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  1. Yeah you can easily spend under 200 cash spend per person on site and have a fab time, if you bring your own booze and snacks etc. I always take a decentish rum (good enough to drink neat if necessary) and buy chilled bottles of coke as mixer on site. Then I'll buy a few pints of hot mulled cider from the cider bus every day. I'll have one big main meal in the evening and have snacks, cereal bars, waffles/donuts or the like throughout the day. I rarely buy clothing/souvenirs/faux-hippy shit from the market place. But this year is going to be heavier on the wallet though as I am taking my 18 year-old son again who (on the experience of 2015) will require feeding approximately every hour! We have a stove so I bring large numbers of those noodles from the Tesco international aisle for morning and night, loads of cereal bars and porridge that you just add water to. Anything that weighs bugger all. Hopefully I'll have enough cash left over before pay day at the end of the month...!
  2. Yeah last year I noticed there were large areas of camping ground rendered unusable by water saturation...unless you were camping in a dinghy! In some areas you'd tread on the grass and water would cover your boots. Think this pushed more campers out to the peripheries.
  3. Seen This Is The Kit a few times, most recently at Glasto last year. Rozi's been in the band on each occasion. Assuming she'll be along for the ride this year. Maybe she'll fit in a solo gig too?
  4. Like others have said, if there's nothing on that particularly tickles my fancy I'll just wander in, sit down and watch whosoever is on. Last year on Friday morning I had the hangover from hell, Brexit aftershock and it was raining so I wandered in ...and came out a couple of hours later feeling very much better than when I went in. In succession we had Jess Robinson (amazing singer/impressionist), Ivan Brackenbury the hospital radio DJ, a very angry Jeremy Hardy, Shappi Khorsandi and Kevin Eldon...or should that be The Actor Kevin Eldon. I make sure I spend time there every year. Never been disappointed.
  5. This sounds exactly like Jess Robinson and Kirsty Newton. Seen them a few times at Glastonbury. Very talented people!! There are two wheels - one for the song and one for the singer...so you get Edith Piaf singing Postman Pat! That ring a bell? They're not American though.
  6. Got one place, possibly two, in my lovely comfy Ford Focus (will get air con re-gassed cos it's gonna be a scorchio!!). Setting off 6.30am Weds morning. Returning Monday, setting off about 3pm. Message me if you're interested.
  7. Good point....although whenever anyone points this out, I can't get Chris Morris out of my head!
  8. Wot Gorilla?
  9. Aww shit cerv, you really don't deserve this. You did this for the best of reasons - to create something really cool and beautiful....and bloody useful! I love this site. It has been giving the loyal obsessive Glasto-goer like me (and excited newbies all) something to gawp at over the years. For probably too long ;-) Edit: Also I need to add that GlastoMap is better than any effin EE corporate bullshit app map!! As you and others say, if anything in the images compromised privacy or security - that could have been easily remedied. Someone in GFL gave you permission to use these photos and that should have been a gift of generosity, made in good faith. An agreement is an agreement and it should have been respected. It looks like you've got caught up in internal factional handbagging. It's all very undignified. In contrast, by showing discretion, you show great dignity. I'm really disappointed in them. A silly over-reaction. It leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. Hope good sense prevails and Glastomap can be rejuvenated. All the best.
  10. I camped here up by the fence and had to walk through all this whilst carrying all my possessions back to gate A. It's always a very depressing feeling that so many people hold the farm in such contempt. It was far worse this year and the mud probably played a part in people deciding to be pond life. The get-out needs to be supervised more closely. I always get the feeling that the festival falls apart on Monday morning and marshalling seems to be non-existent...apart from at the gates. Camp site stewards have to remain on station, I think. Punters wishing to leave their tents should, at the very least, take them down, pack them away and leave them in a tent dump at the bottom of their field.
  11. Lost 7lbs. Feel wasted, as ever. Numerous insect bites this year, which is a new one for me. They all seem to be in the wellie region (that I never usually wear).
  12. Mud definitely prevents fluid crowd movement and I reckon it was biggest factor in bottlenecks/crushes this year.
  13. I've been turned over. A few years ago someone nicked bum bag from under my head whilst I was asleep. Pulled cash out wallet and left everything in porch. Did the same to neighbours the next night. Year after cash nicked from a couple nearby. This was in Dairy (now Paines). They're not bothered about phones etc....anything that can be identified (not many people write down the serial numbers of their bank notes). Since then I've never had more than a tenner on me at night.
  14. Yup this has often been my first port of call when it's been open Weds evenings. Sigh