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  1. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I'm sure Global will be very happy with your "article" / announcement
  2. British Summer Time 2018

    V is unlikely to return in its current form. Staffordshire looks to have been binned and the other leg could well be rebranded.
  3. Foo Fighters

    prices - Only come across Manc so far Between £43.45 (£39.50 Ticket + £3.95 Fees) - £74.25 (£67.50 Ticket + £6.75 Fees)
  4. Foo Fighters

    Probs not. Up to 3 pre-sales. the best tickets help back for the "VIP" prices. Then scummy ticketmaster sticking some of their allocation on their tout sites.
  5. Foo Fighters

    Yeah just noticed that. The details have been slack. No prices and no clear dates for presale.
  6. Foo Fighters

    Presale commences on Tuesday, 17 Oct 2017
  7. Foo Fighters

    Still no prices on See/g&t or TM. Bit slack today.
  8. Foo Fighters

    Ive got the press releases. Didn't think there would be a pre-sale as no mention. But see and gigsandtours have a use code form/button.
  9. Foo Fighters

    Anyone seen any pre-sale details?
  10. Foo Fighters

    2 more to go! Bets? Announcement today, tomorrow, Friday, next week, Trolling? Facebook is down in the states apparently, so this might not work out too well if today!
  11. Foo Fighters

    and another one... More and more likely coming today? Why bother doing a build up then just stop to announce next week
  12. Y Not Festival 2017

    Oh I totally agree why should you have to pay extra for the better toilets. But on the flip side could it be keeping the costs down for general tickets? If there are no extras for folks to pay for would the ticket costs go up, quality of acts reduce, offerings at the festival overall dip?
  13. Foo Fighters

    They posting multiple images of the band with union jacks so it's more likely they will be announcing something soon, building up some hype.
  14. Y Not Festival 2017

    To be fair the VIP at Y Not is tosh. One of the main selling points is a bar that used to be for bands, staff and press.
  15. Foo Fighters

    Bit early for a R+L announcement isn't it? Fans were moaning they only did o2 + Glasto this year. More hype... Imagine this is all day until an announcement
  16. Foo Fighters

    UK announcement looking likely
  17. Y Not Festival 2017

    Y Not 2018 Pledges http://www.ynotfestivals.co.uk/y-not-2018-pledges/
  18. BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    Yes, looks like each event will be hosted by one of the radio stations. Ni being 6music. - 4 days (2 days for locals) at Belfast's Titanic Slipways https://minutes3.belfastcity.gov.uk/documents/s67890/BBC Music Festivals.pdf
  19. British Summer Time 2018

    Primary - a dedicated entrance and one hour before main gates open. (Pointless) Launch and general are just the same I think. Maybe just their way of saying pre-sale or early bird tickets.
  20. Sad times

    Gig / Rock on the Green? Mean Fiddler had it on the same weekend as R+L. on Glasgow Green. Shared one or two headliners and a handful of the undercard. Lasted 2/3 years before rebranding I think. Bombed the last year it was hosted. Info Update: 2001 - http://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/lineups.php?FestID=165 2002 - http://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/gigonthegreen/2002/lineup.shtml
  21. Sad times

    It's not value for money. It's as simple as that.
  22. Latitude 2018

    The original source the story came from mentions multi day
  23. Tramlines 2018

    Hmmm Ive had an interview with the festival director in the past 5 days. That's just been published. There are plans for maybe some expansion. Devonshire Green is definitely in the plans for 2018. No acts have been booked yet. Arctic Monkeys are on the (far-fetched) wishlist. Ralph is not a Count Of Ten Director anymore.
  24. 2017

    SGP has a daily capacity of 32000. Camping and set in 220 acres. Seems to be that Fellowes will be doing his own new innovative event on the site though.
  25. 2017

    Fellowes family own the land and are keen on hosting another festival - Dad (John Fellowes) - 4th Baron de Ramsey owns the land Son (Freddie Fellowes) organised SGP. I think that's right, @eFestivals may know more...?