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Victorious Festival 2018

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Tommy101    235
On 15/09/2017 at 10:48 AM, seanz25 said:

Also add that childrens tickets are now only ages 5 - 12 - Used to be right up until about 15/16. Global making some big changes.

I think it's pissed up 15/16 year olds that caused most of the grief in the past few years. This could be a strategy to curtail that somewhat? (I'm sure added profitability isn't seen as a draw back).

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luckysalt    214

When you look at the amount of teenagers there this past year, they would be absolutely STUPID to not change the price of teenagers tickets, I would have done the same. 

These aren't here as families travelling to the festival, these are all the local teenagers all going in huge groups getting pissed up. 

You think this target group will be put off if the price is £8 or £25, they will still go, this is the iphone generation, they don't care about cost, if its local and theres ONE act they like they'll go and it will all be about my mates are going so I HAVE to go. 

Clever move by Global and its not to curb the unruly teenagers, its to milk them dry.

I just hope that they don't plan to target the teenagers as their main target audience, for me, I would have Common Stage as older acts and the Castle Stage as the stage for the teens, seperate them and let it be, you can't turn away the teenager customer, they will be there wanting to spend but you can't let it takeover the festival, so seperating the core audience up is the best way to go for me, after all they get rid of the adults and their goes their bar sales, there needs to be more of a security presence within the festival next year, but I highly doubt there will be.

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