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Yoghurt on a Stick

Equinox Festival - Anybody been?

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14 minutes ago, BlackHole2006 said:

Thanks a lot for this Yog. Answered all my questions and then some.

Sounds like a lovely little festival - don't really mind that the stages shut at 2am, I'm not that much of a late night partier at Glasto but as long as I have a couple of hours after the main bands have finished then I'm happy. I'm thinking I'm going to to Bearded, Boomtown then this one. Me & my mates are also planning on doing an all inclusive holiday somewhere in Spain when Glastonbury is usually on (I know it sounds horrendously tacky but a week slobbing about in the sun with beers will be great). 

Have you ever thought about going to Bearded Theory? It's a great festival, sounds like it a has a similar vibe to Equinox in the sense that it's very laid back and cheap. In fact they do a payment plan, meaning that you pay £40.00 now then £20.00 in monthly instalments next year. 

Hello BlackHole2006,

I nearly got to Bearded Theory a few years ago. By which, I mean that I bought two adult tickets and a campervan tickets to go there, but never actually got there. The reason that I didn't get there was because I had hired a castle four the four days preceeding the festival, where four people can stay, without any staff or restrictions such as not smoking. I'd booked the castle about two years before, so couldn't get out of the deal. Then the idea to go to Bearded entered my mind two years after and I booked it, not realizing about the castle booking. To cut a long story short, I blew my head off in the castle with some high grade artillery. When me and my wife got back home, we were in no shape to go on any further. This was a great shame, not because we missed Bearded so much, but that it didn't allow us enough time to pass the tickets on free to someone.

One of my friends went to Bearded this year and said that he had a great time, and thoroughly recommended me to go to it. 

By the way, I don't know what festivals you have been to, but (obviously) Glastonbury is large, as is Boomtown - well, in relation to Bearded, and even more so in the case of Equinox. I actually prefer smaller festivals now and think that Bearded is the biggest that I'll go to - if I ever get there!

By the way, there's nothing wrong with an AI holiday in Spain with your mates, in my book. I've had some noticeably good times in Benidorm, with friends. 

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