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There are no results to display.

Found 34 results

  1. Hi, not sure if I'm posting this in the right forum. I'm going over to Madrid to the Mad Cool Festival for the Thursday. The 3 day tickets have sold out so I'm going to buy a Thursday ticket, may skip Friday and then probably go on Sunday. I was wondering if it's easy enough to buy ticket of touts while you're out there? Are there many about? I don't how I'll feel at the time... At my age 2 days is enough to ruin me for a couple of weeks! Thanks for any advice
  2. Hi, not sure if I'm posting this in the right forum. I'm going over to Madrid to the Mad Cool Festival for the Thursday. The 3 day tickets have sold out so I'm going to buy a Thursday ticket, may skip Friday and then probably go on Sunday. I was wondering if it's easy enough to buy ticket of touts while you're out there? Are there many about? I don't how I'll feel at the time... At my age 2 days is enough to ruin me for a couple of weeks! Thanks for any advice

    Hi Everyone, I NEED YOUR HELP! If you have a spare few minutes, please fill out this survey concentrating on V fest attendees! https://goo.gl/forms/X8ofTnSfYtreWZOb2
  4. Please help support this site by buying your tickets to Leeds 2018 here: http://www.awin1.com/cread.php?awinmid=3589&awinaffid=83985&clickref=&p=https%3A%2F%2Fleeds-festival.frontgatetickets.com%2F
  5. Please help support this site by buying your tickets to Reading 2018 here: http://www.awin1.com/cread.php?awinmid=3589&awinaffid=83985&clickref=&p=https%3A%2F%2Freading-festival.frontgatetickets.com%2F
  6. Please buy your tickets to Reading or Leeds through this link and help support this site: http://www.awin1.com/cread.php?awinmid=3589&awinaffid=83985&clickref=&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ticketmaster.co.uk%2Freadingandleeds%3Fspotlight_ren_od%3D1%26tm_link%3Dtm_homeA_4_f1
  7. Hi everyone, Has anyone on here got any Leeds Festival tickets for sale? or VIP tickets ? for weekend or just Sunday? Thanks
  8. I have 2 x Weekend tickets (Fri, Sat & Sun) that I can no longer use due to a change in plans. They cost me £205.00 each (£410 total) and I'm looking to sell them for no less than £180 each (£360 total). Can arrange a pick up of the tickets as I have the physical paper tickets, but will need to be in Hampshire as that's where I live. As a side note, I also have a hotel booked for Friday and Saturday night. It's the Holiday Inn, Reading - South. Got a Double room for 2 people with breakfast and would sell this for £250 if anyone interested. Reply to this thread and we can arrange whatever necessary.
  9. Guest tickets pickup need ID?

    Hello, I've been lucky enough to be given some Guest camping tickets for Leeds fest. They're etickets from ticketmaster that have been printed off with the compulsory donation already paid for. The tickets are not in my name and I won't be going with the friend who gave them to me. Will I need ID to get in to the festival or will they not question the name? I'm starting to worry! Thank you!
  10. My ticket has not arrived and been returned to the sender (Ticketmaster, all the way in fucking Manchester). I am going on the 23rd as i have early entrance, is there any chance that if i supply all the evidence that i have bought the ticket (confirmation emails, Ticketmaster app, reference no. , purchase card etc) that i would be given entrance? I need to some help as the Ticketmaster helpline has been very unhelpful. Cheers.
  11. Unfortunately I can't attend the festival anymore and need to sell my ticket I was looking at the official option to do that (Twickets) and it doesn't seem like a very good deal to the buyer, with them charging 10% on top of the ticket value, which is £18 if I list it at face value! If that turns out to be my only option then I'll probably just list it cheaper, but I was wondering what the likelihood of someone being asked for ID/proof of purchase on the gate was if I sold it on Gumtree or something instead, or even just to a friend? Cheers!
  12. It's my first time going to reading festival and as I left it till this week to buy a ticket, I was forced to resort to gumtree to buy one, it arrived today and seems genuine but I'm worried I won't get let in without proof of purchase? If anyone could answer my question it would be a big help thanks.
  13. Hi, I have 3 Adult weekend Tickets for 2017 Bestival, but due to plans not coming together I'll be unable to attend. Tickets are for sale at the the low price of £150 Each! I am also open to offers. If you're interested in purchasing, please feel free to contact me: Email: phillipLEWIS111@yahoo.com Text: 07903428910 Insta: @PhillBlanks
  14. Hi, I am selling only the 2017 villacamp ticket, on its own, without the gigs pass. It is only one, 91€, just what I paid. I cannot go anymore but enjoy it for me!
  15. Hi 2 x 4 day Benicassim tickets with villacamp and 1 easytent/glamping tent for sale. Need to sell today to change names..
  16. Hello, Please contact me if you're selling Benicassim tickets with camping. Looking to buy 3 tickets. Message me or leave a message below and I'll get back to you. Kind regards, Chris
  17. 18 tickets for 2018

    Hi, could anyone tell me when the tickets come out for 2018. I know there is early bird tickets go on sale straight after this years festival but when do the next batch go on sale. I was thinking it was January at some point? Also I need to buy 18 tickets as it's for a hen do, do you know how many you can buy at a time? I was thinking 6 so would need 3 people top buy tickets??? Any advice would be great as this is our first time at this festival
  18. Hey I'm selling 3 tickets for this weekend, will sell for £100 each but am open to offers. Message me for more details! Me and my friend are going but we have 3 spare tickets up for grabs!
  19. I have two 4 day tickets + camping for sale, face value was €100, they're cuttenly on sale at €149, i'm looking for £100 each. Please PM me if you're interested!
  20. Swap West to East campervan ticket

    Hi all Need to swap West to East campervan ticket all me friends are on the east side Please hope someone can help
  21. WOMAD EarlyBirds Tix for sale

    Sadly I have learnt that my partener and I will not be able to attend WOMAD this year 2017. Its beyond my control, and means I'm looking to re-sell our EarlyBird Tickets along with a set of La di La Loo passes. Im not looking to make anything on the deal so the tickets are £145 each and the LaDiDa's are £25 each. They are standard 3 day camping tickets. If you'd like em please get in touch picklestom@hotmail.com or reply to this post with a contact.. Cheers :-)
  22. Don't give up hope!!!!

    For anyone that wasn't successful today Please don't give up hope. Last year I managed to fail in every attempt I took to get tickets (Main sale, resale, working, secret sales) and two days before the festival won tickets. try again Sunday, and if you're not successful: keep an eye out for competitions (there will be ones from guardian, EE, local newspapers, BBC radio and here to come), in the next few weeks some of the working options will list last minute places for drop outs (oxfam etc) as well. Also get Neil's page checker and keep and eye out for the secret sale. You will get there just don't give up hope
  23. Ticket Briefing

    Hi, I wrote this little briefing email for the general resale (with the help of some efest peeps). It could be useful if you're getting newbies to get tickets for you in either the coach or general resale. Feel free to copy and paste if it's useful. (If anyone spots any glaring errors in this, please let me know!) If you're using this for the coach sale, ensure you change the date and time at the top. Good luck everyone, whether you're trying tonight or Sunday. -- The sale starts at 9am on Sunday morning (23rd April) I suggest going online a few minutes before, getting the website ready etc. Please use 2-3 different browsers if possible to ensure we’re hitting the site from all angles. Please also copy the post code & registration numbers above into a wordpad so you can rapidly copy & paste them into the booking fields. (Sorry I know this is a pain but will help with the speed!) Before 9am, the website will say something about registration being closed and general admission tickets going on sale at 9am. This is the link to website: http://glastonbury.seetickets.com Once we hit 8:59am, start refreshing by pressing F5. Let the page load each time before pressing F5 again but if it hangs for 30 seconds then press F5 to reload. You'll be held at the holding page which will say something about a 20 second countdown until the page is automatically refreshed. Do not wait 20 seconds! Manually refresh yourself by pressing F5. Keep on refreshing, probably about once a second. What is happening is that you are being held in the holding bay as only a small number of people can buy tickets at any one time. As soon as someone completes their purchase, a slot opens, so if you F5 at that exact moment, you get given that slot and can buy tickets. So, if you make it past the holding page, the next screen will ask you to input all the personal details. It will ask for the lead booker first and here you need to my details. You only need my registration number and postcode. Once you've entered my details as lead booker, you need to add the rest of us, 3 more people in total. Again for each person you only need to add registration number and postcode. When you hit proceed to go to the next page, you will be asked for card details. Once you enter the card details, if the page freezes, do not hit refresh, just hit back! This catches people out every year. Finally you click buy tickets and you should see the confirmation screen. Take a photo of this screen in case of any issues in the future!
  24. Hello, Unable to go so selling our day tickets for face value ONO. Thanks, Leigh
  25. Hospitality Tickets

    Hi, just wondering do hospitality tickets have your photos on like the GA tickets?