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  1. Sooo, been too Leeds back in 2016, Biffy Clyro and Red Hot Chili Peppers we’re insane. Really wanting to go back this year but just wondering if anyone has any information on to as why the lineup is taking so f**king long to be announced? Don’t they usually have a few announcements out by now?
  2. Hey guys, This is a project i am completing for my final year project as part of my course (Product Design) and any help would be gratefully appreciated I would like to invite you to complete my questionnaire on the topic "To re-design a mobile unit for traders to use at events and festivals that uses 100% renewable energy to power the unit." Questionnaire for Punters https://goo.gl/forms/7HRUHQ27Bfkf06eZ2 Questionnaire for Traders https://goo.gl/forms/H3uOQZ11x0qykUir1 Feel free to leave comments with any other information you may wish to share. Also comment if any problems Many Thanks
  3. Reading Festival 2017 Vlog

    Decided on going to Reading Festival this year with my friends, it was our first time going to Reading Festival so I decide to bring you guys along with me to see what we got up to. Link:
  4. Hello!! Due to not so organised friends it appears I'm going to Reading festival alone, is there anyone else in the same boat as me??? Or a thread Im not aware of. Travelling from Wales and have Early Bird tickets!
  5. Hi, I bought the Reading Festival tickets with an early entry pass. I'm moving overseas and won't be able to go so if anyone wants to go, i can sell it to you and also change the delivery of ticket to your place as i'm moving out of the place i originally am supposed to deliver to. So i will change the address on ticketmaster (where i bought the ticket) to your place and you'll be able to go and enjoy reading! Message me for the prices. i am offering a lower price.
  6. So I am stoked for my first reading festival, massive eminem fan so he is my main reason for going this year. I've been let down by the people I was going with who now can't go and have sold tickets. I'm still really keen to go, and probably will even alone. But, if there's anyone else out there who have been let down and wanna share a camp, let me know and if you're not super weird maybe we can arrange something. I have a weekend ticket, Early entry and parking.
  7. Do I need to take ID to get into reading?
  8. What needs to happen should have happened long time ago... we see it when the litter pick comes each year and most of the rubbish is NOT recycle... its dumped in a land fill... its ALL about profit... 11 people died in glastonbury - accidentally or from drug overdoes in 2013-2014... BUT what we are NOT talking about is ... where are the counter terrorist experts - the under cover people who train staff? - they dont exist. why? because its ALL ABOUT PROFIT... and they dont do anything to safeguard lives until they absolutely have to. GOD forbid anything happens during this summer season... but we need to be prepared to combat islamic terrorism - with everything we have got. come ms beavis...er eavis..whatever... put your hand in your pocket and reassure us that you are actually going to do something ... show us youre not all about the money... http://paulrobindenton.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/manchester-attack-what-uk-govt-needs-to.html
  9. Festival season is almost here again, and it’s important to stay safe while having fun. In 2015, it was estimated that one in every 500 festivalgoers were victims of crime. People looking to enjoy a summer enjoying live music and an exciting community atmosphere also need to be aware of the security risks. Fuad Zain, Centre Owner of First Security Training, shares some top tips to keep you safe throughout the festival season. 1. Find out where the security are. People tend to behave better when they think they’re being watched. If you pitch your tent near to where security staff are posted, it is likely to remain safer. You’ll also be safe in the knowledge that if any trouble does start, the security won’t be too far away to come to your aid. 2. Find out where the medical tent is. In an emergency, you’ll be glad to get there quickly. Make sure you know exactly where to get help if you or one of your party is injured. If in doubt, you can ask security, and they’ll help you find the medical team. Many security staff also have first aid training, so may be able to help too. 3. Drug Awareness. Festivals are a hotspot for drugs. Last year, three deaths at Leeds Festival and T in the Park were linked to drug use, and a number of assaults have been linked to drink spiking. Some festivals, such as Leeds and Reading, have announced they will have a drug-testing tent, to ensure the safety of festivalgoers. If you suspect you or a friend has been spiked, you should seek help from the first aid tent or a member of security immediately. 4. Stick to busy areas of the festival. Safety in numbers is key here. Avoid the lonely, secluded spots, as this is a prime spot for criminals. Someone on their own is a much easier target than someone surrounded by people, however… 5. Be conscious of pickpockets, busy areas are great for these guys. Try not to carry too much money in one place about your person. Also, a great tip is to pick up an old mobile and leave your smartphone at home. Not only will it be less desirable for thieves but the battery will last forever. 6. Watch what you drink. Drunk people are far easier to take advantage of. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a festival heatwave, but beware, the heat can make any alcohol go straight to your head. Of course you should have fun, but make sure you or one of your group is looking out for danger. If you feel that anything is getting out of control, go straight to security for help. 7. Check your car is locked. If you’re driving to the festival, be aware if you lock your car using a key fob. Thieves are increasingly using signal jammers to prevent doors from locking when the fob is pressed, and the owner leaves the car open, allowing the thief to break in easily and steal any valuables. If you spot anything suspicious when parking your car, report it to festival security. 8. Find out what facilities are available. Larger festivals, such as Glastonbury, have free lock ups where you can store your valuables. Also, many festivals have an area for charging your phone, which is an absolute essential if you or one of your group go missing. 9. Tag your property. Go retro and channel your school days by marking up your property with your name and postcode. This will make your items easier to identify if they’re handed in at the Lost Property booth. Festivals like Glastonbury have UV pens you can borrow, if you want to secretly secure your stuff. 10. Make plans with your friends. Not everyone has the same taste in music or entertainment, but make sure you and your group arrange to meet regularly to make sure everyone is safe. If you have any concerns about the safety of any of your party, speak to a member of the security team
  10. Festival research

    Hi there, as part of my university course, I am creating a product which aims to lower the level of theft at festivals. If you could spare a moment to complete my survey, I would be very grateful. Thanks! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/TPQGSQR
  11. Hello, Reading - 2017 I was just quickly wondering if the names on the ticket for Reading are going to be an issue? I bought my Ticket through Ticketmaster which means the card details used are from my Dad, thus meaning his name should be on my ticket. The customer name is in his name as he bought my Ticket for me. Is this going to be an issue? I dont want to get there and find out I cant get in due to it not being in my name! - P.S the ticket is getting delivered and I am not collecting it Thanks.
  12. My sound like a stupid question as price may not change But with more lineup coming out next week when's the best time to buy tickets Not been before but wandered if I need to rush to get tickets before this lineup came out
  13. Hey I'm new to this forum but I'd like to get your opinion on who you'd want to be in the line-up and who you'd think will be in the lineup. Id say Green Day and Foo fighters will headline but I'm unsure on the 3rd band that will headline. I'd love them 2 bands to as well. Even though I'd doubt they would headline, Violent Soho would be good in the main stage at some point as well
  14. Hi there, My friend and I are going to Reading for the day on Saturday. We were looking at getting the train back but know its going to be a bit tight to make the last trains. We wondered if anyone is driving back and might have space in the car? Or getting a taxi back and wanted to share the costs? I live SE London and my friend is NW but we are happy to get dropped anywhere (within ubers reaches) and uber the rest of the way. Thanks!
  15. Reading and Leeds 2014 #1

    From the album Reading Posters

    Fake poster for Reading and Leeds 2014. Made 15/01/2014
  16. Poop Truck

    From the album Reading 2012