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  1. Boomtown 2018

  2. Boomtown Fair 2017

    We arrived about 12 at the family camper van lane. Whilst being held for the gate to open we were comprehensively searched by security. Had the dog sniff the car and enter the caravan for a good sniff. It was more a case of being a captive audience than being targeted for us. We finally got in just before 1.30 I think. We started in the queue on the road about 1130 so couple of hours all totalled. Not bad. In fact brilliant compared to the stories on Facebook we've been told about. Heres to Toots and a few beers sat on the slope tomorrow.
  3. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Info for those who have not been before and arriving by camper to Orange gate. The local signs from M3 are directing you around a few country lanes to approach the entrance from the East ( from Petersfield to Winchester ) it's only about 10 mins extra but for those coming from the South East of the country it may influence your route. Same goes for Red Gate. From M3 you will be directed along A31 all the way to New Alresford then back on yourself to queue for the car park. Again this is normally just under 10 min detour without the chaos of Jct 9 and 10. Havent been on the road for a bit, so unsure of roadworks and also depending on travel time, however I would ponder using A3 from M25 to Guildford and picking up A31 there. Almost all dual carriageway. If going to camper field I would then take a left through Bramdean just after Ropley to pick up A272. Clear as mud ?
  4. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Unlike Glastonbury the camper van fields are in the fence perimeter. So once in and searched theoretically that's it. (Family campers were last year)
  5. Boomtown Fair 2017

    The only thing that will happen is it will be confiscated if found. It's a balance I suppose, possible lose £20 at gate or spend way more than that in the bar.
  6. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Alcohol Share Maybe some people are arriving with others who are not using their allowance and so you could use theirs. I'm lucky I have my wife's allowance to get me through.
  7. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Regarding the hill : there's a few ways of going up the hill. There is the very steep energetic get it over quickly route (if you look at the map and draw a line from barrio loco to whistlers green) steps. There is the easier and entertaining route from Chinatown up through Mayfair into town centre or there is a pretty much the same grade slope through Halfway Woods that kind of starts between Chinatown and wandering words and comes out by tribe of frog venue in trees. (This route isn't on some maps I've seen) We have done all three. No preference. Camping, whilst walking around the site I never saw any camp sites that were full. So I wouldn't stress about not finding a pitch in which ever site you decide on. Searches, we were not searched at all last year going into family camping, wasn't luck, just a confused entrance at the time we entered. However we did leave to meet a band and on return as we walked past wristband check and around the corner a dog came bounding over and had a good sniff at me. Much to the amusement of my teenager. You couldn't see dogs waiting so be mindful of this at the entrance, they hide. That was Friday late morning. Toilets were fine. No idea on showers or tent thefts as we were in caravan.
  8. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Don't hang around on getting a guide, they all seemed gone by Friday afternoon.
  9. Secret resales

    Second year missing the festival. The year before I only got the tickets in the secret resale. Turning 50 this year and wanted to do so many special things. Glastonbury Festival and Xmas in Australia with family top of the list. Both those out the window and a lot of other minor joys as well. This led to quite a downward spiral in the first few months of this year. However some of pain is eased by a trip to Boomtown. Can't wait again. It's bigger now than the first Glastonbury I did, can only wonder what it will be like when I'm 80 :-) Have to say it's a bit of a relief not to stress about tickets this October.
  10. Travelling from Devon

    1.30 hour jam Eastbound on A361, been watching it on TomTom and it went from 45 mins at 7 to 1.30 hours in ten minutes. North bound A37 holding steady at 30 mins, but that has longer lanes to take up the slack off the main road. Good luck folks
  11. A34

    It's showing as closed tonight. No problem tho. Just take a36 to Salisbury and then pick up A303 from north of there. I think it's closed each night till 6am and it possibly finishes on 23/6.
  12. Boomtown Fair 2017

  13. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Happy memories
  14. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Thank you. Actually not sure what bothered me more, sneaking the kid in or having to walk up that bloody hill each night afterwards !! Not many acts appealed to us down the hill last year, thankfully.
  15. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Thank you, indeed I had looked at that. Which was why I was a bit confused. Good point that it was from them as well !