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Latitude Festival 2017

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41 minutes ago, GETOFFAMYLAWN said:

Latitude is the tamest festival I've ever been to, and the only one where I've been asked if I'm selling drugs or know anybody who is. Always seems to be sheepish teenagers doing it, and most of them have asked me for a lighter first and then kind of mumbled into "by the by, would you perhaps...". I think it's a by-product of the festival being tame that a lot of these naive kids go along for their first festival and want to try something. Little do they know that I haven't the constitution to handle much of anything stronger than a double espresso.

I just laughed at the guy as if to say "here, really", although it's definitely crept in as there was a few groups I saw this year def on it 

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On 25/07/2017 at 3:15 PM, eFestivals said:

I speculated that it might be, yup.

I know that Latitude was benefitting directly and indirectly from Arts Council funding in the past, and i know Arts Council funding has been cut, so it's quite possible that's impacted on Latitude.

A friend of mine has been heavily involved in the arty side of Latitude for years. He had to massively reduce his crew numbers this year due to budget cuts.

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