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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 3 results

  1. A Tent Question?

    Anyone ever encountered a biodegradable tent at a festival in the past, I've seen a few projects floating around the net and some on the horizon, one that could be low budget as a well as a satisfactory tent, just wondered what people here thought of them, especially with Glastonbury's love the farm, leave no trace and links to greenpeace, green fields etc. Also is there a good tent out there that can stay cooler that bit longer in the daytime or sunlight so it's possible to get that extra bit of sleep when it's quiet in the mornings.
  2. Virtual Reality

    As part of a graphic design project we are creating a virtual reality version of Glastonbury. The reasoning for this is to tackle the issues that surround the environment, ticket distribution, overall experience, accommodation and health safety. Queues will be a thing of the past along with loosing your belongings, getting ditched by your lift or over doing the drink (or any other substance). Our VR festival will be a new entry point of experience for new fans that are coherent with modern technology and old fans that wish to re-live their experiences. We want to use this project to explore the possibilities of a festival of the future, but still remain true to the essence of Glastonbury. What do you all think? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Why? Thank you, Chomsky
  3. The Green Gathering 2017

    The Green Gathering will be back in its gorgeous location, just 18 miles from Bristol, 3rd-6th August 2017. New website launched today www.greengathering.org.uk with EARLYBIRD TICKETS £85 from Bristol Ticket Shop until they run out. Just a few acts announced so far - its early days - One Eyed God (punk-ska-reggae), BAAB (Swedish folk with a difference), The Antipoet (cabaret-meets-poetry-meets-punk/folk), Banjo Bill Lloyd (Appalachian, Bluegrass, Irish, and Traveller tunes), Creedy (psychedelic folk) and The Wierdstring Band (a whole lot of strings, humour and an 'anarchist ceilidh'). The Green Gathering usually has a good and eclectic selection of bands across intimate and outdoor stages; and a whole lot of other stuff too. More workshops, debates, crafts, and interesting stuff to engage with than most festivals except the real biggies like Glastonbury... all in a 5000-person festival that's easy to get around and about as friendly and laid back as anyone could hope for. With reasonably priced bars, really good food, loads for families to do, spacious campsites... it's good.

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