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  1. Radio X

    I was toying with KC as my Glasto alternative. Pleased I waited for the announcement. Entirely predictable and underwhelming. Not a single act that I haven't either seen many times or where I thought "hell yeah!". Indie landfill. I'm oot.
  2. Suggest a good flag slogan

  3. Glastonbury evolves

    Didn't see it this year but washing your hair at a tap. Death Someone needs to rethink Silver Hayes and that area, it's dreadful soulless and never busy other than with people going somewhere else. Oh and the monorail needs a lick of paint, shabby frankly.
  4. Nile Rodgers

    Just seen he has had another cancer scare but it sounds like it has been caught in time to be quickly and safely removed. I'd love to see Chic back if not in 19 for 2020 so get well soon Nile and personally I think he/they would be a great headliner
  5. One Love @ Glastonbury

    But then neither is Pilton!
  6. Paloma faith

    There was a well documented experiment recently. A little girl and a little boy were dressed in clothing of the opposite gender and then adults engaged with them in play. The adults uniformly played with the child dressed as a boy by presenting "him" with construction toys and perhaps playing "catch" they played with the boy dressed as a girl with dolls and make believe. It is not kids that have a gender problem, it is adults. I don't believe that Ms Faith is conducting any kind of "social experiment", merely trying to enable her child to grow up feeling loved and supported. You may for example, have noticed the number of children who follow their parents into either creative, caring or scientific roles in society. I don't for one moment believe this a genetic predisposition to that kind of role, it is learned. What else are our children learning from us? It seems they are learning to follow gender appropriate roles. Perhaps the greatest engineer ever to be born has become a single mum working in a call centre twenty hours a week (nothing wrong with this work in itself but you don't want the next IK Brunel cold calling to flog drainage insurance do you?) Limiting our children limits us.
  7. Tom Petty

    Really sad news RIP I never saw him live but I was in the same building whilst he was playing... Many moons ago I went to see Nils Lofgren playing solo at the City Hall in Newcastle, as was my want I eschewed the support act in favour of a couple of pints in the bar downstairs. It wasn't until about a year ago chatting with a mate who had been at the same gig did I learn that Tom Petty was the support act. D'oh! Nowadays I never miss a support act as the lure of beer has diminished over the intervening years.
  8. Trouble at mill

    He's so annoyed that he went home, took a course on computer use, bought a computer, registered an account on here and finally three months later he's here to tell us about it. Welcome to the board. Tory troll.
  9. Last night i watched Jools Holland........... and

    Really? You should have said something
  10. Undercard Yet To Play Glastonbury

    They will have played in 2024. Love a bit of Duckworth Lewis
  11. The site in the sun yesterday!

    Thanks for posting.
  12. A little ramble

    Humbling post. (I appear to have something in my eye, I'll just be a moment)
  13. Glastocam!

    Has Pennards been ploughed? Part of the "recovery process"?
  14. Acts you don't "get"

    Bob Dylan - wrote many a fine song, never sang one.
  15. Old Music Thread

    Those of us who saw Steve Hillage join The Beat may enjoy this Not a Hillage composition but a personal favourite and just look at those flares (and no danger of personal injury, please note). Remember kids, the Turin Shroud is NOT an old Steve Hillage t-shirt