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kingcrawler    253

Well that was fantastic. Based on Dublin and Edinburgh it seems like the first night is more older tracks and the second the big hitters from the recent albums.

I was happy with that set tonight, would have preferred a couple more from Alligator and especially Boxer but hard to be overly fussy when they have so many great songs. Was great to finally hear Wasp Nest live though, that, Bloodbuzz and Nobody Else Will Be There were my highlights. I also loved how buzzing Aaron was during his solo on The System, he just seemed so proud of himself and was having the time of his life.

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Fred Zepplin    20

Loving the new album and guilty party is becoming my favourite ever national song, Matts voice on it sounds beautiful. I know a lot of people don't like turtleneck but my let down song on the album is I'll still destroy you. The song seems all over the place and the sounds in the background don't work for me, it sounds like a ringtone. Going to see them Monday hoping for All the wine, Karen and lit up

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Yeah great gig last night, was hoping for a Start a War when they whipped out the acoustic for the encore but Fake Empire, Conversation 16 and Pink Rabbits were all brilliant.

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dirty_dog    118
10 hours ago, When Jokers Attack said:

Glad I went last night, much better setlist than tonight IMO.  Gutted I didn't get Dark Side Of The Gym though


September 21, 2017 || Edinburgh, UK

Nobody Else Will Be There
The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
Walk It Back
Don’t Swallow the Cap
Sea of Love
Empire Line
I Need My Girl
This is the Last Time
I’ll Still Destroy You
Conversation 16
Bloodbuzz Ohio
Guilty Party
Dark Side of the Gym
Day I Die
Sleep Well Beast
Fake Empire
Wasp Nest
Pink Rabbits
Mr. November
Terrible Love

that lineup is immense, Conversation 16 is my favourite and Iive not seen them play it live before

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