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  1. There is a friendly Y Not group on Fb if wanna post in there. I'd hurry though, tickets are nearly all but sold out.
  2. Not with Jack Rocks. But some of the acts could be finding their way onto the lineup
  3. The Allotment stage generally has some great smaller acts on when they come to announce that. If you struggling with Friday. It's a shame Jack Rocks aren't involved with it this year though.
  4. They did then tried to remove it. "This Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed."
  5. Yeah. Frank Turner (Fri), Example (Sat), TA (Sun)
  6. Looking like an early leak!
  7. Rock N’ Roll Camping is decent. Alright atmosphere and can get some sleep! Like Leeds the closer to the arena area the louder and younger the crowd gets The main stage is small in comparison to Leeds. But can generally get a decent view. Left hand side generally easier to get further forward and less busy. All other stages in tents. The second stage is getting bigger this year from last years demand and increase in capacity again. Headliners - Feeder (Thurs), The Vaccines (Fri) Stereophonics (Sat) & Two Door Cinema Club (Sun). Frank Turner (Fri, The Quarry headliner), Not sure on days: Example (The Quarry headliner), Twin Atlantic (The Quarry headliner)
  8. There was a silent disco at both the park and in sonic (up to 2015, when I last went anyway). The park has the basic headphones and sonic has the new posh ones with lights!
  9. The venues will still be programming music just not under the Tramlines branding. Some venues have already begun to put out their line ups. So there is still plenty of acts to see. Will be mostly up and coming / regional acts.
  10. Yeah they retweeted on Friday morning I think.
  11. Sorry I dont have that info. Not sure if they released it last year or just got it on site. Someone may be able to answer that better than me. It's not hard to get lost at Y Not is still a fairly inimate festival.
  12. Yeah. I did interview with festival organiser - Simon Mawbey. A quote from that interview.... "There will definitely be some site refinement this year, the second stage will be getting bigger and we’ve been looking at how we can make the site the most efficient and pleasant as it can be for the festival goers"
  13. Stage and day splits was out by end of April last year for Main stage, the quarry, giant squid, neon coconut, arnie's stage.
  14. Secure from the current owners? Are you sure about that!? Some of them look to be involved with the bid.