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  1. Nick Cave

    Louder than war's review of last night in Bournemouth Live Review, Sunday 24th September 2017 Love Nick Cave, all there is. Live in Bournemouth, Dorset, the first date of Nick Cave and The Bad seeds European tour and what a triumphant evening it was. There is a real passion from Nick Cave to be performing these songs live, a love reflected back by the audience. Tonight the room really listened deeply, with many quiet, almost silent moments. Lyrics delivered as a whisper and the audience all ears for every breath from Cave’s lips, escalating and intensifying into a wall of noise in the blink of an eye. The set begins with ‘Anthrocene’, the first of several songs from the Skeleton Tree album. A mixture of new and old songs sitting alongside each other seamlessly from throughout the Bad seeds many albums and incarnations. This version of The Bad Seeds is really strong, with their own distinct style, very different from the last time I saw them on the 19th & 20th May 1997. A great deal has changed since then but many things remain constant. Classic songs like Tupelo, The Ship Song, The Mercy Seat and From Her To Eternity, all of which have evolved beautifully while losing none of their magic. Each of these songs more tender and violent in equal measure. The sonic tonight ranges from full on screaming, loss and pain contrasted with sensitivity and control. These renditions are breathtaking in their power. Into My Arms featured bass and drums accompaniment, retaining the feel of the album original. Red Right Hand a grooving and intense retelling of a Cave classic. Distant Sky and Skeleton Key set close the set proper. A mature Cave here with real sophistication and class, with a palpable love in the room for Nick and this moment in time. After a short break, in which the cheering, Stomping and clapping resulted in a genuinely earned encore. The Weeping Song with an element of clap along audience participation from an ecstatic crowd, a fantastic song sounding as fresh as ever. Then a hug on stage between Nick and a guy from the audience escalated somewhat. Nick saying that although security advised against getting people up on stage he wouldn’t stop it from happening. Next there was a very peaceful but plentiful stage invasion. A crowd of people up onstage in front of the band with Nick prowling from one side to the other of the stage at the very front, occasionally launching himself into the front row while singing Stagger Lee. This rendition of Stagger Lee was brilliantly chaotic and celebratory, set against the dark comedic horror of the lyrics. Nick asked the crowd onstage to sit down, and the final song of the evening began with Push The Sky Away. This was the perfect ending to a celebration of the music and song writing of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, a band as unique and genuinely exciting, as you are ever likely to see.
  2. Nick Cave

    Not quite an invasion, more of an informal invitation. Nick was talking to someone in the crowd then invited him up for a hug. After that he said that he was happy to hug anyone and although they were not meant to encourage fans on stage if anyone wanted to come up no one was going to stop them. I was too far away, but probably about 50 to 100 joined them on stage for both Stagger Lee and Push The sky away. Awesome stuff Bournemouth was easy as there was only a tiny gap from the barrier to the stage, not sure how easy it will be in the bigger venues
  3. Nick Cave

    Can't get link to work on here, but NME has review, setlist and a couple of short vids of Higgs Bosun Blues and Stagger Lee from last nights show.
  4. Charles Bradley RIP

    That was my perfect ending to my Glastonbury that year. Two sets by Bobby Womack on West Holts than Charles at the Pussy Parlure in an almost euphoric atmosphere I had only heard about him a few weeks earlier when i caught some of the Soul of America film on TV. and am so glad i did.
  5. Nick Cave

    You are in for a treat. Just back from Bournemouth. Similar setlist to rest of tour. Came on at 8.30 to 10.15 then encore until 10.40. Nick on fine form, even invited people on stage for hugs. Band was superb, crowd respectful during quiet numbers, lots of goosepimple moments from Skeleton tree, an explosive Red right hand, a hundred or so punters on stage for Stagger lee. As a casual Nick Cave fan i hadn't realised how much time that Nick spent singing to the front few rows which was great for them but not that inclusive for the rest of the hall, however that is only minor point and all in all a great gig like no other.
  6. Things that ur happy about

    Sounds a great trip. I had a few weeks holiday in Nepal last year - absolutely loved it
  7. Glastonbury A-Z acts seen

    Nice recovery
  8. Glastonbury A-Z acts seen

    Was that after MC Y?
  9. Glastonbury A-Z acts seen

    Me neither, missing O,X and Y Alabama Shakes Bradley (Charles) Calvi (Anna) Dead Kennedies Eddy (Duane) First Aid kit Go! Team Hives Ibibio Sound Machine Jim Jones Review King Gizzard etc. Liberteens Mbongwana Star New Order O? Public Service Broadcasting QOTSA Rolling Stones Savages Tom Tom Club U2 Vaccines Womack (Bobby) X? Y? ZZ Top
  10. Old Music Thread

    Short tour in December
  11. Nick Cave

    Doors Open: 7pm • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: 8:15pm • Finish: 10:35pm Bournemouth stage times if anyone else is going on Sunday. - No support and a 2 hour+ set
  12. Clash regrets...I've got a few

    Good man, i'm always amazed how many people kick off if the mistake is the other way round, but will happily walk away smirking and bragging to their mates that they got undercharged or overchanged.
  13. Old Music Thread

    I was at that gig Grumpy. Just happened to be on holiday in Frejus that week. As far as i remember it was great, although my main memory was the hour or two we had to wait afterwards as our car had been triple parked.
  14. Old Music Thread

    Any one remember The Triffids from the '80s? (And The Tube on C4)
  15. Bearded Theory 2018

    The guy i normally go with has decided that he needs to see the best part of the lineup first so looks like i will need to wait a month or two yet before booking.