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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 2 results

  1. CV ticket transfer

    The CV ticket system with a printed name is still new and hasn't been tested fully due to the weather havoc last year, so they may change the rules on use and transfer. For info this year on transferring, I rang See this week and was advised that I should email glastonbury@seetickets.com giving the CV ticket reference and the registration details and names of me and my cousin (I have the ticket, and want to transfer to him in case I now can't go, and we are in the same ticket group). I was also told that I should give explicit authority in the email for the fee to be taken off the card used to pay for the ticket, but not to supply card details within the email. So far, so good. However, to give hope to anyone who is arriving in a van before the CV ticket holder, I've received an email saying the tickets are being printed and can't now be transferred, but if I take the booking emails for both the festival ticket sale and the CV ticket sale, they would let me in. Now, I'm backing that up by printing this See email with that information in, but if you are in the same ticket group, this should work for you too without the additional See confirmation. Edit - take the CV ticket too, obvs.
  2. Taking a Baby to the Farm

    Good morning campers... My daughter will be nearly nine months in June and we have been let down by pretty much all of our babysitting options. We live in Shepton and were going to come and go in to the festival a fair bit but this could be difficult if the weather isn't great and the roads are busy. Another option we are toying with is to try and get a camper van ticket and stay in the van. We both prefer camping and being in the thick of it but this wouldn't be fair on the little one. How easy is it to come and go with a little one from the camper field? I've walked out that way a few times and it doesn't seem that far to walk. Also are there plenty of toilets out in the camper van fields? Have a great weekend folks....