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  1. Pink Floyd?

    22 May – LONDON – Liam Gallagher - he is going to go Nuts if he spots me
  2. Finsbury Park VIP tickets

    They build the wall in the same place { although some weekends it may be expanded or contracted } the Gates tend to be in the same place - if you have a VIP pass you can get out ' near Finsbury Park station ' - I have seen events when they allowed normal ticket holders out ' the way they walked in ' { so again its near Finsbury Park station } but if they only open the ' east gate ' that will take you up to Manor House station - although there is a way to follow the wall round heading towards Finsbury Park station but I don't know if they have extra barriers in place - if I was a Punter I would head straight for Harringay Green Lanes as its not as well knowing - I would avoid Finsbury Park tube station { as they are still doing work on it so even if you get in some of the stairs down to the platform are blocked off - that work is not due to end until 2019 - Finsbury Park Tube station is used by over 32 million passengers a year, making it the fourth busiest on the Tube network outside Zone 1 } I have been doing events there since 1989 and they tend not to change things { well the Festival Republic ones { used to be called the Mean Fiddler } although inside the wall they shuffle things about how it looks before the Gates open.
  3. Pink Floyd?

    so should I say ' Snap ' ? I met Noel Gallagher once { very nice guy } - I had a run in with his brother - Liam at some event when he demanded four draft pints ' while we were still setting up ' the back stage bar god knows where as all these events/festivals merge into one. I explained that the bar had no power so its impossible to pour pints and advised him to either have a bottle of beer or wait until the bar officially opened as by then we would have power - he stormed off shouting he would get me sacked - Later on Noel came in to apologise for his brother which I thought was very good of him but I have not seen Liam since that day - clearly he struck me off his Christmas card list. He was with a few other people and I could see that he is not used to be told ' No ' I listed my events just to see how they slot in as normally I am never a Punter at anything and normally its just with the WBC. with Oxfam we had to do things arse about face - as we booked the events Months ago but it was only a few days ago was our application approved - I left it to my team mate to pick them as she is the one who will be doing the driving { it will take another year or so before I will be able to drive again } so its bloody lucky they did not clash with Finsbury Park / Gunnersbury Park - Anyway - I still have to do the trial run to London Stadium - I have never been there since they built Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - what a right pain as its tricky to decide what is and what is not possible when my walking is restricted. My plan is to reach Pudding Mill Lane (DLR) and see how far it is. so Mark I will be in touch with you to arrange things closer to the event.I will be on my own as my Icelandic friends booked Twickenham Stadium instead but there will be 5 of us at Hyde Park. Have you ever been to the London Stadium ?
  4. Finsbury Park VIP tickets

    I know where you are - Harringay Green Lanes is a London Overground Station and its only two stops to Blackhorse Road station { heading east } where you can change onto the Victoria line. its the least used station on the Victoria line so its dead quiet. That road you walked down is called Green Lanes and the traffic is always a right pain in the arse even when there is nothing on at Finsbury park. At Finsbury park bus station { next to the tube station } there is in fact another Bus station once you walk under the rail bridge and that takes you away from Seven Sisters Road but if there is a Punter exit near Manor House tube station then that would be your best bet. http://content.tfl.gov.uk/bus-route-maps/finsbury-park-190816.pdf With having a staff pass I can slip out of any gate but I don't know where the Crowd is sent. I used to park in the crew car park but I knew the shortcuts to avoid Seven Sisters Road and Green Lanes but its now easier just using a bus as I live just down the road.
  5. Finsbury Park VIP tickets

    well that will get you a few drinks - going by the Council its limited to 45k When you leave just dive on a bus - does not matter where its going just as long as it passes a Tube station as the two tube stops near it get hectic and I have seen Finsbury Park Underground Station closed down as they clear the platforms. I am lucky as I will be hanging back until the mob is clear having a drink at the back of the bar and then its a short ride on a bus back to my flat.
  6. Pink Floyd?

    well you never know who may or may not show up - while I love The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking {1984} I find it very difficult to rank it as all his solo stuff is brilliant. I do recall ' where I first heard it ' - I bought the LP and transferred it to tape avoiding hearing it as that would spoil the plan. My friends and went down to Glastonbury 1984 and that is when we played the tape { though a Portable Amp/speaker { that was not all that portable } - it just blew us away helped on as we found a quiet spot to hear it { and yes there was a few spots back then } We should have started selling tickets as more and more people asked us if they could sit and listen so we had a fair old crowd and by the end of it we decided to play the tape again. so we were a less mobile version of # The Flying Patrol Group # { I am sure some will recall them - see https://youtu.be/BjeETfI0Sn8 - they used to walk about at night - just playing } I had planned a quiet year but in the end I have - The Stones { as a punter } - 22/5 Finsbury Park { as a Team Leader ] 29/6 - 30/6 - 1/7 Roger Waters { as a punter } - 6/7 Gunnersbury Park { as a Team Leader } 13/7 - 14/7 - 15/7 Womad { Oxfam Volunteer } - may be 26/7 - 27/7 - 28/7 - 29/7 River Cottage { Oxfam Volunteer } - may be 23/8 - 24/8 - 25/8 - 26/8 unsure about the Oxfam dates as we still don't know when they wish us to show up so if I get though that lot { its not all that much but I am still recovering from a artery bypass and this restricts my mobility } I may even make Glastonbury 2019 { with the WBC } hope you have a great day
  7. Finsbury Park VIP tickets

    turns out I will be there - Finsbury Park 29/6 - 30/6 - 1/7 - god knows where I will be working although I may wangle the back stage bar . so did you buy a VIP ticket ?
  8. Liam Gallagher finsbury park

    29 Years ago was the first year the WBC won the beer contract at Finsbury Park and I was working with them at it and No I cant recall which month it was in 1989 - it may have been May day but I could be wrong - there is only a small handful of us left who was at the first event and who is still with the WBC - The WBC will be running the bars for the whole weekend and I will be there somewhere although we plan to hold a party on one of the nights. I think the last time I saw Oasis at Finsbury Park was in 2002 but just after that I had a run in with Liam at some event when he demanded four draft pints ' while we were still setting up ' I explained that the bar had no power so its impossible to pour pints and advised him to either have a bottle of beer or wait until the bar officially opened as by then we would have power - he stormed off shouting he would get me sacked - Later on Noel Gallagher came in to apologise for his brother which I thought was very good of him but I have not seen Liam since that day - clearly he struck me off his Christmas card list.
  9. Latitude 2018

    these contracts change all the time - so some years they may not have it and then bang - its back on again - I don't have all the figures yet but I know who has them - all it takes is a bit of bad weather and and any potential trading profit is out the window - time will tell as to how it goes.
  10. Latitude 2018

    Sadly the WBC who have had the bar contract since 2006 lost the contract this year to a higher bidder The unique wooden structures that made up many Bars are built each year by the WBC - they don't belong to the Promoter or landowner so that will change this year I have a good idea who is taking over it and I know people who have worked for them and they report the Private Company cuts down their Overheads by employing { although many are unpaid volunteers } less bar Staff which I am sure will wind Melvin right up { who I have knowing for nearly 30 years } and may mean a longer queue . I will be interesting in seeing any feedback as to the service this year and please let me know the prices which I suspect may go up. I am aware that they use a different shift pattern for their volunteers so there may be less happy volunteers than your used to. its been a really nice festival to work at and the Customers have been wonderful - I remember the year when Trading Standards were spotted {Trading Standards check up on how well the bars check for ID} so the call came out ' Check everyone ' - My Team was working in the large bar Outside the arena - just as the call came in I was approached by a group of people ' all clearly over 21 ' so I had to apologise to them that they would have to show ID and amazingly they were all carrying ID - I think the oldest was 43 { or close } - two hours later the call came in to only check people who looked 21 or less - they found it funny and I did as well.
  11. Latitude 2018

    as others have reported ' its a lot less of a slog to reach the campsite ' - now the basic configuration has not changed much since it first started. Two Image - first one was given to me by the landowner in 2011 { hence why its so clear } the other one is from 2016 but not so clear. I had to miss last year as I was in Hospital so I don't know if Security has been tightened but as its a arena event I would imagine that is where they would be checking rather than people getting into the camp site. as my Team work there we always arrive early on the Tuesday so we miss all the traffic from ticket holders but I have not heard any major traffic screws up on the Thursday. Its now my favourite event due to not needing a helicopter to get from stage A to stage B and its less likely to get muddy due to the soil drainage. if you like Fish and Chips drive to Southwold - does not take long and they have 2 main fish and chips shops - you will be able to spot them as they normally have a queue outside - both on the left as you drive to the centre { blink and you will miss it } the first time we went ' we made a mistake ' as we asked a few of the workers and the word spread like wildfire and we ended up with 40 orders of fish suppers !!!
  12. Finsbury Park VIP tickets

    Have never bought VIP Tickets but over the past 29 Years I have worked in the VIP area loads of times for a long list of bands - they use slightly different configurations depending which band is playing - the VIP entrance tends to be at the same spot which is no where near the normal punters so there is certainly less of a queue although I have never seen a Golden circle - did they claim there was a Golden circle ? At some events there is two stages but at others there is only one but the VIP area is normally stage right { as you look at the stage } but the actual back of the stage is fenced off and you need a AAA pass to reach that - the VIP area is not all that large. Sure facilities are better but as to if its worth a extra £30 or so I cant say.
  13. Rolling Stones

    I was expecting those prices - I suspect it will be the last time I see them - By the way although I don't have a clue if I still have it - a few years ago I stumbled on my first ticket to see the Stones - I was with my two older brothers but cant track down the ticket now but it was under 10 shillings {£0.50} in the late 60's - I saw them loads of times - 8 March 1971 Glasgow Green's Playhouse { was renamed the Apollo } ticket price was 14 shillings {£0.70} - dead easy to get tickets then - no need to wait for a bloody code to be sent - { this is not my ticket but sure as shit I would have been there }
  14. Rolling Stones

    someone posted on FB that the site was claiming the pass code was wrong but if you try again ' it works ' - tried it and bought a ticket for 22 May at London Stadium - god knows how I will get there. so just keep trying - yes I know it should be easier but its not
  15. Rolling Stones

    received the link - got though and up came put in pass code I did and it claims its wrong what a Fucking Joke - Fuck it - I don't have anymore time to waste on this

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