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First Bestival:lol: Wondering how much money people take?

It's been a long while since I've been to an arena/campsite festival (Used to Glasto's free and easy policy!) Thinking maybe £75-£100 a day? More? Less?

I won't be taking any food with me & will have a couple of drinks before going into the arena.... don't want to have to worry about money at all and would rather take too much than have to budget towards the end....

Recommendations? I assume food/ drink prices are on par with other festivals i.e. fiver a drink/ £8-10 meals?

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Hey Brightyoungthing :bye:

I can't really remember much of the pricing from last year but nothing felt over priced so I'd say on s par with most other festivals  (apart from Latitude, bloody hell it seemed much more expensive this year)

We don't tend to get many drinks in the arena because I'm a bit precious about what I drink :D we had some beaut frozen cocktails last year and I'm sure even they were reasonably priced... we paid £20 For 2 cocktails in Blixen at Latitude this year and these frozen ones were nowhere near that expensive!

Food wise Anna Mae's were there last year and you can't go wrong with £7 For a tub of gooey mac & cheese.  Also we had a ridiculously good Katsu curry meal that was under a tenner. 

We always take more spends than we need but we do have the joy of a campervan so my 1st coffees of the day are free, then I'm ready to stagger out to find a decent barista made coffe... yeah I loves my coffee :)


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