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  1. So where do people think is best for camping...

    Will be looking out for you and your pie
  2. So where do people think is best for camping...

    Me too Padgey- we could be neighbours! Nice friendly area.
  3. So where do people think is best for camping...

    Lulu's! Opposite the lock ups. Great location but gets full quite quickly.
  4. alcohol infusions

    I've just made a trial batch of mars bar vodka and gingerbread vodka. Pineapple gin and blackberry and apple gin to be prepped tomorrow. Any tips?
  5. Non-essential essentials

    I can definitely recommend this. It's amazing how clean you can feel after washing your hair and body in half a bucket of warm soapy water.
  6. A Walk in the sun on the farm

    We parked in the village in the car park by the working men's club and took the footpath past the tithe barn.
  7. A Walk in the sun on the farm

    I went yesterday. I stayed on the main paths and tracks rather than walking straight across the fields and stayed out of the way of the vehicles and workers on site but was able to wander freely around the whole site - lovely! I didn't see any of the signs asking people to stay away.
  8. Had a little walk today.......

    I went for a walk there today, expecting only to be able to skirt round the site using footpaths but didn't see any signs at all asking us to stay clear. A few folk were working around the site but they just smiled and waved as we passed. We were careful to only use the main tracks and to look out for site traffic but were able to walk the whole site.
  9. Had a little walk today.......

    Could I have a copy of the attachment as well please? I'm hoping to go tomorrow!
  10. Festival Bags

    Top tip for loo roll is to take a couple of rolls from home that have already been started so you don't have full rolls to carry round. And tie each onto a string so you can dangle it round your neck when you're in the long drops for easy access!
  11. new here? introduce yourself

    Hi all. I'm another of those long time lurkers! There seems to have been a lot of us... My first Glastonbury was 2007 (the year of the mud) and I've been hooked since. Love love love it!