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  1. Try the Boomtown facebook event pages. Twickets, scarlet mist. Prob have more chance if it's a another sell out. But would have to take a chance waiting for few months.
  2. ha director stalking. Learn more about the running of festivals from companies house and linkedin than anywhere else.
  3. Why try and make a success of your own events when you can just buy up others. Global look to be following Live Nations lead. Throw enough mud at the wall, some of it will stick. Oh I already knew Global was fast becoming a player on the festival scene. I kinda do this for a living. But only recently had the time to look more into it. Only have to look at the directors and see how many festivals they have a foot in with. I'd be interested to know if LN snapped up IOW before Global made a move for it.
  4. Global has just acquired majority stake in Victorious Festival. Will be harder to kill it off now. Global is becoming a bit of a beast on the festival scene..
  5. Global snap up majority stake in Victorious Festival. Global is becoming a bit of a beast. So thats South West Four, Field Day, Boardmasters, Rewind, Y Not, Truck, Festival No.6, Standon Calling, Glass Butter Beach, Lost Village, as well as the Broadwick promotions including Kendal. There's "more to come", says Global Entertainment
  6. Probs round about that time they'll send out tickets. Check the ticket confirmation email. Should be a link to log into outgoing account from there. Can probably change address if need to. Or all the details like ref. Number will be there to contact outgoing/y not.
  7. Not as teeny as Leeds Festival, in my opinion. But like most festivals will depend where you camp and the acts you see. The closer you camp to the arena area the younger the crowd generally. Find the happy medium if you not about that sort of crowd. Atmosphere depends on the acts, the stage and the weather! Generally found Y Not to be good. Not the best, but far, far from the worst. Still get an older crowd at Y Not. With the faithful that have been for years. They also tend to have a few older generation acts on that can draw a crowd. And an large beer/ale tent, all appealing to us oldies that 28+
  8. Go on the enlighten me. This is as much as I know... -Global has expanded its UK festival footprint to a total of 11 events with the acquisition of South West Four, Field Day, Boardmasters, Rewind, Y Not and Truck festivals, and purchased a further stake in Snowbombing/Festival No6 promoter Broadwick Live. -while Y Not and Truck were owned by Tramlines promoter Count Of Ten. Tramlines owned and ran by people who also own pubs and venues in Sheffield city centre. Tramlines no longer listed on CoT website but Y Not and Truck are.
  9. Are Metronomy headlining sunday? Maybe the main stage closes earlier? press reads... All Saints / The Libertines / Toots and the Maytals / Primal Scream / Kano The Coral / Metronomy...
  10. The only two festivals that I mentioned that are same promoters/owner are Truck and Y Not. Previously Count Of Ten, now Global. Count Of Ten previously played a part in Tramlines too.
  11. Was on the Guinness by my last post! haha. Mentioned sky and bt in terms of monopolies. They get noticed by government and regulators. Live nation can't be far off that. Luckily as Neil mentioned earlier there will be acts that don't have that big festival pull, but still have enough appeal to sell 25,000. Noel, Libertines, Editors, Madness, Stereophonics....
  12. The said party was to blame in my opinion and the venues. The band would have still played the venue if a request wasn't put in, and arms twisted. But the agent also at fault. They have learnt a (fairly expensive) lesson not to go for academy sized bands. Anyway, back on point, yes, Live Nation and the likes of SJM hold too much dominance in festivals and live music in general. Wonder how long it takes before it gets noticed like Sky, BT, touts etc. Although Boomtown, Y Not, Kendal, Truck, even maybe Tramlines seem to be doing alright! With either tickets sold and/or acts booked.
  13. 1. Wrong 2. Wrong More their (band) agent not having balls. It's no backstreet venue. It's no pub venue either.
  14. I've witnessed it were an indie venue books a half decent act and SJM have used their dominance to stop the band playing. The venue went through the, long winded at times, process of negotiating fees, catering riders, hotel deals etc. Getting the art work done, selling tickets, marketing. Only to be told the band will now be only playing academies. Venue ends up with no act and out of pocket. I see where you are coming from that Live Nation and the likes have built over many years, taken the risks and spent the money. And are within their rights to flex that dominance every so often. Festivals and venues have to be forwarding thinking and innovative. Said indie venue is now part of a group with other venues from across the country to book acts as a collective. All the smaller festivals seemed to have done that with Noel and Editors last year. The Libertines this year.
  15. It's def not a good situation. I know Live Nation and Sjm also bully small/independent venues too. A friend of mine owns a local venue (with decent capacity) and had acts taken off them at the request of SJM, after selling tickets as well. Imagine it being the same but on a much bigger scale when it comes to festivals. Totally forgot about Bestival and Camp Bestival. But as you say seem to be on the decline. It looks as if the numbers at IOW are still declining. Isn't IOW a 90,000 capacity festival?