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  1. Mad Cool 2018

    Mad Cool Festival is to up sticks for 2018, moving to a site near the Ifema, north of Madrid. Mad Cool 2018 will take place from 12 to 14 July at ‘Mad Cool Space’, a 100,000sqm, 80,000-capacity site at Valdebebas, a new development located adjacent to the Ifema convention centre north of Madrid. In addition to increasing capacity, the Valdebebas site gives the festival space for seven stages, up from its current five. http://www.efeeme.com/el-mad-cool-festival-cambia-de-recinto/
  2. YNOT Festival 2018

    Id put money on Libertines being at another Global festival. Victorious will have announced first because of the amount of tickets they have to shift. Standon Calling is a global/broadwick event but I think it's a bit different to the likes of Y Not, Truck, FN6 etc. I think Standon is still majority owned by some lords/landowners. Whereas the other festivals got bought out by Global or already belonged to Broadwick. So they may see some benefit of being with Broadwick not sure they get the same raw deal
  3. YNOT Festival 2018

    I don't think Liam is too big (as the talented Gallagher as already played YN ) but Live Nation and SJM seem to have him locked down. David Guetta yeah probs too big. Not sure how a dj set would go down on the main stage at YN.
  4. YNOT Festival 2018

    I think you're over selling The Libertines. They headlined Tramlines this year on the Friday. That's the half day of the festival a bit like how Victorious do it. Global seem to be pushing Y Not as their jewel going forward. Well until they buy Tramlines
  5. YNOT Festival 2018

    Victorious doesn't really have a bigger draw than Y Not or Kendal for acts. You only have to look at recent line ups to see that. Not sure where Snow Patrol fit in at the moment. Not big enough to headline a major festival but maybe a bit too big for the mid festivals. Maybe Global might drop on for a few of their festivals or a strong sub for TRNSMT or New V.
  6. YNOT Festival 2018

    Similar because same parent company. Thats why I think Libertines are in with a shout. Snow Patrol will headline a main day if they played I reckon, considering headlined TITP and sub-headlined the likes of V. Courteeners could be in with a shout as well.
  7. YNOT Festival 2018

    Could see The Libertines and Snow Patrol as headliners. Royal Blood could be a good one if FR aren't giving them a leg up at R&L
  8. Tramlines 2018

    Yeah £30+bf That's early bird prices though, will be increasing in price when they start announcing in Jan.
  9. Boomtown 2018

    Wow. Bit of a different headliner for Boomtown
  10. Victorious Festival 2018

    Just checked the press release. Only thing I can find on there that mentions next announcement is the Andy Marsh quote "“We’re going to announce the full weekend bill very shortly"
  11. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    They have announced their first festival of the summer - Mad Cool Madrid in July and are expected to be at some UK festival.
  12. Boomtown 2018

    Might have already been covered. Line up announcement / first poster coming in Feb. With a little announcement possible beforehand.
  13. All Points East Festival 2018

    AEG/Goldenvoice were awarded a four-year contract for Victoria Park with Tower Hamlets Council it doesn't necessarily have to be APE events
  14. Victorious Festival 2018

    Announcement inbound!
  15. Mad Cool 2018

    Early / Tier 1 tickets - 150 € + fees General / Tier 2 tickets - € 165 + fees Day Tickets - 76 € + fees VIP passes will cost 400 € VIP day tickets will cost 175 € (extra 5 € for buyers outside Peninsula) Ticket sales will begin on December 5 at 11:00 am
  16. Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    Prob because its a brand new festival. It's from SJM Concerts. Non-camping though.
  17. Mad Cool 2018

    Jack Johnson?
  18. Mad Cool 2018

    My bad. I'm behind then! Can't fi nd any ticket details anywhere. Looks to be a presale at the moment.
  19. Mad Cool 2018

    Ángel Stanich
  20. Knebworth 2018

    Fleetwood Mac? Global tour due to start around June time.
  21. Mad Cool 2018

    Middletown, CT, USA?
  22. Knebworth 2018

    Jagger told The Sun newspaper: "We were disappointed not to perform in the UK on our recent jaunt and we’re looking forward to getting plans in place to do so next year." Where could they perform if Knebworth is off? Milton Keynes? BST?
  23. Bearded Theory 2018

  24. Knebworth 2018

    That piece def reads like the event is not happening in 2018. Has Music Week always been this clued up with rumours, leaks, info? This is the first year I've noticed they've got some big(ish) news before other outlets. Need to step it up @eFestivals (joking)