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  1. Boomtown 2018

    In total there are 14 unique area line-ups, along with three "mega stage" line-ups. Town Centre, Lions Den, Old Town, Copper County, Paradise Heights, Whistlers Green, Kidztown, Forest Parties, Sector 6, DSTRKT 5, Barrio Loco, Metropolis, Dis-Order Alley, Bang Hai I think most of Town Centre and Lions Den got announced in the "headliner" / first poster so they may not get their own announcements. So Barrio Loco tomorrow, then Kidztown and DSTRKT still to announce. I think some street venues and theatre elements have had their own announcements in the past too. But with it already sold out they might not bother.
  2. Jay Z and Beyoncé

  3. Jay Z and Beyoncé

    Well that was easy
  4. Jay Z and Beyoncé

    According to Jay Z's FB post can get presale Tidal today.
  5. Jay Z and Beyoncé

    Tidal trial as a back up?
  6. Tramlines 2018

    A few leadmill sized acts. Still booking some of the line up
  7. Jay Z and Beyoncé

    could be about right. There are 3 levels of VIP tickets and TM saying top ticket price £160
  8. Tramlines 2018

    Nothing scheduled in yet.
  9. Jay Z and Beyoncé

    You'll find most details here - https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/jayz-and-beyonce-otr-ii-manchester-13-06-2018/event/1F00546C11A9D5FB?artistid=781009&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=3 Although ticketmaster hasn't updated the ticket prices yet. £0 - £160 is all it says at the moment.
  10. TRUCK 2018

    I'll just leave this here ^. I did warn you guys
  11. TRUCK 2018

  12. All Points East Festival 2018

  13. YNOT Festival 2018

  14. Tramlines 2018

    Efestivals has them from the press release. Without digging through all my emails (because I CBA at the min) ones I remember... Bang Bang Romeo - Saturday DMA's - Saturday (thats if the info I got is right, maybe announced later as just announced a tour) Jake Bugg - Sunday
  15. Tramlines 2018

    But what's a festival to do? I think they have sold more tickets than any of their previous years (or close to it). Tramlines may of only been in the black for one festival out of nine. Diverse line ups don't sell well. The masses want mass appear bands. Look at the festivals that are selling out, maybe with the exception of boomtown (that is probably the most mainstream it's ever been this year). Book a strong, middle of the road line up or die? Not quite owned by them yet. Still very much indie with a splash of cash from Global at the moment.

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