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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

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    Hi Everyone, I NEED YOUR HELP! If you have a spare few minutes, please fill out this survey concentrating on V fest attendees! https://goo.gl/forms/X8ofTnSfYtreWZOb2
  2. Glastonbury Games

    Not sure if anyone had started a thread like this before, but wondered if anyone played any specific games at Glastonbury when they're with their friends. Here's a couple that my friends and me use while we're drinking or generally chilling out. Normally during the day when we're chilling out we play Shithead or a version of Wizard but without the joker cards. For drinking - we play a game where we nominate a singer/band/artist and if you can get three song titles by said artist in to the conversation without your mates/bar staff/security staff noticing then they can nominate someone to buy/do a shot. If anyone is caught drinking with their right hand, you can shout "Buffalo" and that person has to drink half of their drink. If someone sneezes or coughs and they don't celebrate it (like a footballer/wrestler/NFL player celebration or something) then they have to drink half of their drink. You guys do anything similar or have any other fun ideas to share?
  3. Quick Survey for festival goers

    Hello Glastonbury lovers ! If you have already attended a festival (Hopefully you did because you would be missing out if you didn't) and are over 18 years old, could please fill out a quick and simple survey? It concerns a sensitive topic such as substance use, more details are provided in the consent form. This research is 100% anonymous and purely academic. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSddzl4qBIaNk3cZ54utMtsJ6s3D5W3z1ZEffhmAwyWGcfsAEA/viewform?c=0&w=1 Thank you for your participation ! See you all at Glastonbury 2017 hopefully!
  4. HELLO FESTIVAL GOERS, If you have ever been to a festival and over 18 years old please complete this survey. It concerns substance use at festival thus might be sensitive for some, more informations are provided in the consent form. https://goo.gl/forms/qAi32tBtusXfsafz2

    EROICA BRITANNIA 16 - 18 JUNE 2017, FRIDEN GRANGE, PEAK DISTRICT NATIONAL PARK Join us in June for one of the most talked about events in the cycling and festival calendars. Stay over and make a five star weekend of it as we present a world class festival line up including Main Stage headliners, legendary platinum selling 80's icons ABC and Norman Jay MBE. Go down in history and sign up to 'The World's Most Handsome Bike Ride' departing the Festival on Sunday 18th June 2017. Kids under 12 go FREE! WWW.EROICABRITANNIA.CO.UK Prices The Ride Ride Place: £65. Includes Rider Registration goodie bag, all food and drink on Ride Day and 3-day entry to The Festival. Ride Place Concession: £45. Includes Rider Registration goodie bag, all food and drink on Ride Day and 3-day entry to The Festival. The Festival Festival Tickets: £30 for a 3-day pass. £20 for a 1 day pass. Kids under 12yrs go free Accommodation Homefields Camping: 1 NIGHT FREE - arrive on Thursday 15th June. Tent camping for 4 nights for up to 4 people per tent £70. Motorhome pitch for 4 nights £100. Caravan pitch for 4 nights £100. Includes hot showers and full campsite facilities The Grove Boutique Camping: Luxurious and convenient including all the essentials including hairdryers, G&Ts, wi-fi. reception and porter service, bike storage and goody bag. Prices start from £165 for 2 sharing. Tickets can be purchased from www.eroicabritannia.co.uk
  6. V Festival 2014 Hurt/Heal Game

    In preparation for tomorrows announcement I am creating this thread for the V Festival 2014 hurt heal game. I will edit this second post and put the acts in there, but I will include rules here in the first post. Anyone who sees this and wants to suggest a rule change can do before the announcement of acts tomorrow at 8pm. Last year's game was pretty fun at times, so lets see what this years turns out like. Here we go: RULES: All acts start with 50 points 10 points to use per account each day Max of 5 points per act each day These points can be added or subtracted from any act Put your changes in BOLD and with brackets ie Passenger 55 (+5) so we can easily see the changes Once an act reaches 0, put a line through them and they will be deleted hopefully by the person after you Copy and paste the scores from the comment above you If two people post at the same time, one person should edit their scores to incorporate the first persons scores Last act remaining is the winner Everyone that played last year pretty much knows how to play, the step by step rules are more for new people. Hopefully I covered everything, can anyone else think of anything that should be added or changed?

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