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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 2 results

  1. Making your tent as comfy as possible.

    The past two years I've roughed it in a big way at Glastonbury, so this year I'm hoping to make things a bit comfier/better with the following 10 ideas that I've seen on eFests over the years. Comment if you have other ideas for making the camping experience a bit better/easier/comfier. Plastic shoe-rack (the kind you hang on the back of a door) clipped with clamps to the pocket on the inside of the tent for storage of small things like keys, toiletries, drinks, sunglasses etc. (Saving you time trying to find stuff in your tent). Small plastic bucket, soap and wash-cloth to have tent-washes and avoid the mega q's for showers. Wide-neck Lenor bottle for middle of the night wee (girls may want to bring a shewee for a better aim!) Freezing a box of wine and storing this in a cooler bag to keep all my drinks cold and have lovely chilled wine for a day or two. Fluffy/furry blanket to put on-top of blow-up mattress for warmth. Tesco value pillow, comes pre-rolled in plastic for easy transportation (better than using your clothes as a pillow...) Pack of s-hooks to hang things up inside the tent. Solar lights for inside the tent. Eye mask & ear plugs for noise/light cancellation. Plenty black bin bags to keep on top of rubbish around the tent and for dirty clothes. I appreciate this list won't be for everyone and some of you would rather bring the basics, but thought some of the ideas were worth sharing.
  2. Quick Survey for festival goers

    Hello Glastonbury lovers ! If you have already attended a festival (Hopefully you did because you would be missing out if you didn't) and are over 18 years old, could please fill out a quick and simple survey? It concerns a sensitive topic such as substance use, more details are provided in the consent form. This research is 100% anonymous and purely academic. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSddzl4qBIaNk3cZ54utMtsJ6s3D5W3z1ZEffhmAwyWGcfsAEA/viewform?c=0&w=1 Thank you for your participation ! See you all at Glastonbury 2017 hopefully!

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