu(C) Tba
Sat 13th, The Axiom(C) Teenage Wrist
Wed 10th, Word(C) The 900
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) The Chats
Wed 10th, Word(C) The Computers
Thu 11th, Main Stage(C) The Gaslight Anthem
Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) The Meffs
Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) The Mysterines
Sat 13th, Neu(C) The Nightmares
Thu 11th, Main Stage(C) The Oozes
Thu 11th, Neu(C) The Pale White
Fri 12th, Forest(C) The Redroom
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) The Rumjacks
Fri 12th, Forest(C) The Rumjacks
Thu 11th, The Axiom(C) The Sleeping Souls
Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) The Xcerts
Sat 13th, Forest(C) Thrill Collins
Fri 12th, Forest(C) Thumpasaurus
Thu 11th, Forest(C) Tigress
Sat 13th, Forest(C) Tokyo Toy Company
Fri 12th, The Axiom(C) Tropic Gold
Fri 12th, The Axiom(C) Turnover
Fri 12th, The Cave(C) Unpeople
Thu 11th, The Cave(C) Vower
Sat 13th, The Cave(C) Wargasm
Fri 12th, Forest(C) Wooden Dog
Thu 11th, Forest(C) Yoga
Fri 12th, Forest(C) Yoga
Sat 13th, Forest(C) Yoga
Fri 12th, Neu(C) Zetra
Thu 11th, Forest(C) Zion x Siobhan

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