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  1. End of the Road Merch

    Normally, one would say rain.
  2. Predictions for 2018

    Jane Weaver played two years ago, I recall, and haven't Los Campesinos been on before
  3. Predictions for 2018

    Sadly, Richmond Fontaine have called it a day, but Delines tracks are in the pipeline. Also, my tent should be dry by September, which is good.
  4. Top 5 Performances 2017

    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever John Moreland Ryley Walker Courtney Marie Andrews Car Seat Headrest (on the strength of the last ten minutes I heard) Principal disappointments: Mega Bog - vague ideas do not a song make FJM - quite satisfied I didn't enjoy this, since I've found his personality more than quite resistible in all its guises over the years Lucinda - I'm sure she'll never ever pick such a crap setlist again Julie Byrne - for reasons previously stated Bill Callahan - for coming on and playing after I'd become too cold and wet to stay RBCF - for coming on and playing a secret slot after I'd become too cold and wet to stay As quite often happens, too many choices, a fair amount of bum picks.
  5. 1st EOTR

    It'll be hell, hell I tell you.
  6. Weather

    It's how they fill the bottles of free water.
  7. Bands for 2017

    Ah, thanks for that, found them now!✅
  8. Bands for 2017

    Anyone heard when tickets are being sent out?
  9. Bands for 2017

    Wilco to return.