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  1. Michael Eavis and his social housing project

    funny how the other one vanished - I should have mentioned I am a retired University Lecturer in Computer Science and was into Mainframe Computers before the World Wide Web was even invented in 1989. banging out a website is easy but steering people to that site is very difficult. so we can chat by PM before you register any domain name - will explain more when I have some time.
  2. Entrance

    but if you look under terms and conditions this is what it says https://reading-festival.frontgatetickets.com/event/vc3g4tc04l0o9jde AGE POLICY a) No unaccompanied under 16’s are allowed on site. Under 16’s must be accompanied by a ticket holder over 18. c) Under 13’s (12 yrs and under) are admitted free, but must be accompanied by a paying ticket-holder over 18 at all times. Wristbands, to write a mobile number on for children 12 and under in case they get lost or separated from their guardian, will be available from the wristband exchanges, arena entrances & welfare points. ------------ its just your luck but if it does happen ' things can get very complicated ' One of my Team had her 15 year old daughter with her but on one day she had to work but arranged for some Adults to look after her. Now we don't know what happened because we we working in the Crew Camp but somehow her daughter got separated so she tried to walk in to the arena on her own and was pulled up. Not only was she not allowed in # they would not let her go # her Mother was called up and was told ' she had to get down to a certain office to pick up her daughter ' its unclear if that is standard policy or its because her Mother was working there.
  3. Michael Eavis and his social housing project

    what a pain - I made sure I sent it ' before posting that post ' anyway have sent a second message - if it does not reach you send a e-mail to wbc.organiser@gmail.com you will understand when I reply. ---------- jumping side ways ' as I do ' - if you are after web hosting check out www.1and1.co.uk - in fact the odds are that at least 50% of the sites you look at are hosted by them Think small - there is no need to spend a fortune but if you want to test the water # look at Facebook Marketplace #
  4. Michael Eavis and his social housing project

    bloody hell - your not having much luck - see PM !!!!
  5. Michael Eavis and his social housing project

    if you look at the shot of the Fire door - that left hand wall is my sitting room { and hall } so when I am on my PC - I am directly behind that wall so its no surprise to me that I can hear it - + beyond that door ' there is only 3 other flats ' so its not as if its in constant use I only mentioned it to ' highlight how quiet inside the flat is ' The three families are mainly adults but one family does have a few kids { as far as I can see well behaved kids } I have met all of them { well the adults } - even although its such a short time ' two of the flats has asked me in for a chat !!! ' so its a very friendly place. the rent splits up like this Basic Rent £104.37 Service Charge £35.22 Heating Charge £10.44 as you have spotted ' its well clean ' - I got the timing just right because ' they have only just replaced the two lifts ' so they are brand spanking new. have no idea how long it took them to replace them. super lifts --------- re ' we got burgled / robbed eight times in one year. ' that is shocking news - Fuck sake where do these people come from ? its difficult enough to run a small enterprise without all this shit. so what are your plans for the future ? so which town ? as I know the River Severn is a bloody long river By the way many of my WBC team come from Birmingham - they are teachers at Birmingham City University the plan was to expand it to include some of the Students but I decided it was not worth the risk. all it takes is a few young idiots being caught stealing and that would be bad news. A shot from last night { some of my WBC friends have been trying to catch the Moon - cant find my tripod to use my digital camera just now so it was a hand held shot using my phone } that is Lee Valley water reservoir in the distance --------- Re ' Happy 65th for this year too. Something tells me that that's not a milestone that I'll reach, but we'll see. ' Well I did not think I would even reach 25 I was 25 the first year I went to Glastonbury { 1979 } - I certainly did not think Glastonbury would still be running now ' and 100% I would never had dreamt I would still be about ' Sure I have slowed down but I don't feel any older + apart from two friends all the others on Our team are Younger ' who fall over themselves to do things for us ' I must have the only team who argue ' when I tell them they don't have to work ' at Latitude 2016 - team of 6 - on the Friday night I had allocated myself and one other to work the last shift - so I was expecting one person to join me ' but 5 showed up ' all telling me ' they wanted to work my shift ' anyway - I came out with a Compromise - 4 would sit and drink and 2 would work and after one hour we would stand down and 2 others do the next hour . Now that is a Team.
  6. Michael Eavis and his social housing project

    sorry to divert from the thread but I am well pleased with my new flat the daft part is the female Landlord knows I work for the WBC and I am always at Glastonbury - and she and her boyfriend run a Business that supplies equipment to festival so she knows the dates. as I always paid her in cash at the end of the Month ' apart from the festival season ' so I would have paid her early ' before Glastonbury ' so she must have knowing I was there. so I cant explain why she put down that date ' but I suspect the document was made up just for the court case ' and the best part is ' she never mentioned a second lease in the application she made to the court - I was sent all those documents and she even ticked a box ' confirming there was only one lease ' it did not make any sense but there was a difference. the real lease was ' renting a Unfurnished flat ' - the forged lease was for a ' furnished flat ' I jumped on that straight away - my lawyer asked them to produce a list of what they claimed was their property - I knew it was all bollocks - they never produced a list. I moved in July 2003 and I did sign the first lease - after the first year she never asked me to sign a second lease - the forged lease was claimed to have been signed in London Saturday 28th of June 2008 - I dug out my Team list for that year - allocation that year was 21 places so I had 20 people who all camped with me who could verify I never left Glastonbury then there was bar full of staff and all the staffing if she had dated the day I paid her the rent then that would have been more difficult but the signature was nothing like my signature. I even produced my Glastonbury pass to the court - the Judge said there would be no need to produce anyone as he was satisfied there was only one lease. The landlords Agent then tried to backtrack by claiming it was a error My lawyers and I were baffled because ' it did not strengthen their case ' One thing I did gain from the Court action was ' everything had to be 100% accurate ' if she made a mistake just by one day - the case would be dropped ' but she then can bring a new section 21 ' so the clock starts again . My Lawyers were keen to get it delayed further but I could not see the point + at that stage I was more concerned they were about to amputate my leg and I was warned that there would be a long recovery period I Knew the court action would reinforce my claim that I was ' unintentionally homeless ' just lucky I did because if we had delayed it by 2/4/6 months I may have not ended up here. What I missed out ' on the day I was Discharged a ambulance drove me to the Homeless unit and I had a ambulance man help me into the Homeless unit ' - so there could be no argument that I had not been in Hospital for nearly 6 weeks - they had been called by the Hospital social work department so they already had a file prepared for me. --------- hallway 42 feet x 3 feet 4 inch { this includes utility room } living room is 15 feet x 10 feet 4 inch bedroom is 11 feet 8 inch x 10 feet 4 inch kitchen is 9 feet 9 inch x 7 feet 4 inch bathroom is 6 feet x 6 feet now to me that is a good size flat thanks for the advice about fire precautions - in the next few months they are fitting a sprinkler system - they have already inspected the Outside so there is no cladding from the lift there is massive fire doors and heat sensors all over the place { and inside as well } Now I am not at all nervous about staying here - if a alarm goes off - I will be down the 9 flights in minuets --------- re your story about the guy with a large machete - it reminds me of a time I was in Manhattan - I know people who live there but they were not due back until the next day so I had to find a cheap Hotel - this was in the 80's - someone said that the ' YMCA ' was not bad - now I cant recall the address but it was near Time Square - Now to get in you have to walk though the Gym - it looked very suspect but as it was only one night I thought what the hell - anyway I was allocated a room - later on I went to a Irish Pub near ' the old ' Madison Square Gardens on Eighth Avenue as I know the bar owner - anyway he also knows my friends so he was surprised they were not there - I explained they were in LA but I would be seeing them the next day - he then asked me where was I staying and I said YMCA near Time Square and as soon as I said that I thought he was going to have a heart attack - it turns out that YMCA had a ' Mad Axeman ' who had ' over a period of time ' chopped though a few Hotel rooms and tried to attack whoever was inside - he offered me a sofa for the night but I knew he does not close until 4am so I said ' don't worry I will be sure he will not get though my door - that night as I got to the room - I double locked the room and pushed the wardrobe against the door. As it happened he did not appear that night ' but he did attack 8 months later ' Now that YMCA was huge - must have had 300 rooms so really I would have to be dead unlucky + I also had to pay the room in advance so No Mad Axeman was going to make me move. --------- its the location that is so handy ' black dots are the two exits ' and blue and red dot is the two bus stops. best room is the kitchen as it has a fitted kitchen { there is three other wall units you cant see } all I had to do was get fitted carpets - I used a local company because they already knew the flats - the owner was able to sketch out to his mate as soon as I said what side I was on ' and it was 100% accurate ' I have never stayed in a high rise - I cant hear anyone above me ' nor the flat next to me - the only thing I do hear is ' when someone walks though the fire door ' but I can live with that. The Metropolitan Trust even asked me if I wanted ' their social worker ' to come in to check how I was but I explained that I can look after myself. I will be 65 this year so the long lease gives me security and as I wont be trying to sub let this flat or beat up neighbours its highly likely they will renew it. just what I need. Hope you are well
  7. Michael Eavis and his social housing project

    Thanks - it was a struggle - I was lucky because people were put off because unlike a Council flat a Housing Trust demands ' 5 weeks rent to be paid on the spot ' { I had to transfer the money over the same day I signed the lease } and there is a weekly service charge for storage heaters and hot water which is £10.44 and its not covered by Housing Benefit - now this charge applies even if I don't use any heating or Hot water - I was lucky as I did have savings so I paid the up front rent and also paid £550 to cover me for a years service charge - without a doubt if there had been no up front money or compulsory service charge there would have been a few hundred after that flat - anyone can look on Home Connections and see how the bids work for your area - flats that have no advance fees get hundreds of bids but my flat only had 22 after it. what they don't make clear is ' if you are classed as Homeless and staying in temporary accommodation and you are offered a property ' if you turn it down for whatever reason ' the Council can ask you to leave temporary accommodation and they will offer no further help - Now that clause is well buried certainly on my Council web site. that clause must catch out a lot of people - the Council did send me a letter but that was posted after I had taken over the lease and that did warn me about ' the one offer clause ' I still cant believe I won - any second now ' I may wake up and discover its a Morphine dream ' { I was being injected with Morphine every two hours for weeks after my last Operation }
  8. Michael Eavis and his social housing project

    it should make sense at the end . now I have only rented in the private sector but you may be interested in this. I was renting from a private Landlord for 14 years - there was no issue over the rent but ' right out the blue ' I was hit with a Section 21 Notice - now I am not going though all the court cases but ' I fought back ' and it delayed things for 18 months - now at one time the Landlord produced a ' second lease ' to the Court At this point ' I cant say why they claimed there was a second lease ' because I knew this was a forgery as I had not signed it - I could prove where I was on the date it was supposed to be signed by me ' and sure as shit I was not in London on that date ' and I had over 200 people willing to back up my claim that I was at Glastonbury . Now its a big puzzle why they even bothered - as it did not give them any advantage and in fact ' this delayed things for them ' The Court tossed the case out due to the second lease as they had to admit ' there had been a administration error and perhaps the second lease was never offered to me ' I thought I had won but they issued a new Section 21 Notice and it all started again. By sods law this all mixed in with my Operations and just to really nail me to the wall the landlord got a eviction date ' while I was in Hospital ' but I then had a lucky break as my Consultant contacted the Social work department within the Hospital and they contacted the homeless unit within Enfield Council. I was declared ' unintentionally homeless ' - I was moved to a temporary studio flat but I then was allowed to bid using ' Home Connections ' and amazingly I won a bid and was offered a Assured Shorthold Tenancy for 6 years { recurring } with Metropolitan Housing Trust its a cracking 1 bedroom flat - red dot is my flat - yes I know it looks Rubbish from the Outside but the inside is far better than the Outside + its connected to a large shopping mall with more shops than you can shake a stick at. On NYE I had a problem with the Hot water { I pay a separate fee for heating which includes Hot water } - called up their emergency line and they sent a Plumber out just before Midnight and he sorted the Problem out. If they had been a Private Landlord I would be still waiting for it to be fixed. So I am in full support of Registered Social Landlords and with any luck I will never have to go back to renting from a Private Landlord. I will be the first to admit that I was incredible lucky to be offered that flat If I had been classed as ' intentionally homeless ' I would have been stuffed even although it was a big hassle fighting the Section 21 Notice I made sure ' the rent was paid up to date ' as that played a big factor as to if the Council was willing to help me. I am glad I don't have a Private Landlord any longer and while they may think they have won seeing they always wanted the rent to be paid in cash - a clear sign they have not told HMRC they are renting - I will be sending proof { as I have all the court documents to prove that I paid them rent for 14+ years } to HMRC and they can jump all over them - No doubt they will claim it was a administration error - HMRC will hit them with penalties { I used to work for the Inland Revenue { now called HMRC } so I know what will happen to them } The more Registered Social Landlords the better and I do hope Michael Eavis and his social housing project gets expanded. if anyone is having problems with a Section 21 Notice please send me a PM as I may be able to give you some tips but for God sake keep paying the rent - Get down to Citizens Advice and they will give you a list of lawyers who deal with Housing matters - these Court cases are a legal minefield.
  9. British Summer Time 2018

    I have worked at various events within Hyde Park { 1 } the layout for one event may be completely different from the layout the very next day. { 2 } in general - ' you get what you pay for ' I have been inside before the gates open and as soon as the so called ' early entry ticket holders ' rush in they do a mad scramble to get to the front only to discover they are blocked off. as others have reported ' these special { expensive } areas tend not to fill up until later. Now you may be willing to spend a extra £10 to be a few feet in front of people who did not buy early entry but if you think that will get you bang up close to the stage you will be disappointed.
  10. University Research Project

    I second that - you have to wonder what happens to them - one second they are here and the next ' they never post again ' - anyway I also filled it in .
  11. Michael Eavis and his social housing project

    rto be honest I had not a clue who John Burns was either - But at the back of the Bread and Roses Pub in Clapham { its owned by BWTUC/WBC } they have a huge painting reflecting the TUC over the years and part of it includes John Burns - which is ironic seeing he was against smoking and drinking - and even more ironic that painting can be clearly seen from # the smoking area # - you will see lots of the same people in this image and the first image at the start - WBC Chairman is at the back with his glasses on his forehead - I first met him 28 years ago - had not a clue who he was - without him the WBC would have sunk years ago.
  12. Michael Eavis and his social housing project

    John Elliot Burns (20 October 1858 – 24 January 1943) was an English trade unionist and politician.In 1892, he was elected as Member of Parliament for Battersea as the candidate of the Battersea Liberal Association every year the Chairman of the WBC holds a # John Burns History walk # around Battersea and Wandsworth. The WBC was set up by Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Union Council so he is held as a local hero by them. I have been to the party after the walk which this year was 22 July 2017.
  13. Michael Eavis and his social housing project

    yes it is good ' they are not built just to make a Profit ' I was at a WBC party on Saturday when I was told about it - although they left out how many were going down - that poor Couple must have been baffled as to who was who. taking into account how many were there I suspect the WBC/BWTUC involvement was far more than stated on the official Glasto statement - I will find out { although it will take me time to do so } the full MDC report can be seen at https://tinyurl.com/y9agmbdu Its in the report ' that all exception sites approved under this policy will be made subject to a planning obligation to ensure that: a) all initial and subsequent occupiers of the affordable dwellings will be eligible local people,in the first instance, and affordable homes secured under the policy are retained in perpetuity for occupation by those in housing need. The Council’s October 2012 ‘Rural Settlement and Role and Function Paper’ reported that there were 759 residents living in 311 households in Pilton. Whilst both Oathill Cottages and the adjacent John Burns Cottages are both affordable housing schemes it is considered that the further 13 affordable dwellings proposed here, in the context of a village of this overall size, would not result in an unbalanced community in terms of a mix of housing types.The Parish Council have queried how the local community will be involved in deciding who occupies the units. The units will however be allocated on the basis of housing need through District Council’s Housing Options team and the well-established Homefinder Somerset system taking account of their local connection. A legal agreement, which the applicant indicates they are willing to enter into, will be necessary to ensure that all initial and subsequent occupiers of the affordable dwellings will be eligible local people, in the first instance, and the affordable homes are retained in perpetuity for occupation by those in housing need.' ------- if you dig down into the documents there is a condition 'The development hereby approved shall not be occupied until the swift nest boxes, sparrow terraces and habitat roosts as specified on drawing 13046/001 Rev. K (Notes) have been installed in accordance with the approved details. The approved boxes, terraces and roosts shall thereafter be permanently retained as such.
  14. Michael Eavis and his social housing project

    Words from Glasto HQ. Earlier today, Michael Eavis welcomed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to Pilton to celebrate the beginning of the final stage of his landmark social housing project. “These are houses for village people to live in and they will never be sold,” says Michael Eavis. “My dream was to have 50 houses available for the Festival’s 50th anniversary in 2020. Today we are one step nearer to making that dream a reality.” The first building project started in 1990 as 10 houses known as ‘Oathills’, the original name of the field. Then, ten years later came the completion of ‘John Burn’s Cottages’, 12 houses funded by Hastoe Housing. The land and the stone were provided free of charge from Worthy Farm, with contributions for dressing the stone from the Workers Beer Company, who provide bars at the Festival. HRH Prince Charles opened John Burn’s Cottages and met the tenants in 2010. Now we have completed another 13 houses, working with the Guinness Partnership and builders EG Carter, known as ‘Maggie’s Farm’. These were visited by David Beckham this year, who planted a walnut tree. Plans are now well ahead to complete the whole scheme with a further 15 houses to make a total of 50, which will coincide with the Festival’s 50th anniversary year, 2020. ------------ Most of the people in the top image is involved with the WBC and/or BWTUC { who formed the WBC over 30 years ago } and the guy on the right { with white beard and white hair } worked in the very first WBC bar at Glastonbury in 1986 and he is still going strong and he is older than me !!! John Burns (20 October 1858 – 24 January 1943) was an English trade unionist and politician and Margaret Bondfield (first woman in the cabinet) and she was a labour MP.
  15. British Summer Time 2018

    I have worked at many events at Hyde park { all sorts of events going back many years } and I was able to wangle a day shift on 1st July 2006 when Roger Waters played check out the set list - First Half: In The Flesh, Mother, Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Southampton Dock, The Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2, Leaving Beirut, Sheep. Second Half: Dark Side of the Moon. ENCORE: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2), Vera, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb. sure the configuration of the arena has changed but I have been there in recent years and its still not bad . now Hyde park is not my favourite venue but ' its not the worst ' sure it will start in daylight and it will not overrun but the screens are very good. if you cant get to a indoor arena show then it may be the best option as I suspect he may not tour again. now I have never been one to rush down to the barrier and certainly where we were standing the sound and visuals were fine . I was in two minds to work it or not but I decided to treat myself by going as a normal Punter. this is how it looked in 2006