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  1. arctic monkey shows

    AM Sheffield gigs are very much a goer, as long as council don't knock the application back (which is unlikely)
  2. TRUCK 2018

    Courteeners would be my guess
  3. Kendrick Lamar

  4. arctic monkey shows

    So saying that, as far as I know the headliners and multiple stages are running for the whole time at Tramlines and the capacity is 40,000. So the capacity at a one stage event at Hillsborough Park I would expect to be lower. I've been to the site, if they plan on having 40k on the main stage field they gonna have problems
  5. arctic monkey shows

    It's not quite that. The main stage may play a big role in capacity. Maybe at smaller events more so than large events. But the pyramid stage field at Glasto for example can't hold 135,000 never mind all the extra staff and guests that add to the capacity. Boomtown's Lions den stage doesn't hold the capacity of the full event. Have to take into consideration additional stages and other entertainment on offer. Crowd management
  6. arctic monkey shows

    Capacity and how many tickets a promoter / organiser think they can sell are two different things.
  7. arctic monkey shows

    40,000 is for the whole Hillsborough park. One stage is not gonna utilise the whole park, whether that be open air or tent.
  8. arctic monkey shows

    50,000 I think it was when LN/FR used it, most of the park was being used though (multiple stages). So if just one stage I'd expect the capacity to be lower. Same as Hillsborough the maximum capacity is 40,000 with multiple stages but is there is just one stage/tent I'd expect it to be lower. Maybe even half.
  9. arctic monkey shows

    Wireless Festival did the park next to the Stadium a few year ago didn't they?
  10. arctic monkey shows

    It's just an application for 4 days of live music so far Tramlines is in July and already got their licence / past application.
  11. arctic monkey shows

    4 nights in Sept on the new Tramlines Festival site - Hillsborough Park. Application by SJM Concerts.
  12. arctic monkey shows

    End of Jan I think it went in?
  13. Tramlines 2018

    That's if they still together by that point all kicking off on Twitter
  14. Tramlines 2018

    Wasn't embargoed. Got more of the line up. Just deciding what to do with it